What Does FOMO Mean For Your WordPress Business and How To Deal With It?

Ever found yourself making a purchase solely because someone else has done it? Or, have you ever felt the urge to grab the latest deal in case the offer expires? As humans, we always have the tendency to be aware of what’s going around and go with the flow. This bit of anxiety actually comes from the fear of missing out. With the help of FOMO Marketing, you can take your business to the next level. In this article, we are going to talk about what FOMO means for your WordPress website and how you easily can deal with it.

What Does FOMO Mean For Your WordPress Business and How To Deal With It? 1

What Does FOMO Marketing Mean?

In case you do not know, FOMO is a psychological term which means having anxiety over missing out on something great. This wildly-popular marketing approach is used to prompt eagerness among site visitors regarding your products or services. As a result, the users wouldn’t let the opportunity pass by and feel left out from the trend.

Moreover, FOMO Marketing technique creates urgency among users to join in the bandwagon. For instance, you can display a special discount offer with a ‘Limited Time’ headline. What would happen is that the visitors would instantly feel that if they don’t purchase the product right away they would regret it later.  The fear of missing out on a great opportunity is what triggers them and ultimately, makes them buy from you. As a result, it will benefit you massively to drive more sales.

Besides, FOMO Marketing approach can be implemented to show Social Proof, Sales Notification, Limited Discount Offers, Subscriptions and other attention-grabbing messages. Despite its pros, excessively using this on your site might backfire badly. Your users would even end up losing faith in your business. So, you should always be careful while applying this amazing technique on your website.

Now, let’s give you some idea of how serious FOMO Marketing has become in recent years. According to the research conducted by Eventbrite, 69% of the generation is affected by FOMO in the United States. Data collected from Broadband Choices find that British people spend over £22,270 on buying stuff just to not feel left out. Findings my Strategy Online suggest that 60% of millennials go on to purchase something because of the fear of missing out.

Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) millennials experience FOMO.

How FOMO Can Influence Your Personal Life?

You might have not realized the level of influence FOMO can have on an individual’s life.  Suppose, your friends want to hang out but you are too tired to go out since you have just come home from work. At the same time, you keep on thinking about the fun they are going to have which you don’t want to miss out. You wouldn’t want to feel depressed by seeing their posts on social media without you in it.

For another instance, in university life, you might have the urge to do major in a certain subject if many of your mates are taking the same course. Regardless of the interest, you may end up taking such a big decision just to feel connected with your surroundings. Because of such anxiety & fear of feeling left out, FOMO plays an important part in everyone’s personal lifestyle.

The Impact of FOMO in Your Business

Haven’t you ever been in a situation when you came across a sales offer in a shop and then felt the urge to purchase it immediately? It’s a very common case of FOMO Marketing technique being applied in real life business. Besides, a crowded place always draws more people into it. Many suspects that something very interesting is going around and thus, they end up joining. This is how FOMO is used in offline business through marketing campaigns.

How FOMO Can Shape Your Online Business

Let’s talk about how FOMO has taken over the online business in recent years. It has become a very popular marketing solution to increase sales. Since FOMO makes users feel that they might miss out on the exciting product if they don’t buy it, it massively boosts the conversion rate.

Besides, by showing Social Proof on your site, your visitors would be able to see who is purchasing your products or commenting on your blogs. It would not only add credibility to your site but also would help generate more customers since they wouldn’t want to feel left behind. Plus thanks to user interactions, it will help you to build a nice relationship with your audience as well.

On the other hand, you can gain new user-base through FOMO Marketing technique as well. You might be wondering how? Well, simply just display the people who are signing up for your newsletter on your website. As a result, visitors are likely to find it interesting and join the trend. Thus, it would massively help you to generate new leads for your business.

Moreover, you can present discount offers for special occasions using the FOMO Marketing tool. By adding the ‘Limited Time Offer’ or ‘Stock Limited’ sort of message, you can easily create an urgency among users to immediately buy the product otherwise they might regret it. By following any of these methods, you can absolutely shape up your entire business with the help of FOMO technique.

How to Use FOMO Marketing Technique in WordPress

Based on your platform, you can implement FOMO in a certain way for your WordPress website. For instance, if you are running a WooCommerce shop, then you should apply this technique to display who is currently buying your products. As a result, it would add credibility to your business instantly. Besides, it will work as Social Proof for other users and they would then end up eventually purchasing the commodities. Thus, you can boost your sales rate by using FOMO on your site.

On the other hand, interaction with the users is very important as it can help you to get their valuable feedback to improve your overall site experience. FOMO technique can be applied to increase the engagement rate on your content as well. The site visitors would easily be able to check what topic’s currently hot right now and they wouldn’t want to be left out. It will then lead them to join the conversation and thus, building a community for your website and massively affecting the content marketing.

What To Expect From FOMO Tools Available in WordPress

However, WordPress always had a very limited number of Plugins which could afford the FOMO functionalities. On top of that, they are either very expensive or not reliable at all. You would hardly find any cheap & trusted solution to implement this fantastic marketing technique on your website.

Thanks to the introduction of NotificationX, the landscape has completely changed now. It allows you to effortlessly design amazing notification bars to display ‘Special Offers’ for your products. You will have the freedom to place it the pages you prefer. Most impressive thing is that it gives you the opportunity to customize the design any way you want.

Because of its integration with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads, you can show sales notifications popup on your site with ease as well. You will have the flexibility to control where you want to show this. Thanks to its amazing layout, you can easily get the attention of your site visitors’.

On the other hand, if you want to get even closer to your customers, then you can use the WordPress comments feature provided by NotificationX. It will certainly help to gain more valuable feedback on your blogs or product pages. Since it gives you plenty of controls, you can easily go ahead and play around with its design & appearance. By using the ‘WP Comments’ feature, it will positively impact your content marketing as well.

FOMO Marketing

Wrapping Up

What Does FOMO Mean For Your WordPress Business and How To Deal With It? 2To sum up, we have already talked about the significance of FOMO Marketing tool for your business and why you should definitely implement it. So, why don’t you get started with NotificationX and use it on your WordPress website?

Getting stuck? Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments section.

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