Security Update: Simple 301 Redirects v2.0.4 Plugin With Enhanced Security & Performance

We have recently released a security patch of Simple 301 Redirects plugin for WordPress which improves the overall performance of the plugin and provides our 300,000+ users with a smooth user experience. With Simple 301 Redirects v2.0.4, we have resolved all  Simple 301 Redirects security-related issues and made the plugin even faster and more secured. 

Security Update Simple 301 Redirects Plugin

A special shoutout goes to the Wordfence team for their constant feedback and collaboration. We strongly recommend you to update to the newest version of Simple 301 Redirects immediately to explore its all latest updates.

Added Custom Nonce To Prevent Malicious Activities 

At first, Wordfence reported about the usage of REST-API nonce which used the wp_rest action for validation. It generated a valid nonce using the rest-nonce AJAX action. Usage of these functions could lead to authenticated attackers, or anyone can easily install and activate any plugin from the WordPress repository

After receiving feedback from the Wordfence team, we immediately pushed back-to-back updates on Simple 301 Redirects 2.0.x versions. We have added custom nonce to prevent unauthorized activities and enhance our security in the process.  

Preventing malicious activities is one of the hardest tasks and we have tried to update the security system to make the redirection more secure for our user base.    

Security Update Simple 301 Redirects Plugin

Added Capability Checks To Prevent Executing Harmful Functions

In the earlier version of the Simple 301 Redirects plugin, there weren’t advanced capability checks for Import and Export options. It meant that attackers could execute harmful functions. This would make the website link redirection vulnerable from the user end. 

With the new update of Simple 301 Redirects 2.0.4, we have added advanced ‘User Role’ capability checks for both Import and Export options. This will prevent executing any harmful actions, and deny all unauthorized access immediately on your WordPress site link redirections. Thus, the security has been enhanced with the new update.

Security Update Simple 301 Redirects Plugin

Revamped Code Structure & Some Minor Bug Fixes

Apart from these security updates, Simple 301 Redirects has also been revamped with a new coding structure- ReactJS, user interface, and bug fixes. Besides, we are continuously improving this Simple 301 Redirects plugin to make it more flexible for our 300K+ active users

Besides, from Simple 301 Redirects 2.0.0 version, the user interface has been improved a lot to provide a better user experience. It’s now more functional, effortless, and better than before. 

Special Thanks To Wordfence For Their Constant Collaboration     

Once again, all these issues were identified and solved instantly because of Wordfence’s continuous feedback and collaboration. With their constant support and help, we were able to make this the required security enhancement to provide our customers a great experience with 301 link redirection and a lot more. 

Security Update Simple 301 Redirects Plugin

Update Simple 301 Redirects V2.0.4

Since it’s a major update, make sure to update to Simple 301 Redirects 2.0.4 on your WordPress website immediately to prevent your website from all malicious attacks.

We are always trying to improve your experience, so if you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us by reaching out to our support team. For more updates, news and tutorials, subscribe to our blog or join our friendly Facebook community.

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