Top Sales Notification & FOMO Plugins For WooCommerce To Increase Sales [FREE]

Social Proof and FOMO Plugins for WooCommerce help to establish your brand as a trustworthy and credible one to purchase from. Online shopping is convenient for consumers, but it’s equally tough for sellers to get traffics and make them convert. Usually, online buyers get the doubt regarding products they intend to buy online as they think about the product quality, post-purchase support, pricing and every other possible information that helps to make a wise purchasing decision. And as a seller, it’s your job to remove any doubt from the minds of your buyer.

Top Sales Notification & FOMO Plugins For WooCommerce To Increase Sales [FREE] 1

Best FOMO Plugins for WooCommerce

What are Social Proof and FOMO Plugins for WooCommerce you might ask. Social Proof is information about your product quality, company, buyers and so on that validate you as a credible and trustworthy seller. How important is it to be a credible seller? Well, it’s the most crucial information a buyer seeks before making an online purchase.

And where do you find Social Proof? There are so many platforms where people can post reviews and ratings for products they have used. You don’t even have to look far to find these Social Proof messages, just log in to your Facebook account. Every page on Facebook has a separate section for posting reviews and ratings. And it’s true for almost every other Social Media platform as well as Product listing Websites.

NotificationX – Social Proof & Recent Sales Popup

This WordPress solution is ideal for both WooCommerce store and Blogging Websites. In short, NotificationX presents buyer-activity on your WooCommerce Store as Social Proof. In fact, you can fetch in your Site Visit and Performance data straight from your Google Analytics Account.  It helps you persuade your potential buyers to follow the trend. How? It displays how many people have bought a product, what product was the last purchase from your store, what readers are reading on your website and what they are commenting on your Website. Moreover, it will also help you consolidate your Social Proof as more authentic by letting you display the location of your buyers.

WooCommerce Notification Boost Your Sales

It’s a solution for WooCommerce WordPress Websites. Using this FOMO plugin for WooCommerce you can display recent sales notifications on your storefront. It helps to increase conversion rate by displaying recent sales on your Website’s front-end. Apart from displaying Sales notification, this plugin also helps to validate social proof for WooCommerce by displaying recent orders placed on your WooCommerce Website.

WooBought- WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications

This is another FOMO Plugins for WooCommerce. This plugin helps to gain credibility by displaying the names and pictures of other people who are also buying from your store. This plugin comes with the option of excluding the Notification messages on certain Pages on your WooCommerce Site. Also, your site visitors can also remove the notification pop-ups on their screens.

Fomo for WooCommerce

This plugin for capitalizing on Social Proof for WooCommerce lets you display the Pop-up message on any part of the screen be it bottom left, bottom right, top left or top right. Moreover, you can choose to display every order, some orders, or only orders from a certain time period.

WP Real-Time Social-Proof

This plugin for WordPress helps to capitalize on the Fear Of Missing Out effect and create an urgency to invite certain actions from your potential buyers. WP Real-Time Social-Proof displays popups of recent sales and signups on the bottom left corner of your Store-front. This solution if suitable for both WooCommerce Sites as well as WordPress Blogging sites.

HoverSignal WooCommerce Social Proof

This FOMO plugins for WooCommerce lets you create four different types of FOMO pop-ups- Social Proof, Email Signup, Announcement and Discount Timer. Using these FOMO pop-ups you can do a range of things starting from displaying recent orders, on-site activity and products left in stock.

Wrapping Up!

By now you should have a clear idea about how important Social Proof for WooCommerce is. So are you ready to turn FOMO and Social Proof Tactics into strategy? If you want the best FOMO Plugin for WooCommerce we would root for NotificationX.

NotificationX is by far the best FOMO and Social Proof Plugin for both WordPress and WooCommerce. With NotificationX, you can easily design a fascinating Sales Notification on your WordPress website to keep everyone engaged. Sales Notification lets you display the recent purchase of your products made by the customers as a notification popup on your website.

This plugin is a master of tracking user activity on your website and leveraging them to persuade others into replicating them. NotificationX can refresh collected data on user-activity every second, that way you are able to display only the most recent data to your users. Find out more in the blog Why NotificationX is the best among all Social Proof and FOMO Plugins for WooCommerce.

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