Essential Addons For Elementor Reached 100,000 Happy Users

Let’s start 2019 with a great news.🎉 Essential Addons for Elementor has reached the milestone of 100,000+ Active Users. That’s huge! We look back on how we made it to this milestone and what’s in store for us next!

We have recently hit the a huge milestone as we reached 100K active users along with 600,000+ downloads in WordPress repository. It means that 100,000+ WordPress websites, either personal or businesses out there, now using Essential Addons for Elementor everyday. First of all, it’s an honor from the users who put their trust on EA for Elementor from all other 3rd party addons for Elementor.

It’s a milestone that makes us proud because of the struggles we have been through to get us here in this very short time.  Every milestones we reached before was overcoming the barriers and we always tried to make those barriers into our strength.

We have not only grown in terms of our user-base but also in terms of the number of unique elements, which is currently 55+. At the special occasion of reaching this milestone, we want to share moments of our journey with you.

Why We Started

Why exactly did we start? Well, we had experience with page-builders previously and had addons for Cornerstone. The lead of Essential Addons, Rupok had experience to work with THEMECO and specially X-The Theme. Then the Essential Addons for Cornerstone was a success and when Elementor came in the market, we knew there is huge potential and wwe can add values to Elementor. We wanted to use our previous experience with page builders and provide value to the users of Elementor by adding unique elements. And we can say today, we were right about our trust for Elementor as it’s now powering 1 million WordPress websites and and left the other page builders behind in very short time. Elementor lets anyone with zero coding knowledge build Websites that previously, only professional Developers could build. In fact, bloggers can also contribute to both the writing and designing process for their content now using Elementor. 

From the side panel you can drag any of the elements into the builder interface and customize them based on your need. All you need to do is fill up the blank text fields, adjust some bars, use some drop downs to build your own custmized website. 

We are very delighted to say, we have grown alongside Elementor. We take great pride in being the top addon library for Elementor with the highest number of Active Users. This feeling drives us to work even harder and motivates us to add more values for the users.

It Didn't Take Long To Reach Here

How much time does it need to reach 100K happy users? Well, we must say that the Customer Satisfaction lies at the core of it. Essential Addons was first uploaded to WordPress.org on in Mid-2017. And in just over a year, we have reached the milestone of 100K Active Users. Has it been easy? No, not really.

Always Trying To Improve The Product

We started with only few elements in our addon bundle. And after a year, we have now 55+ unique elements, and 29 of which comes with the FREE version.

In fact our bundle is so versatile that we needed to divide them up in six Distinct Groups. The Creative Bundle includes elements such as Lightbox and Modal, which lets you create amazing pop-up sections on your website, the Image comparison element that lets you compare two products by placing their images side by side. The Form Styler bundle includes element that connects powerful email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, as well as simple form builders like Contact Form 7, weForms, Gravity Forms.

User's Valuable Feedback

How do we come up with ideas on how to improve the plugin? Well, the answer is very simple. We focus on user satisfaction more than anything, that is why we look at your feedback first for improvement ideas. If you feel the need for any specific element in our bundle or any specific feature to our plugin, just let us know through our Social Media Pages or WordPress Forum and we will try our best to deliver.

Growing Team Members

The Essential Addons project was started by Rupok. But now in a year, we have grown to a team of 12 people. Thanks to the Content Team, Essential Addons has a well-organized Documentation Page now. Users can find Docs on every single element as well as the step-by-step guide on the Installation process. You will also find a Separate Blog section on our Website WPDeveloper.net. Similarly, our Team of Developers have been working day and night to add new elements to our Library as well as make the older ones more stable. In fact, thanks to our Developer Team, currently Essential Addons has a total elements count of 55+, and this number will grow in the coming days. Many elements in our bundle complement native Elementor elements, whereas some elements are completely unique.

Dedicated Support Team

We are very active to responding to our user inquiries. In fact you can communicate with us in two ways. If you visit any of our sites, Essential Addons or WPDeveloper you will find a Live Chat. Just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. On the other hand, you can also create a Support Ticket from the Dedicated Support Page on our Website. Our Support team will get back to you immediately. Whether you are having trouble learning to use our elements or need help with customizing our plugin to your needs, we are right here to assist you.

Appreciating All Our Engagement with User

We are very proud and delighted that so many people, 100K users to be exact, have picked Essential Addons for Elementor over other addons for Elementor. Thanks to all your support and love, to which we are grateful.

In this new year eve, we look forward to improving our plugin and adding more cutting-edge elements so that our users can rely on our plugin and enhance their Elementor page building experiences.

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