Nulled WordPress Themes And Plugins: Why Using Them Is A Disaster

Instead of paying a lot, it can be very tempting to use nulled WordPress themes and plugins on your website. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a good deal at low costs? However, most experts will advise you against using them. Wondering why? Then start reading this blog to learn about WordPress nulled themes and plugins and why they can be disastrous for your website.

nulled WordPress themes and plugins

Human nature tends to dislike spending more money than necessary. As people are always looking for ways to save money, some WordPress users try to use nulled WordPress themes and plugins instead of the original premium version created and maintained by developers. But your top priority is securing your website. It is not smart to download and use nulled plugins or themes as they can put your website at risk. 

Which WordPress Themes & Plugins Are Called Nulled? 

If you’ve never heard of nulled WordPress themes and plugins, then let’s start by explaining what they do. To run a WordPress website smoothly and to add functionalities to it, you will have to depend on WordPress plugins and themes. You will get essential WordPress themes and plugins for free in the WordPress repository

Also, some theme and plugin companies offer exclusive features and facilities through their products, and you can use them by purchasing their license. These are called premium WordPress themes and plugins. If you collect any premium themes or plugins for free without a license and use them on multiple sites, then they will be categorized as pirated, cracked, or nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

The Role of WordPress Nulled Themes & Plugins In Piracy 

Basically, these nulled WordPress themes and plugins are slightly modified by hackers and are released on multiple websites where anyone can download them for free. WordPress nulled themes and plugins are distributed for many reasons: to redirect your blog to spam websites, to add ads and banners, to convey spam emails, to hijack your user details, and many more! 

Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

Since hackers made premium products freely available, they have a detrimental effect on developers and companies that made them. Therefore, using nulled themes and plugins is illegal. Sometimes hackers inject their own malicious code to harm your website. 

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins play a big role in piracy. Using licensed products without purchasing them is called pirated products. Not only will pirated themes and plugins harm your website, but you may face a high punishment if you get caught. So you can see you also have to pay a high price for using nulled WordPress themes. 

Why Is It Tempting to Use Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins?

You probably already know that nulled WordPress themes and plugins are illegal to use. Yet there is a high demand for them. Let us quickly review the reasons why users prefer WordPress nulled themes and plugins.

🛑 The first and main reason is that nulled themes and plugins are free! You need not purchase a license to download, install, and use them, and also they are easily available on many websites. 

🛑 As nulled themes and plugins are the crack version of premium themes. When you integrate them into your website, you can easily access all the exclusive features of your site. 

🛑 While premium licenses of WordPress themes or plugins restrict you to use them only for a limited number of websites, nulled themes and plugins have no restrictions in multisite use.    

7 Reasons Why Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins Are A Disaster

The use of nulled WordPress themes and plugins has clearly dangerous consequences. To explore in-depth why using WordPress nulled themes and plugins is dangerous for your website, let’s explore what types of harm they will cause.  

Risk Of Website Security Violations 

Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

When you get nulled plugins and themes from multiple unknown websites, you have no way of knowing whether they’re safe or not. There is no process of validation, no reviews, no authority that allows such software to be distributed or made accessible. 

It’s pretty obvious that no developer with good intentions will upload nulled WordPress themes and themes. Only hackers or people with bad intentions will upload premium themes and plugins for free of cost. Hackers can easily break your website’s security to steal your business data through nulled WordPress themes and plugins. 

No Regular Updates Available 

Premium WordPress themes and plugins work in such a way that they keep upgrading product features, along with fixing any bugs of previous versions. Nulled themes and plugins mean that you don’t use a license so that you won’t get any new updates of plugins and themes. So that your plugins and themes will be backdated within a few days. 

No Access To Support From Developers

If you find major bugs in your WordPress nulled themes and plugins and you are not very familiar with coding, you will have a big problem with your website. As no developer support is provided to nulled themes and plugins. Obviously, you can read the documentation provided on the website, but if you encounter any out of the box problems, there is no way to resolve them. 

Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

Disrupts Innovation In WordPress Plugins And Themes

When some product comes with a premium version, that means, the prior site’s exclusive features continuously drag your site speed and automatically send mass spam emails, product team has put extra efforts and innovations into creating that version. If we start using nulled WordPress themes and plugins, it will cause developers a great financial loss. Also, product teams will lose interest in creating new exclusive products and features. Not only you but also all WordPress users will be a victim of it. 

Detecting Malware Threats On Your Website 

As mentioned earlier, hackers won’t upload free versions of premium themes and plugins without benefiting from them. Most of the time they inject virus, malicious code into the WordPress nulled themes and plugins. These hackers may get access to your website, display their own advertisements, and many more. These malware threats are injurious for any website. 

Decrease In SEO & Speed Performance 

All search engines have their outline of how to rank higher in searches. When your website has nulled WordPress themes and plugins, it can add hidden backlinks to your site, redirect your domain name to another shady website and the list can go on. Search engines consider these activities as red flags when ranking a website. 

When you are using WordPress nulled themes and plugins, there are always running scripts in the background and these scripts slow down your site speed. Sometimes, your site’s exclusive features these nulled themes and plugins automatically send mass spam emails, break code lines, and continuously drag your site speed.  

Caught In An Illegal Situation 

Every pirated copy is illegal to use, and these rules go for every type of thing. To secure their own plugins from nulled WordPress themes and plugins, some companies and developers take legal action against those who are using a pirated copy. In the chances that you get caught for using WordPress nulled themes and plugins, you might have to pay fines or lose your website in major cases. 

Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

Best Methods To Deal With Nulled WordPress Themes And Plugins 

So you can now imagine what disaster nulled WordPress themes and plugins cause to WordPress websites. However, there is always a remedy when there is a problem. Let’s find out how to deal with WordPress nulled themes and plugins. 

Choose Alternative Free WordPress Themes And Plugins

Most of the time people get nulled WordPress themes and plugins to available exclusive premium features of those on their website. As WordPress is open-source, there are almost all alternative plugins and themes for every feature and functionalities. So instead of getting WordPress nulled themes and plugins, you can get alternatives to them. 

Detect The Malicious Code & Get Rid Of Them 

Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

If you already have nulled WordPress themes and plugins, don’t freak out! There is also a way to deal with them. The main harm they do is include malicious code, so if you can find out the codes and get rid of them, that will help your website for the time being. To find out malicious coeds there are so many scanner plugins available for WordPress websites. Wordfence Security, Defender Security, etc are popular plugins for scanning malicious codes. After scanning, you can remove malicious code & malware, and make your website risk-free. 

Hopefully, you get all the answers you were looking for about nulled WordPress themes and plugins and why they are a disaster for your website. If you enjoy this article, then don’t forget to share it, then subscribe to our blog for getting more fun insights, updates, and so on. 




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