Quickly Design LearnDash Online Courses With Essential Addons for Elementor

Are you a trainer? Or looking for a solution to create an online course or educational website? Then you must have already heard about one of the best Learning Management Systems in WordPress, LearnDash. In case you haven’t, it is super popular for creating online training website to serve different purposes. Many people search for a proper platform to create their own educational, training, resource or online courses site to earn and help others. And with this plugin, you can easily do that without any hassle.

For creating an educational website with Elementor, people have been facing difficulties to showcase courses the way they want to. To add this on your Elementor pages, you would have to rely on the LearnDash shortcodes. Due to the lack of features & editing flexibility, it has lots of limitations. However, we’re introducing EA LearnDash Course Listyou are now able to easily create and design your online training website just the way you want.


How LearnDash Can Benefit You?

In the e-learning process or online course site, you can connect through the whole world. People from different regions can attend or take your course in a convenient time. So, proper flexibility and access are there. Suppose, you are a student or professional person, it’s really normal to find enough time to go in person and participate in learning. Since through online programs, you can get involved at any time you want, E-learning platforms are getting popular day by day.

For trainer perspective, it is really convenient for them to make a video of a course within their preferred time as well. They can easily showcase their programs and earn from them quite easily. The most amazing thing is that you can reach out to vast audiences from all around the world to accomplish your career goal as an instructor.

LearnDash can help you out to create that online training, educational or any sort of e-learning website to advance your career as a trainer. Just by following some simple steps and by using their enrich features, you can easily go ahead & create your own e-learning website.

How To Create Online Course With EA Elementor Using LearnDash?

Essential Addons PRO has now come up with a unique feature which will allow you to design and showcase your LearnDash courses with Elementor. Thanks to the amazing EA LearnDash Course List, you will have the freedom to choose from lots of different layouts for your online course. Then, you can easily go on to display them attractively for your audience.

online course site EA LearnDash Course List

The best thing is that you will have the options to display course price, CTA, Progress bar, author description, and others to offer a complete course with proper information. EA LearnDash Course List gives you this amazing opportunity to use all these amazing layout options to make a stunning E-learning website in no time.

On the other hand, you can easily sort your courses based on certain criteria. You can organize them depending on their title, date, ID, and others. Besides, you can decide whether to show the list for Enrolled users or not. Through this amazing feature, you will be able to maintain the queue of your offered programs in an organized way.

online course site EA LearnDash Course List

With EA LearnDash Course List, you don’t ever have to be concerned about styling your online course to attract your visitors. You will also get a separate Styling section to easily do that. With only a few clicks, you can show off your creativity and customize each feature such as appearance, typographies, progress bar, and others. This is how you can simply build your online programs on the website using EA LearnDash Course List. 

online course site EA LearnDash Course List

Wrapping Up

Both for the trainee and trainer, e-learning site is a complete blessing. No wonder why online programs are getting so popular each day because of their flexibility & easy accessibility. So, we are incredibly excited to bring the LearnDash Course List element for Essential Addons. You can now easily stunningly showcase all your LearnDash programs.

So, what do you think of this new element? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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