Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023: The Biggest WordCamp In Europe

This year’s grand WordPress event, WordCamp Europe 2023, just concluded with incredible 3 days of knowledge sharing, networking, fun, and more. Let’s take a moment to reminisce the wonderful memories of this grand WordPress event with words and take a quick recap of WordCamp Europe 2023. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and read the highlights of WCEU!

Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023

WCEU 2023: A Huge Successful WordCamp In Athens 

As planned, WordCamp Europe took place this year in the city of the Violet Crown, Athens, Greece at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre. This 11th edition of the European WordPress conference was more than just a WordCamp as recently we celebrated 20 Years of WordPress all over the world. 

This WordCamp will be remembered for the full 3 days of inspiring activities with record-breaking 2,500+ attendees. From the exciting session lineups to an amazing atmosphere of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and unity this WordCamp had everything to be counted as one of the best ever. 

Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023

The European community gathered there and seized the opportunity to connect with like-minded people to exchange ideas, and visions, and make beautiful memories. With networking sessions, informal gatherings, and social events, this WordCamp was the perfect palace to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships in a fun environment.

The Key Highlights Of The Biggest WordCamp In Europe

This year’s WordCamp Europe kicked off with the contributor’s day and concluded with two conference days. Not only from Europe but also WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world gathered to make this event a huge success. Now, let’s look at the key highlights of 3 eventful days and recall these amazing experiences.

Quick Stats For WordCamp Europe 2023

This year’s WordCamp Europe 2023 has been bigger and better than ever before, and the numbers are proof of that. So, before going to the detailed highlights of this grand event, check out the key stats of this year’s most exciting WordPress event. 

Attendees: 2545

Contributors: 600+ 

Sponsors: 64 

Speakers: 102 

Organizers: 112 

Volunteers: 250 

Media Partners: 21 

Day 1: The Most Energetic Day Of Contributing To WordPress 

The WordCamp 2023 kicked off with the Contributor Day which was exceptionally buzzing this time. More than 600 contributors came to work together and make this open-source project even better contributing to its core, design, marketing, documentation, and other areas. Even though it was a whole day-long session, it was the perfect place to catch up and meet with fellow contributors. 

Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023

In addition to that, a Sustainability team was introduced on this year’s contributor day. With the goal of adding sustainable practices into WordPress, this dedicated team will work to promote awareness and take action. Any interested contributors can join the team and give a hand to support this brilliant initiative. 

Day 2: The Conference Day Of WordCamp Europe

The conference day of WordCamp is always full of engaging sessions, networking, and fun activities. This WordCamp Europe was no different. The day was buzzing with thousands of WordPressians. Among many notable speakers, the CMO of WPDeveloper, Afshana Diya, was there to share her experiences on the ever-evolving landscape of WordPress marketing.  

Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023

Along with brilliant sessions, this year’s WordCamp Europe also had an amazing lineup of side events to ensure everyone attending had a great time. There was the ‘Wellness Track’ to remind the attendees of the importance of good health with Yoga classes, Tai Chi sessions, and short hikes to Lycabettus. Other than the formal sessions, the attendees got their chance to meet their heroes, and friends, and build new relationships. 

Day 3: The Closing Day Of WordCamp Europe

The final day of WordCamp Europe 2023, was lit with more fun activities. Along with games and giveaways in the sponsor booth area, the attendees joined different sessions of industry experts. 

The second day of WordCamp 2023 also had health and wellness sessions along with different workshops to exchange knowledge and experience among the community. 

Before heading to the super exciting closing party Matt Mullenweg, Josepha Haden Chomphosy, and Matías Ventura took the stage and reminisced about the 20 years of WordPress. With more than two thousand five hundred attendees WordCamp Europe 2023 was a huge success. 

WP Connect: A New Experience For WordCampers 

You may have heard about WP Cafe which was a space for attendees to join guided conversations about specific topics in an informal environment. This year WP Cafe was fully revamped with a new name, WP Connect, and with a brand new format. Our very own, ​​Afshana Diya was there at the WP Connect space to share her thoughts on Five for the Future among other notable speakers. 

The Community Booth Featuring Polyglots Team

This year’s community booth highlighted the Polyglots Team appreciating their contribution to WordPress. Just like any other WordPress event, the community booth is the place you should go to collect some of the coolest swags and meet members of different local communities. If you are up to expanding your network in different countries, this is the best place to meet the most diverse WordPress enthusiast. 

WordPress Workshops With Industry Experts 

WordCamps are a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and learning something new from industry experts. This year’s WordCamp Europe had some exciting workshops for the attendees. Now, let’s get an overview of these workshops below.

Two Dedicated Workshop Tracks

WordCamp Europe 2023 had 2 dedicated tracks for workshops on both of the conference days. This year, the attendees got the chance to enhance their knowledge of coding, design, marketing strategy, and more directly from the experts. It was a cozy experience for the attendees to solve real-life problems with fellow WordPress enthusiasts in the most friendly and helpful environment. 

Brand New Workshop For Kids

Along with regular workshops, for the kids who joined WordCamp Europe, there was a 3-hour-long special workshop session on the contributor day. The industry experts were there to guide the kids on building their own WordPress website. This brand-new session provided an amazing opportunity for future generations to get a hands-on experience with WordPress. 

Notable Side Events Of WordCamp Europe 2023

Side events are an essential part of WordCamps. These events are encouraged by the WordCamp teams and anybody can arrange these events. Similar to every year, this year has quite a few notable side events. For instance, the Patchstack & Elementor WCEU Meet & Greek, and Woo Community Meetup at WCEU 2023 were arranged for having some fun in a chilling atmosphere.

Presence Of Bangladeshi WordPress Community On WordCamp Europe

At WordCamp Europe 2023, people from all over the world gathered in Athens and had a wonderful time there. Just like any other flagship WordCamp, this event was a great opportunity for the different communities to get to know each other better.  From the Bangladeshi WordPress community, a group of WordPress enthusiasts attended the event.  

Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023

Participation From Team WPDeveloper 

Team WPDeveloper actively contributed to WordCamp Europe 2023 as one of the media supporters to spread the news of this mega flagship event. In addition to that, the Founder of WPDeveloper, M Asif Rahman, and the CEO, Nazmul H. Rupok attended this event to meet the European WordPress community. The CMO of WPDeveloper, Afshana Diya spoke in three sessions and shared her expertise among the crowd.

Book Your Calendar & Join WordCamp Europe 2024

The next WordCamp Europe will be held on June 13-15, 2024 in Torino, Italy and we are sure it will be even bigger and better! So stay tuned for 2024 to join the biggest regional WordCamp in the beautiful country of Italy. 

Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023

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