WordCamp Europe 2021: Join The Regional WordCamp From Your Home

The biggest and most anticipated WordPress event is just around the corner! Get ready for WordCamp Europe 2021, starting soon from June 7th to June 9th. But don’t worry, you don’t need to worry as you can join this year’s regional WordCamp from the comfort of your home, as it will be an exciting online event with participants from all over the world.

WordCamp Europe 2021

Whether you are a web creator, developer, or blogger, if you enjoy using WordPress, this is your chance to meet the community and connect with thousands of WordPress users from across the globe. After all, WordCamps are conferences about WordPress that are organized, paid for and attended by those in the WordPress community. 

WordCamp Europe 2021

Just as BookExpo and ComicCons are the most popular events for those who enjoy reading books and comics, WordCamp is one of the most anticipated events that WordPress enthusiasts look forward to all year. It is an event where we actively come to share our ideas and have discussions on what the future holds for the WordPress community.

Meet The Organizers Of WordCamp Europe 2021

The WordPress community is full of people who have so much enthusiasm, that even a global pandemic could not deter us from arranging and participating in WordPress events. Last year during the WordCamps that took place in Europe, Japan, Bolivia and more, we witnessed how online WordCamp events made it possible for even more participants to join in on the fun and connect deeply with the community.

So it comes as no surprise that despite the challenges and restrictions on social gatherings, we are excited for WordCamp Europe 2021, which will be an exclusive online event open to everyone. This year, it will be hosted by the city of Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. Let’s meet the organizers, who are volunteering their time to make WordCamp Europe 2021 an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The Global Team Leads For WordCamp Europe 2021

This year’s WCEU 2021 will be overseen by two talented Global Team Leads, José Ramón Padrón and Lesley Molecke.

WordCamp Europe 2021

José Ramón Padrón is the Country Manager in Spain for SiteGround, one of the top web hosting service providers. He is also the co-organiser of WordPress MeetUp and WordCamp Las Palmas Gran Canaria, and has more than two decades of experience in the hosting sector. 

Our other Global Team Lead is Lesley Molecke, founder of Cornershop Creative, a WordPress agency that focuses on non-profits in the United States.

Together, with the help of members from the WordPress community from all over Europe who will handle attendee services, sponsorships, media communications and much more to ensure you have an amazing experience at WordCamp Europe 2021. You can find out more about these incredible people who have volunteered to organize such a huge event in the official WCEU 2021 Organizers page. 

Media Partners And Supporters For WCEU 2021

WPDeveloper is one of the media supporters for WordCamp Europe 2021, along with renowned names in the industry such as Torque, WPMayor, WPBuilds and many more. 

Learn From The Community: 3 Day Long Contributors Day

This year during WordCamp Europe 2021, the community will come together to celebrate the work of our wonderful contributors in a three-days long event, Contributors Experience. This is a step away from the traditional, individual Contributor’s Day seen during previous WordCamp events.

With three days full of a number of Contributors Experience sessions, you will get the chance to hear stories and access resources from people in the WordPress community during the event and after. So you no longer have to worry about clearing your busy schedule for the whole day to participate this year. 

Hear From The Speakers Of WordCamp Europe 2021

WordCamp Europe 2021: Join The Regional WordCamp From Your Home 1

This year WordCamp Europe 2021 will give you the opportunity to hear the experiences of some of the most talented individuals with strong professional backgrounds in the WordPress community. They will share their unique life experiences, the challenges they have faced and more during interactive and engaging sessions.

The list of speakers includes Christopher Churchill, the Head of Support and Expert Community at Codeable, SEO consultant David Zimmerman, and several other people who are passionate about WordPress. 

You can check out the full list of speakers and choose which sessions you want to attend on the official WCEU 2021 Speakers page.  

Gear Up For WordCamp Europe 2021

There are tons of more fun events that await you at WCEU 2021, so don’t miss your chance to connect with thousands of other WordPress enthusiasts from across the globe.

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