How To Create Maintenance Mode Page In WordPress Using Elementor

If you have been using WordPress for long, you already know how frequently a WordPress Website needs updates. The reason can be anything. You might need to fix some bugs or wish to completely redesign your Website. In those situations, you turn your Website into a Maintenance Mode WordPress Site so that you don’t embarrass yourself by allowing your users to land on an under construction Website.

How To Create Maintenance Mode Page In WordPress Using Elementor 1

If you have been using Elementor, you are in luck. We all take Elementor as the best Page Builder Plugin. But it is more than that. For example, you can create and assign a Maintenance Mode Page using Elementor itself. And the fun part is, you don’t need to build one from scratch. There are a handful of Maintenance Mode Elementor Templates.

So without any further ado, let’s learn how you can create a Maintenance Mode template using Elementor in minutes.

Create a Maintenance Mode Page

  • Create a Page and name it “Maintenance Mode”. Then Open the Elementor Editor.
  • Open the Elementor Library and pick any of the 12 designated maintenance mode templates.
  • You can remove existing elements on the template and add a completely new one. If you wish to add elements, make sure you are considering Login, Counter, Share Buttons and Subscribe Form.
  • After you are done, Save the Template. But do make sure to name it before you do so.

How To Create Maintenance Mode Page In WordPress Using Elementor 2

Set the Maintenance Mode Template to your Site

Now you might be wondering how do you activate the Maintenance Mode Template. Simple, to enable maintenance mode you have to set a template from the maintenance mode page. As you have already created a template, it’s time to turn on the Maintenance Mode.

  • Navigate to Elementor>>Tools.
  • Choose the template you saved earlier
  • Click ‘Save changes’.

How To Create Maintenance Mode Page In WordPress Using Elementor 3

After you have activated the Maintenance Mode, you need to assign which users on your site will have access to the site under construction. Elementor Pro users can include a login form in the maintenance mode page, so users with proper access can log in to the site from the maintenance mode itself.

Now you might be wondering is Elementor capable of communicating to Search Engines that your Site is under construction? The answer to that is yes.  Elementor does so by sending the temporary maintenance response (HTTP 503).

Wrapping Up!

As stated above there can be various reasons for which you might need to put your Website on Maintenance Mode. No matter what the reason might be, you will have to come out of it at one point. But how would do that? Simple, navigate to Elementor>>Tools. From the Maintenance Mode Tab, disable the Maintenance Mode. Before we conclude, did you know you can create a Coming Soon Page using Elementor as well? The steps are similar to those illustrated in this blog. Try for yourself, or read our Blog on how to create a Coming Soon Page.

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