WordCamp Europe 2023: Join The Biggest European WordPress Conference In Athens

This year’s WordCamp Europe 2023 broke all the previous records with huge success and exciting activities. It took place in the capital of Greece, Athens on 8-10th June and welcomed WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world. Dive into the blog to learn more about this biggest European WordPress conference. 

WordCamp Europe 2023:

WordCamp Europe 2023: Things That Happened This Historical City

Flagship events like WordCamp Europe welcome WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world to come together and meet with the community. Along with networking purposes, WordCamps are a great source of knowledge sharing as well. Now, let’s see how WordCamp Europe 2023 surprised the crowd with all its exciting activities.

WordCamp Europe At The Largest Venue In Athens

WordCamp Europe 2023

This year’s WordCamp Europe was held at Megaron Athens International Conference Centre which is the largest venue in Athens. Just a few minutes of walk from the historical range of historic landmarks, this venue has the capacity of hosting 6,000 people. Very close to Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, and Athens Metro, this building comes with a modern complex with all kinds of facilities. 

Story Of Contributor Day For Help Making WordPress Even Better

This year’s WordCamp Europe had an all-day-long Contributor Day on 8th June. The attendees needed to register separately to attend the contributor day. All the WordPress enthusiasts who work behind the scenes to grow this open-source platform gathered together there. At this year’s WordCamp Europe, a new team was introduced named Sustainability with the goal of adding sustainable practices to WordPress.

WordPress For The Youngster: Special Workshop For Kids

WordPress is for everyone. Its core goal is to give everyone a voice regardless of age or from any part of the world. WordCamp Europe 2023 had a brand-new session for the kids on contributor day. 

In this workshop, our future generation got the opportunity to explore and create a WordPress website in a 3 hour-long session. The volunteers helped them to set up their websites and teach them how to create different types of content with WordPress on the spot. 

Wellness Track Activities To Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle

The Wellness Track at the WordCamps can remind us to prioritize well-being. In WordCamp Europe 2023, Yoga classes, Tai Chi sessions, and short hikes to Lycabettus ​​were arranged for the attendees. As these sessions are designed for beginners, many attendees joined and learned the importance of an active and stress-free life. 

WordCamp Europe 2023

Expert instructors were there to guide attendees on these activities. While only 20 Yoga mats were available, the attendees enjoyed the sessions by sitting on the ground. Those who spent some time in the wellness tracks had fun with fellow WordPress enthusiasts.

Insightful Open Discussions In WP Connect

The WordCamp Europe Community team arranged open discussion sessions on both of the conference days in the WP Connect space. The attendees joined there and learned new things from the community and shared their views on different topics. 

Afshana Diya, the Chief Marketing Officer of WPDeveloper, was there along with Hari Shanker, Courtney Robertson, and Emanuel Blagonic to share her expertise on Five For The Future and how a company can donate employees to the WordPress Project; along with helpful advice on how anyone can become a sponsored contributor for the open source project.

People Behind WCEU 2023

WordCamp conferences are the hard work of dedicated organizers, speakers, and sponsors who make it possible with their valuable time and effort. Now, let’s meet who were the people behind this biggest WordPress conference in Europe. 

Meet The Global Team Leaders

The WCEU 2023 was in the hands of 3 experienced campaigners who oversaw the whole event. Each of them was eager to make WordCamp a huge success with their individual touch and expertise. Combining the efforts of volunteers and sponsors the global team leads made this WordCamp one of the most successful WordCamp ever.

WordCamp Europe 2023: Join The Biggest European WordPress Conference In Athens 1

The Remarkable Speakers Of WordCamp Europe 2023

WordCamp Europe 2023, had some remarkable speakers who would have spoken in front of the crowd. Covering a wide range of topics such as Accessibility, Design, Development, Marketing, etc. these well-known and experienced speakers shared their insights to the WordPress community along with other speakers. 

WordCamp Europe 2023
The First Group Of Speakers

Among all the notable speakers, the CMO of WPDeveloper, Afshana Diya, shared her expertise on the evolving landscape of WordPress marketing. Her engaging session was full of valuable insights and expertise about the industry. After her session, she answered some of the questions from the attendees as well.

WordCamp Europe 2023

This Year’s Event Schedule

We mentioned earlier that WordPress Europe 2023 took place between the 8th and 10th of June 2023. This WordPress event started with the Contributor Day on the 8th of June and the next two days were the Conference day. Also, there was an after-party on 10th June which is the perfect opportunity to network with everyone who is involved in this WordPress. 

Media Partners & Supporters For WCEU 2023

The media partner and supporters are a core part of WordCamps. They help WordCamps to achieve maximum visibility for the conference. This year, WPDeveloper was one of the media supporters for WordCamp Europe 2023 and covered the news of this flagship event.  

Read The Full Recap Of WordCamp Europe 2023

WordCamp Europe 2023

During the WordCamps, the whole community comes together to meet, learn and share knowledge with each other. Let it be your first time or even if you are a frequent WordCamper, many exciting events, enlightening sessions, and a huge opportunity to meet your fellow community WordCamp events. So, if you have missed your chance to join WordCamp Europe 2023 read our full recap to learn the ins and outs of this biggest regional WordCamp.   

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