Top Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement Rate From Your WordPress Website

Wondering how you can get more followers, retweets, and more on Twitter? We’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you the easiest ways you can increase Twitter engagement rate from your WordPress website. No spamming, no expensive tools required. These are some tested and proven ways to increase your Twitter engagement.

Increase Twitter Engagement

Social media engagement is essential to help you reach a wider audience no matter what kind of content creator you are. Since Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, you will be able to tap into a huge potential audience for your content. Let’s take a deep dive into how high levels of interactions on Twitter can help you, and what you can do to boost your Twitter engagement rates.

How Can Twitter Engagement Rates Boost Your Exposure?

There are tons of reasons why nearly every brand focuses on increasing their Twitter engagement rates to boost their exposure. Not only does Twitter give you a massive potential audience base due to the huge number of active Twitter users, but it also allows instant communication with your audience. Here are some ways high Twitter engagement rates can boost your exposure:

  • Have your posts shared instantly in the form of retweets
  • Get discovered more quickly with the help of hashtags
  • Easily generate word-of-mouth
  • Higher visibility as tweets are public for everyone to see

Cross-post Your WordPress Content On Twitter

Every time you post content on your WordPress website, always make sure to cross-post or re-share the content on your Twitter account as well. This way, not only will you be making your WordPress website available to a wider audience, but you will also be sharing tweets on relevant topics that will help you gain more engagement on Twitter.

Display Outstanding Twitter Notification Alerts On Your WordPress Website

You can also increase the Twitter engagement rate from your WordPress website by displaying notification alerts anywhere on your website by using NotificationX

NotificationX is the most powerful social proof solution for WordPress. It lets you instantly create stunning notification or popup alerts without any coding, and display them however you want on your WordPress websites. It provides seamless integration with popular platforms, and one such platform is Zapier.

By using Zapier integration with NotificationX, you can display outstanding notification alerts on your WordPress website every time someone tweets about your content, post, website, or products. This way, you can influence your site visitors to follow you on Twitter as well by clicking on the notification popups.

Increase Twitter Engagement

Embed Tweets, Collections & Moments Instantly On Your WordPress Website

You can also display your Twitter tweets on your WordPress website instantly by embedding your tweets, collections & moments, which you can do with EmbedPress. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of your tweet in a new post or page, and EmbedPress will automatically display your Tweet on your WordPress website.

increase Twitter engagement

Just like that, your tweet will be automatically embedded on your WordPress website with EmbedPress. Whenever your site visitors click on your embedded tweet, they will be redirected to your Twitter account. This way, EmbedPress helps you increase Twitter engagement rate from your WordPress website.

Increase Twitter engagement


Instantly Tweet Your WordPress Posts With Auto Social Sharing

We mentioned earlier that you should always re-share your posts from your WordPress website on your Twitter account. While you can do this manually, you also have the option to automatically share your posts as tweets with auto social sharing.

SchedulePress is a great tool to do this, and formally known as WP Scheduled Posts. With SchedulePress you can schedule your content to be shared on Twitter with its amazing auto social sharing feature. When you connect your Twitter account with SchedulePress, you will be able to schedule content on your WordPress website and automatically share them on Twitter as soon as they are published.

Increase Twitter Engagement

Tweet Frequently & Consistently On Relevant Topics

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people forget that consistency is a key way to increase Twitter engagement rates. The more frequently and consistently you tweet, the more new content you are sharing on Twitter, which helps attract more followers and gain more likes and retweets. According to this study by Buffer, your engagement tends to increase if you tweet during a popular time when most of the people stay online.

Top Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement Rate From Your WordPress Website 1

Also, you should stick to a flexible but consistent schedule for your tweet. You also need to make sure that your tweets are relevant to your audience and to the content on your WordPress website too.

Retweet Interesting & Relevant Tweets By Others

What if you don’t have any original content to share on Twitter? Or perhaps you are running out of ideas on what topics you can tweet about. Don’t worry, the best thing about Twitter is that you don’t always need to come up with your own content to increase Twitter engagement. You can also retweet relevant content shared by others on Twitter.

Not only does retweeting others’ tweets help you stay consistent with your tweeting schedule, but it also encourages others to take a look at your content and retweet them too. Retweeting is a great way to build social networks on Twitter and can help you gain more followers and engagement over time.

Utilize The Power Of Twitter Hashtags 

Never underestimate the power of Twitter hashtags. You probably already know this, but Twitter users constantly use hashtags to find topics that interest them. So, to get more engagement on your Twitter account, make sure you are using appropriate Twitter hashtags in all of your tweets. In fact, according to Buffer, tweets that use hashtags receive two times more engagement than those that do not. 

Increase Twitter engagement

Wrapping Up

That concludes our post on the top ways to increase the Twitter engagement rate from your WordPress website. Try out these quick solutions and if you are following any other tricks that worked for you, let us know in the comments below.



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