How to Build a Multilingual Website with WPML and Essential Addons

Are you getting lots of visitors from different countries around the world? Then, you should definitely consider making your website Multilingual so that anyone can easily understand what your website is about. Thus, by breaking the language barriers, it can be immensely influential to take your business to a new level by reaching out to a wider audience.

Well, a very common misconception people have over creating a Multilingual Website is that they think that they will need separate WordPress installations for each language. Even though you can take this approach but it is a very lengthy process. So, by using the ever-so-popular WPML Multilingual Translation plugin, you can get rid of the hassle & save a lot of your time. Without further ado, let’s jump in & learn how you can build a Multilingual Website using Essential Addons with absolute ease.

Multilingual Website

Why You Should Consider Building a Multilingual Website

If your website tends to have a huge number of visitors from a variety of geographical regions, you should definitely consider building a Multilingual Website. Otherwise, you will miss out on a huge opportunity to grow your business bigger by failing to engage a diverse community. It’s no wonder that huge marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay take this approach to reach out to a wider audience from all over the world.

At the same time, for every International organization, it is crucial to make the website translatable. So, people from anywhere in the world can get access to the information they are searching for without any hassle. Regardless of whether you have a business or not, if your website generates a great number of foreign visitors, then you must make break the language barriers & build a Multilingual website.

You might be wondering how to do so? One way to build a multilingual website is by creating separate sub-domains for each language. However, it is a very time-consuming process and takes a huge toll for the developers. As a result, it is not a very effective process overall. However, thanks to WPML Multilingual Translation Plugin, you don’t have to worry about any of these hassles anymore. The best part is, you don’t even need a prior coding language since it is very easy to configure.

How to Translate Your Entire Website with WPML & Essential Addons

WordPress offers plenty of solutions which gives you the chance to interpret your website in as many languages you want. WPML is one of these plugins which stand out among others. Because of ease of use & flexibility, most users prefer this platform over anything else. So, to start building a Multilingual Website, you should consider using WPML Multilingual Translation Plugin.

Prepare Your Designs

The first thing you need to make sure is to prepare the entire design for your Website. Well, you can get started by using the Elementor Page Builder because of its amazing features & flexibility to use. On top of that, you can go ahead & use Essential Addons to present your site attractively and enhance your page building experience. Since we are discussing how to translate your pages with WPML, after the completion of the design, the next logical step would be to configure WPML and set it up with the language which you want the WordPress site to be translated with.

Multilingual Website

Start Configuring WPML Settings

After you have completed the Basic Configuration of WPML, you can then go ahead translate all your pages/posts to your define languages. Well, WPML allows you ‘Add Translation’ to all the posts/pages you have built in the language you have determined. It’s all just a click away. Then, you will have to make a copy of the original page that you are trying to translate. You can do the same for all the pages which you want to convert into another language.

Multilingual Website

Translate Essential Addons Contents with WPML

After successful completion of the previous step, you can check all the pages which are in the queue for Translations. You can simply do this by navigating to your WordPress Dashboard and then, go to the ‘Translations’ page of WPML. All you have to do is to hit on the ‘Edit’ button and get started with the Translation quite easily.

Multilingual Website

You will then be asked to enter a translated version of the texts which you want to change to. Since Essential Addons offers 100% compatibility with WPML, you will find all the contents ready for translation. Simply just go on and place the interpreted version of text content. After finishing up so for all the pages or posts, your entire website will be translated.

Multilingual Website

Your site would visitors would then be able to check out your entire website with the particular language you have defined. Thus, you won’t ever have to worry about missing out on new customers because of the language barriers. This is how you can build a Multilingual Website with WPML and Essential Addons without any hassle whatsoever. Isn’t that amazing?

Multilingual Website

Wrapping Up

We have already discussed how big of an impact a Multilingual Website can have on your overall business. It not only allows you to attract a wider audience from around the world but also gets an edge over your competitors.

So, what are you waiting for you? Why don’t you start building your own Multilingual Website with Essential Addons? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment section.

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