How To Improve User Experience Using Reading Progress Indicator on WordPress Website

Ever come across a web page which had a visually appealing progress bar indicating how far you have read? In case you didn’t know it before, this incredible tool is called ‘Reading Progress Bar’. Because of its interactive nature, it can help you to instantly get your audience hooked up on your website.

WordPress already provides lots of amazing plugins to easily add such a progress indicator on your site. However, when it comes to designing pages with Elementor Page Builder, there are hardly any solutions available to implement this astonishing feature on your website. With the introduction of EA Reading Progress Bar, you can now add scroll bar indicator only with a few clicks for absolutely FREE.

Reading Progress Bar
Perks of Adding Reading Progress Bar on Your Website

Leaving a good first impression on the visitors is key for every website.  Especially, if you have a blogging or business platform, it is absolutely crucial to make your readers stay on your page & encourage them to go through the entire article. Reading Progress Bar is one of the most aspiring approaches you can take to make your posts interesting to your audience.

Reading Progress Bar can be very beneficial for your website as it is capable of instantly grabbing visitors attention. It gives the audience gradual reading feedback in terms of how far he or she progressed reading a particular page. As a result, people feel encouraged to scroll through the whole article & complete checking out. This is why you should implement a Reading Progress Bar on your website and boost the engagement rate.

How to Add Eye-Catchy Reading Progress Bar in WordPress

Thanks to the introduction of EA Reading Progress Bar, you are now able to easily add stunning scroll progress indicator on your website without writing a single line of code. Essential Addons has just brought this fascinating feature which you can use to instantly display the eye-catchy Reading Progress Bar on your entire website and catch everyone’s attention.

Introducing EA Reading Progress Bar

The most impressive thing about EA Reading Progress Bar is that it allows you to display the scroll progress indicator on your entire site. You can configure the entire settings at one place and show it on your entire website even if the pages are not built with Elementor. Let’s have a look at this demonstration and see what you can expect from this fascinating EA Extension:

Reading Progress Bar

Configure Reading Progress Indicator on Your Page

To get started, the first thing you need to do is to go to the ‘Page Settings’ of the Elementor page where you want to add the Reading Progress Bar. Afterward, simply use the toggle to enable ‘EA Reading Progress Bar’. As a result, Reading Progress Bar will be activated on that particular page. You will have the complete control to display it on top or bottom of your posts/pages. The best thing is that you will be able to see the changes made in real-time.

Impressively, you will have the freedom to display Reading Progress Bar on your entire site from these settings. Just by simply enabling the ‘Reading Progress Bar Globally’ option, you will see progress indicator on your entire website. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Moreover, you can even override the Global Settings for a specific page by activating Reading Progress Bar page on it. This option can come very handy especially if you want to tweak the appearance for a certain page.

Reading Progress Bar

Style Until You Get Your Desired Outcome

EA Reading Progress Bar gives you the opportunity to design the layout as per your wish. You will have the freedom to change the Background & Fill color for the scroll indicator. If you want, you can even modify the height until you get your desired result. Besides, you can go ahead and play around with the animation speed & make it soothing to your visitors’ eyes.

Reading Progress Bar

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we have already discussed how influential Reading Progress Bar can be your website. So, you should definitely consider using them on your site to encourage your audience to scroll through your contents. It will surely give the engagement rate a massive boost. Thanks to the introduction of EA Reading Progress Bar, you can now implement this amazing feature on your website without any hassle whatsoever.

So, what do you think of this article? If you have any feedback, feel free to leave your opinion in the Comments section.

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