[Update] Create A Multilingual WordPress Website With Flexia & WPML

A multilingual WordPress website becomes essential when your target audience is from different countries. With the help of WPML – the most popular multilingual plugin, WordPress users can create stunning multilingual websites at any time. In order to translate the interface as well as the content within WordPress, you need a multilingual WordPress theme. And here is the good news, the Flexia theme is now certified multilingual theme by WPML. Let’s dive into the details. 

Multilingual websitePublishing only English content online can cause you to miss several opportunities. Your WordPress multilingual website could help you reach visitors from Germany, China, France, etc. 

It is easier than you might think to create a WordPress multilingual website if you use multilingual WordPress themes. You can maximize your audience’s reach many times over by choosing which language or languages you want to target. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps to translate your entire WordPress website with the Flexia theme in this article. 

Flexia Theme Is Now Compatible With WPML 🥳

Before taking you to the process to create your multilingual WordPress website, let’s share the announcement with you all. From now on, the Flexia theme is compatible with WPML. Flexia is one of the popular free WordPress themes that support popular editors like Gutenberg, Elementor along with helping you create stunning online stores with WooCommerce. Now no need to worry about third parties translating for those who rely on them. With this new compatibility with WPML, you can seamlessly translate your website to 100+ different languages

multilingual WordPress website with flexia

Translation Facilities That Comes With Flexia Theme 

WPML has all the features needed for converting a simple website to a multilingual one. This was also the case with the Flexia theme. Let’s go through the translation facilities you will get with the combination of Flexia & WPML.

🔥 You can easily translate all the added dynamic contents into multiple languages. Like blog content, landing page content, etc. 

🔥 The fixed contents from the Flexia theme, like ‘Search Result For’, ‘Banner Image Content’, etc can also be translated with WPML.

🔥 With Flexia Pro, you can also translate the blog category names of your WordPress website into multiple languages. 

Guide: How To Translate Flexia Theme Using WPML

Let’s check out how you can translate your Flexia theme-built WordPress website using WPML. Before starting to translate your website, make sure you have installed and activated Flexia theme in your WordPress dashboard. 

Step 1: Configure WPML Into Your WordPress Website

First, you have to install & activate WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation plugins into your WordPress website. Then navigate to the WPML → Settings and enable ‘Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor’ and ‘Switch to using the Advanced Translation Editor’ options. Click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes.

multilingual WordPress website with flexia

Step 2: Translate Flexia Theme With WPML

From the ‘Themes & Plugins Localization’ tab, select Flexia from WPML dashboard. Eventually, WPML will scan and display all Flexia theme data in WPML → String Translation. You can now translate any of the Flexia theme content available for translation by clicking on the ‘+’ button. 

multilingual WordPress website with flexia

In a similar way, you can translate your header text, footer text, blog categories, and many more. 

Publish Your WordPress Multilingual Website With Flexia

After translating your WordPress website, save the changes. Congratulations! Your WordPress website is now multilingual. Check out the outcome below. 

multilingual WordPress website with flexia

More Amazing Features With Flexia Theme

Apart from the exclusive translation facilities in the Flexia theme, there are more new and advanced additions included for its dedicated users. Here is the list of the amazing features that Flexia theme has: 

⚡ You can create child themes of Flexia theme easily and smoothly. 

⚡ Flexia Themes comes with a mega menu, so you can now create an advanced menu bar for your WordPress website. 

⚡ It brings the utmost flexibility in creating and customizing your website blog page. From blog showcasing pages to single blog pages, you can customize all. 

⚡  Countless customization is available for the Header and Footer section so that you can design your website as you want. 

⚡ Comes with 11 pre-built widgets that will help you to create your website with all the necessary functionalities. 

Start Creating Multilingual WordPress Website With Flexia

Flexia theme is the right choice for creating your multilingual WordPress website. So, it’s high time to convert your website into multilingual and increase site engagement. Moreover, if you need any help while translating your WordPress website, you can communicate with Flexia’s dedicated support team

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