[Web Design Hack] Make Your Website Stand Out Using Flip Box for Elementor

Do you want to make your website stunning? Bring a new life to your Boring Content? Then, you should consider using the amazing Flip Box effect to break the monotonous vibe. Wondering what’s a Flip Box? Well, It is an interactive layout which reacts when you point your mouse over it. You can use animation effects or customize the look of each Flip box as per your need. It helps you to make your content more interesting, revamp user experience and allow you to highlight your business features, products, services or any special announcements in an elegant manner. 

By using Elementor Page Builder on your website, you can effortlessly implement this interactive effect on your WordPress website for Free. The Flip Box for Elementor offers lots of animation effects, styling and customization feature to produce something unique for your site. To enhance your design, even more, you can definitely try out our Essential Addons Flip Box. Now, let’s discuss the Flip Box element briefly to help you out on making your site stand out.

Flip Box

How Does Flip Box Help To Add An Extra Layer Of Attraction On Your Site?

Nowadays, if you have an average looking website for your business, people will not at all get attracted. Since everyone comes up with a more or less similar look site, it is very crucial to come up with something unique. So, if you want to amaze your audience, Flip Box is a must-have feature to do that. It will help you to represent your content amazingly on-site and can immediately drag your customer attention. 

Suppose, you have an average looking travel site where your product, offers, special events or announcements are not displayed creatively. Since the first impression is very crucial to hold client interest, poorly designed site will lead to people losing their interest in your services altogether.

However, if you use Flip Box, you can design your flight offers or discounts with animation effects both for back and front content separately. You can style your services or packages with flip effects to remove the monotonous representation of content. By using approach, people will feel the interest to spend their time to go through the entire offers or post of your site. This can help you to raise the probability of having new customers. On the other hand, Flip Box will not only add dynamic style to your site but also saves some space to represent the products, services or any other important documents on-site.

Special Features of Elementor Flip Box  

Elementor Flip Box offers several features to design your content as per your desire. You can change the Flip Effects, Flip Direction and insert 3D effect to change the flip box contents for both back and front sides of the box.  This is something truly exceptional to display your business products, offers or event notice to hold your customer interaction. Therefore, you can Style both contents of Flips differently by changing color, typography or border and create amazing Flip Box with ease. 

flip box for elementor

If you are looking for more additional features, then you should definitely go ahead and use EA Flip Box to create a unique design. Without further ado, let’s have a look at how you can represent your content in an interesting manner with Essential Addons.

Represent Your Content Beautifully with EA Flip Box

EA Flip Box gives you the opportunity to add plenty of customization options to create a wonderful layout. It is divided into 3 sections like Flipbox Settings, Flipbox Content, and Link. By clicking on the Flip Box settings you can insert Flipbox type with effects like right, left, Zoom In or Zoom Out, Flipbox image and resize it as you want.  In the meantime, you can insert the front and back title, description and select text alignment to represent it beautifully with Flipbox Content. You can enable the button to link your website page or document for user attention.

flip box elementor

Style Content With EA Flip Box

In Style features, four sections are available to design your content. They are Flip Box Style, Image Style, Color & Typography Style, and Button Style. By using Flip Box Style you can you can choose your background color, insert shadow effects and style it in own way. You can select the image design pattern by Image Style. Also, you can choose Color & Typography to change the specific title, icon or content color and resize it to fit the Flipbox design. You can also style your button with attractive color and shape it uniquely to drag your customer attention. 

flip box elementor

Final Outcome

If you follow all the steps that are shown above, you can easily and swiftly create a Flip Box with Essential Addons Flip Box. Thus, you would be able to grab the attention of your site visitors in no time.

flip box for elementorWrapping Up

Briefly, everybody loves to see a marvelous looking site. You can definitely add joy to your site and remove the monotonous vibe by implementing Flip Box on the website. You can display your products, services or offers with this interactive effect and instantly drag everyone’s attention. With the help of Elementor or EA Flip Box, you can now make your website stand out and create such a wonderful design without any hassle.

So, Why don’t you try out our EA Flip Box element for Free? Let’s share your experience by leaving a comment below! 

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

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