Proven Ways to Increase Engagement Rates on Your WordPress Website

For every platform to be successful, building a solid user community is immensely important. Regardless of your content, if you do not get enough interactions from your readers, it is nearly impossible to make progression. You will always have the risk of losing tons of potential customers because of the lack of Engagement Rates on your site. This is why it is absolutely necessary to focus on the ways to increase the user-connection on your website to take it to the next level.

Well, customer interaction can dictate the way you are running your entire site. For instance, by receiving feedback from your users, you can be aware of the things you are doing right & the areas where you need to work on to improve. Insertion of a simple Contact Us Form can do this trick for you. Apart from this approach, there are plenty of other unique & proven ways you can take to increase Engagement Rates on your WordPress website.

increase Engagement Rates

Boost Social Shares with Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a fantastic technique to inspire your audience to share your content on their Twitter platform. To get the best out of this amazing tool,  you should highlight the key piece of information of your content and give your readers a chance to share it with a simple click. Since it takes away the hassle of having to manually post an article on the Twitter account, people will be more encouraged to use the ‘Click to Tweet’ feature.

Thanks to the content sharing, it will help reach out to an even larger audience. Through ‘Click to Tweet’ this is how you can increase Engagement Rates on your WordPress website. To help you out, you can easily implement this amazing technique by using Elementor Page Builder on your site.

increase Engagement Rates

Generate New Leads from Gated Content

To improve the Engagement Rates on your website, you can use the ‘Gated Content’ method as well. You can ask for your users to either sign in or leave their email address to view the articles which are published on your website. By restricting access, it would lead to interested parties giving away their email address. So, you can then build your email-list from there. This is how Gated Content can be very beneficial to get interactions from your audience.

increase Engagement Rates

Lightning Fast Speed Time

Regardless of the platform, one thing which is very crucial for every website is the Loading Time. If your site takes forever to load, the visitors wouldn’t even bother checking it out. Not only that it would leave a bad first impression but also they are more likely to never return again.

On the contrary, a faster loading website will definitely keep the users satisfied. For instance, they will find it very comfortable to navigate through your entire site and find out about what you are offering or the contents you have published. Because of the blazing fast speed time, your audience would even feel encouraged to get connected to you. So, the chances of user engagement rise massively because of the Fastening Site Speed.

Create a Top-Notch Design

Since the average human mind has only 8 seconds of attention span until they completely lose their focus, it is absolutely necessary to leave a great first impression. So, to make your website immediately stand out, you really need to concentrate on the overall design of the website. An attractive appearance can always help to draw the attention of your audience. Apart from leaving a good first impression, an appealing look would make the site visitors feel comfortable while going through your site. If the layout is broken or badly done, people are more likely to leave your site regardless of how good your business is.

Since a well-structured layout helps to make the website user-friendly, it would certainly inspire them to reach out to you. They can even go on to take the services or purchase what you are offering. This is why it is very important to concentrate on web design to increase Engagement Rates. Because of Elementor Page Builder, you don’t even have to worry about easily creating a top-notch design for your WordPress website.

Attractive Presentation by Using Infographics

Over the years, Infographics has been a very compelling way to present your data. Since people always tend to find visual information more interesting than the actual texts, Infographics is a great way to get everyone’s attention. Besides, the audience is more likely to share a content which has visual appeal as well. Thus, you should definitely focus on applying this approach to increase Engagement Rates on your WordPress website.

increase Engagement Rates

Add Credibility with User Generated Content

To create brand awareness, User-Generated Content is a super effective marketing technique. It gives your content a much-needed authenticity & credibility. Besides, you will receive genuine feedback from your consumers. Thus, it would be influential to grow your company as well. Through Guest Posting, you can reach out to a completely new audience and gain more eyes in the process. Also, UGC can improve the SEO ranking of your site massively by backlinking your site in the contents.

Reading Bar to Improve User Experience

Implementing a Reading Bar will make your website interactive to your readers. Through this tool, people would easily be able to determine how much they have progressed in terms of finishing your article. As a result, it will come very handy for encouraging your audience to go through your entire content. Thus, it can have a major effect on creating engagement on your WordPress website.

Social Share Buttons to Reach Out

Social Share Buttons are one of the most popular marketing techniques to get more engagement on your content. Normally, people tend to share the blog posts they have found useful so that their friends or family can learn something from it. To make this a smooth process & encourage more audience, implementing Social Share Buttons is a key. Since they can share the content instantly with only one click, it will definitely help to increase the engagement rate on your website.

increase Engagement Rates

Exciting Content Referral in Forums

To get more eyeballs on your content, sharing them on popular discussion sites has been a common approach over the years. Thanks to this method, you will get the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and initiate conversation among them. As a result, your content would start making some noise & more people would feel interested in checking them out. You can apply this technique on the most famous forums such as Reddit, Quora or more.  This is how you can increase your engagement rate through Exciting Content Referral in the forum.

Twitter Feed Slider to Represent Brand

Displaying Twitter Feed under your Blog page is a unique way to represent your brand. First of all, it would immediately grab the interest of your website visitors. They would be able to get to know more information about what’s trending in your business and would check out other contents as well to not feel left behind. Thus, Twitter Feed Slider can get more people involved on your site.

If you are using Elementor Page Builder for designing your site, then you can definitely try out EA Twitter Feed Carousel to easily implement this amazing feature in your blog page.

Add Social Proof to Increase Engagement Rates

Building Social Proof can be highly effective to make your website credible & appalling to your audience. This popular approach can easily be implemented by showcasing Testimonials, Team Members, Subscription Lists or more. It will lead to your visitors to put their trust in the product or services you are offering. With the help of the FOMO marketing technique, people would feel the urge to get involved & try them out themselves.

In the WordPress marketplace, you won’t find many solutions to add Social Proof on your website. The ones you can find are either very expensive or don’t work the way as expected. But with the introduction of NotificationX, you won’t have to worry about any of these as you can easily display your WordPress Comments and Subscriptions as popup notifications.

By displaying WordPress Comments popup, your website audience would notice who are interacting with your content. It would instantly grab their attention and they would feel encouraged to join in the discussion as well. You can effortlessly achieve this feat by using NotificationX plugin on your WordPress website.

increase Engagement Rates
The same thing can be said for Subscription popups as well. By seeing who has signed up for your site, the audience is more likely to jump in and join the bandwagon themselves. So, it will be massively influential to enrich your email list. By using NotificationX Pro, you will be easily able to run successful marketing campaigns for popular platforms such as MailChimp, ConvertKit or even Zapier.

increase Engagement Rates

Wrapping Up

We have already discussed the effective methods that you should concentrate on to get more people involved & increase engagement rates on your WordPress website. So, why don’t you get started applying these amazing techniques on your site & take it to a new level?

So, did you find this article helpful? If you have any questions, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section.

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