How to Add ‘Click to Tweet’ in Your WordPress Blogs In Minutes [2023]

Are you struggling with how to add “Click to Tweet” in your WordPress blogs? You can get the job done just by using third-party plugins or tools offered by WordPress. You can add special snippets of text on each page or post, and share on your Twitter account by using WordPress solutions. It will massively help your visitors to share those key quotes instantly just by clicking on the button. This is the easiest way not to just get more shares on Twitter but also it helps to boost your social traffic on your WordPress site.

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If you are designing your WordPress website with Elementor Page Builder, you must have known that it also comes with a ‘Click to Tweet’ element called Blockquote. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can effortlessly add this amazing option to your WordPress Blogs in minutes.

Why Click to Tweet Links Are Important? 

Click to Tweet helps your readers to share your specific content on Twitter instantly with just one click & boost your Twitter marketing game! By using this, you can also view detailed analytics reports. This will provide you with some important reports like total or unique clicks, dates, and the location of the clicks. 

In your Click to tweet box, you can add interesting snippets to attract your audience to share the content on Twitter instantly. Suppose, you have a blog site, and you publish content on a daily basis. Then this is very essential for your site to use the social share elements or plugins to reach your expected audience, and to boost the conversion rate.

Especially, if you are targeting social networking sites, then the click to tweet box could play a vital role to publish your blog on your visitors’ Twitter account with its easy sharing styles. Because Twitter has a huge audience impact, which will help you vastly to enhance your site value and reach out to the more targeted audience in a continuous manner.  

Not only that, as it provides detailed statistical reports, you can then modify or test different topics, keywords, or other search terms to see what people mostly like to share. And, if you are interested to do your paid campaign, it will surely help you to run a successful advertisement throughout the targeted location, you find by the Click to Tweet link.  

Most impressively, this helps to cut down all difficult steps of sharing content on the tweet. It allows you to select exactly what you want, also makes it extremely convenient for your visitors to share it. To make life easier for you, WordPress already got a few solutions for click to tweet box which you can use to implement in your Blogs without any hassle. To make things easier for you, let’s jump right in and talk about some of the most popular Click to Tweet plugins that you can definitely try out.

5 Best Plugins to Add Click to Tweet Boxes to WordPress

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Better Click to Tweet

Better Click To Tweet is a plugin by Ben Meredith. Apart from being user-friendly, it comes with some fantastic features such as no-follow links or an attribution removal option. It also gives you the control to customize the overall appearance of your tweet box.


TweetDis is a premium Click to Tweet plugin from Tim Soulo. In contrast to the free plugins that usually only offer you one pre-made design. It gives you access to 25 different designs across three styles like Box, Hint, or image designs. So, you will have plenty of amazing templates to choose from and get started.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is another popular plugin that is worth mentioning. It can help you to share your content on the WordPress site with Tweet box. You can easily create your tweet box & make it eye-catching by displaying social share counts. The most impressive thing about Social Warfare is that it is linked with analytics to track the performance of your content.

Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet is another plugin, which comes with both the Free and Pro version. It is a standalone service that helps people to add Click to Tweets for any type of content on site. The unique function of this plugin is you not only have specific styles to design the tweet box, but you can also have access to detailed tracking and analytics reports on each embedded link in your Tweets.

Awesome Click To Tweet

When talking about popular Plugins to increase Social Shares, you have to mention the amazing Awesome Click to Tweet. It offers lots of animations, and amazing customizable options to design the Tweet box beautifully to attract your valuable customers. It comes with the shortcode builder which is easily accessible from the editor panel. As a result, you will have the freedom to use it on any page you want.

With the help of any of these amazing plugins, you are able to create showcase an advanced Click to Tweet box on your WordPress site. Based on your requirements, you can actually go ahead with any of them and get started.

How To Add Click To Tweet Using Elementor?

Thanks to Elementor’s Blockquote widget, you can easily create your own Click to Tweet for your site, and give your readers a great way to quickly share your best lines on Twitter. Let’s find out below how you can easily add and design Click to Tweet with Elementor.

Different Types Of Blockquote Skin To Choose

You can choose a design from four different types of Blockquote Skin to implement an effective “Click to Tweet” Box to reach out to your targeted audience. You can display your author name with the share button. Your visitors will get attracted on spot to share your content with its easy functionality of sharing.    

click to tweet

Give Your Design an Outstanding Look

If you want to style your Click to Tweet box, you can easily customize the style as per your desire. You can style each part of your sections. By designing a beautiful outlook, you can create an instant hype among your visitors to share your content. 

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Wrapping Up!

Twitter has been one of the most popular social media sites to reach out to a vast audience, and boost the conversion rate. Thanks to the availability of several amazing Click to Tweet plugins, WordPress users don’t have to worry about getting social shares on Twitter. Especially if you are using Elementor Page Builder, you can simply just go ahead and use its unique ‘Blockquote’ widget. Thus, it can have a massive influence on increasing the engagement rate of your content.

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