Learn WordPress Tutorials: 10 Best Resources For Beginners [2023]

As beginner users of WordPress, many get stuck because of not knowing the right resource place, where they can get and actively learn WordPress tutorials. But where to start? Don’t be tense! This blog is all about enlightening you by providing the best resources for beginners to get success.

Learn WordPress Tutorials

Here you will get to know all the free resources that are available for you to learn in detail about WordPress and many more. Also, you will find out where you can continue your advanced online courses to become a pro user of WordPress. 

Basics That You Should Know About WordPress Before Starting Anything

Before starting anything or going in-depth with the learning resources, we will provide you with some basic knowledge about WordPress as a beginner. That you must have to know to make a smooth start. 

Learn WordPress Tutorials

WordPress is a powerful content management tool that is being used by sixty million people all over the world by this year 2022. Knowing the user percentage accurately starts, you can get an initial idea about its popularity. WordPress is popular because of its open-source and absolutely free content management system that can easily be used and customized without coding. According to WordPress WikiWordPress is used by more than 60 million websites, including 39% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2022”

You don’t have to know any single line of code to make your website in WordPress. This drag & drop page builder can easily make any website. For example, it’s popular among content marketers, also capable of creating any eCommerce or online business website without coding.   

How To Install WordPress? 

Before installing WordPress you have to get a few things done as those are given below:

✅You have to first get a domain name to get into the online business world before creating any website. 

✅Then the next step is to get the best hosting service provider and start designing the WordPress website that you will learn from WordPress tutorials. Get your Best Hosting Service Provider For WordPress” by clicking on this link

Learn WordPress Tutorials

Different service providers come with separate facilities, like getting some hosting provider, you have to install WordPress just with a click and can begin to explore. For other hosting service providers, you have to install WordPress following the manual process. In case you have to install WordPress manually, you can follow this WordPress documentation guideline here. 

What Are WordPress Plugins & Themes? 

As a beginner user of WordPress, you have to get an idea about WordPress plugins and themes. What is it and how do those functions? You will get to know this below. Let’s get started:

Get Detail Information About WordPress Plugins 

WordPress plugins are considered separate solutions for WordPress. Which will help you to design your WordPress website in advance. WordPress.org has 58,164 free and pro plugins available in its repository according to the latest WordPress wiki. Besides, many third-party providers also create premium plugins that can also help you to create your website in WordPress in a faster way. You have to search and learn WordPress tutorials to get a clear idea about what will suit your expectation.    

👉For example, you can choose free Essential Blocks to design your WordPress website. 

👉Or choose Elementor page builder for WordPress except using the default Gutenberg page builder to make a stunning website as per your preferences and include Essential Addons for Elementorthe ultimate elements library with 1 million+ activated installations to accelerate your Elementor site-building experience in WordPress. 

Learn All About WordPress Themes 

Themes are the basics that you have to get to design your WordPress website. This will help you to enhance your website outlook with a bit of customization. As you know about the plugins now, thousands of themes are also available in both free, pro, or only pro versions from third-party solutions providers of WordPress. You can easily get those themes in the WordPress repository. You can change the outlook of your site the way you want Without coding. Besides, if you feel the necessity of changing anything on your WordPress themes, you can use parent themes or can add any codes in advance if you feel the necessity.

Learn WordPress Tutorials

If you want to get ready template solutions, you can also use Templately the ultimate ready template cloud for WordPress that comes with 1000+ pre-designed template collections. You check out the Templately blogs or docs page to learn about it directly from its website.  

Learn WordPress Tutorials From 10 Best Resources for Beginners [2023]

When you have made up your mind to create your website on WordPress, or if you are starting your career as a developer to get all core technical knowledge about WordPress, you should then know where to learn WordPress tutorials and get all the best resources free & paid. Take a look at the below to know in detail. 

Free WordPress Blog Resources: Get Your Complete Beginners Guide 

Now, this is the time to get to know all the top 10 best resources that can help you to learn WordPress tutorials as beginners. You can find any type of solutions using any particular, all types of WordPress plugins, themes, step-by-step guides, generic content, WordPress SEO optimization to any technical content in this organized resource hubs. So without any other intro, let’s jump into the next section and find out your problem solutions in detail.  

Core WordPress Learning With WordPress.org Codex

Learn WordPress Tutorials

WordPress.org Codex is the core free place to learn WordPress tutorials in detail. This is the place where you can learn all technicalities, issues about WordPress getting proper documentation guidelines. You can rely on this medium because it’s completely hosted by WordPress.org. 

Each thing about WordPress is presented here with proper orientation. You can take it as a Wiki where all WordPress resources are included, as a plugin or theme developer, or anyone interested to learn WordPress tutorials from the best resources. This is one of the trustworthy and best ones to get started.  

Not only that, but you can also take part as a contributor like you can contribute in WordPress code to make it perform better, become a translator, documentation creator, and more, and which costs nothing. 

Watch WordPress Video Resources Online In WordPress TV 

Learn WordPress Tutorials

WordPress TV is also the place which is owned by WordPress.org, and it’s free for anyone. You don’t have to complete any signup process, you can kick start anytime you want. You will get all detailed video tutorials about WordPress-related content, the latest issues, and more. As a developer or user, for both, you can get your preferred video resources from this free WordPress repository. You can translate your content into your preferred languages during the time of your search. Which will help you to learn your content in your own language, and also get the opportunity to learn other languages. 

Besides, if you want, you can create and contribute to WordPress video tutorial resources using this medium and join the community as well.   

Make Yourself Advanced With Official WordPress Lessons

Learn WordPress Tutorials

This is the place Official WordPress Lessons where you can learn WordPress tutorials at a beginner level. You can get all the basics here to get started, and eventually become a pro with proper learning from all of its WordPress tutorials. You will get step-by-step guidelines with short videos, images, which if you follow properly can make yourself clear in the beginner stage. Making your basics strong at the beginning of any learning can help you throughout your work life. So this is one of those free, amazing places that you can pick for learning WordPress.  

Learn WordPress Tutorials From WPDeveloper

Learn WordPress Tutorials

WPDeveloper is a well-known, popular WordPress product-based organization. Their main perspective is to facilitate a huge WordPress user base providing complete, powerful WordPress solutions. You can find detailed documentation or blogs that are related to WordPress technical, or any core issues. You can read out those, and enlighten yourself as a beginner where to start with, and it’s completely free.  

Detail WordPress Blogs, Tutorials & More In WP Beginner 

Learn WordPress Tutorials

This is another place WP Beginner, where you can learn WordPress tutorials absolutely free. It provides detailed blogs about any issues related to WordPress. Generic, any WordPress plugins, themes, or other technical issues related to the blog can easily be searched and found from this WordPress-related popular blog repository. You can make yourself advance before even starting using WordPress without doing any paid course at the beginner level.  

Get WordPress Related Free Resources Online With WP Explorer

Learn WordPress Tutorials

You can discover WPExplorer WordPress blogging guides, some of the WordPress plugins & themes, detailed reviews, marketing tips, and more. You can start learning from this WordPress tutorial resource anytime you want for free. So you are making yourself prepare to learn all about WordPress, you can start your learning from here. 

Collect All Latest WordPress Related News From WPTavern 

Learn WordPress Tutorials

WPTavern provides detailed information about all things related to WordPress. You just have to search your desired topic here or look around to start with the one you want. And, Yes, this is a free place to learn all about WordPress. Anyone who is interested in the development and creates an engagement can collaborate using these WordPress tutorial resources. 

A Complete WordPress Resources Hub Code In WP 

Learn WordPress Tutorials

With the help of Code In WP WordPress tutorials, you can learn about WordPress technical, many plugins, themes, or other related topics in detail here as a freelancer, blogger, or creator. It works as a WordPress hub for anyone who is starting their learning journey in WordPress. This is a free source where you can learn WordPress tutorials on several topics like making a website, get knowledge about the best hosting service provider, related business, marketing, or web frameworks, and more in detail. 

Get Latest News, Tips & Advice For WordPress In Torquemag

Learn WordPress Tutorials

Using Torque magazine is one of the leading resources for WordPress where you can learn WordPress tutorials in 2023 as a beginner absolutely free. If you visit their site, you can learn about WordPress, marketing policies, and trending news related to WordPress anytime you want and gather advanced knowledge. 

Best WordPress Hosting Service Provider Detail Blog In Kinsta 

Learn WordPress Tutorials

Kinsta is a popular hosting service provider for WordPress that produces detailed, beautiful WordPress-related content. You can get almost all popular WordPress plugins, themes, technical or strategical content in advance here for free. If you are a beginner, you can easily become a pro WordPress user by learning its WordPress tutorials. 

Advanced Online Paid Courses Hub To Learn WordPress Tutorials

As you already know about the free resources hub of WordPress, now is the time you have to get the idea where you can take basic to advanced paid courses to make yourself prepare before or after becoming a permanent user of WordPress. Below places are the most authentic, reliable sources to have a complete idea about WordPress and get certified.   

Easy & Paid WordPress Tutorials To Learn Detailed With WP101

Learn WordPress Tutorials

If you don’t want to roam everywhere and learn WordPress tutorials in detail as a beginner, then WP101 is your place to choose your desired video courses. They illustrate WordPress-related topics beautifully in their videos and make them easily understandable for beginners. You just have to follow and gather knowledge. Pricing of their courses starts with $19 getting monthly access. For more details visit their website

Perfect WordPress Online Paid Video Courses From Udemy

Learn WordPress Tutorials

Udemy is a worldwide popular, paid-to-learn online video resource hub for anything. It provides detailed WordPress paid video courses from beginner to advanced level. You can take their best-rated one to start your beginner learning journey about WordPress. All you need to do is go through the course detail objective, and pick which one will be best for you. Most of its courses start with &12.99. Go to this WordPress tutorials page, pick your desired course, and get certified.   

Popular Online Learning Resource Hub For WordPress In Lynda

Learn WordPress Tutorials

Lynda is one of the best, most popular online video course providers related to business, photography, web design, development, and more. You can easily collect your beginner to advanced level WordPress courses from there. You can enjoy a one-month free trial from there.   Afterward, you can start your monthly course at $29.99 or avail of the annual package with 33% off. You will get a skilled certificate after completing the course, and it is well worth it because of Lynda’s authenticity. 

Start Learning WordPress From These Wonderful Resources

This is the end of this blog by providing you all the basic WordPress information to best resources hub free & paid to learn WordPress tutorials in detail and make yourself advance as a beginner. All you need to do is prepare yourself and become a pro user of WordPress. 

Bonus Tip: Learn What’s Coming In WordPress 5.8: Advanced Blocks, Pattern Directory & Lots of Improvements

Learn WordPress Tutorials

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