Showcase Event Timeline For Your Portfolio Using Elementor

Who wouldn’t want to exhibit all their accomplishments on the website? Not only it would represent you & your work to the outside world but it will also make you look credible. Just simply put, it is a must-have for branding yourself or your company. With the help of EA Content Timeline element, you can easily showcase life event timeline for your portfolio using Elementor.

Showcase Event Timeline For Your Portfolio Using Elementor 1

When Do You Need Content Timeline?

For branding yourself or your company with a nice portfolio, you must have a Content Timeline on your WordPress website.

Generally, Content Timeline lets you create a nicely designed memory lane, life events, achievements, milestones or campaigns. As a result, visitors can get to know about you or your company in a chronological set of events.

For instance, you can create a timeline layout from the day when you have started your company, the achievements along the way, the campaigns your company participated in, the social events you were involved in and more. By putting these sorts of contents as a portfolio timeline, it creates a good image for your company.

This also gives your visitors a chance to easily navigate to your life events. If your Content Timeline is impressive enough, it will immediately grab everyone’s attention. As a result, it would leave a nice impression on people’s minds over your company.

Moreover, Content Timeline makes things easier for people to go through your contents by helping you to display all your contents in a timeline mode.

Key Features

  • Dynamic & Custom Post
  • Smooth Animation
  • Filterable option
  • Ease of Styling
  • Nice Layout

Activate Content Timeline

Before we begin, if you are a complete beginner, we would recommend you to check our documentation on how to use Essential Addons on your WordPress site.

The first step in the right direction would be to add the EA Content Timeline element from the Elementor Dashboard. All you have to do is to drag the EA Content Timeline element in the “Drag widget here” section.

Showcase Event Timeline For Your Portfolio Using Elementor 2

Configure Content Timeline Settings

After you have activated the Content Timeline element, you would see three sections of settings.

You can choose a Content Source from the Timeline element. If you set Dynamic as a content source, then you will have the option to choose a custom post type which will be fetched as contents.

On the other hand, if Custom is selected as the content source, you can manually insert your own custom content.

Showcase Event Timeline For Your Portfolio Using Elementor 3

From the Layout Settings option, you can also enable/disable & modify “Show Read More” button. Besides, you can hide your dynamic content’s title, description & set a limit to your excerpt words.

Basically, the Layout settings is very easy to understand & navigate. You can comfortably play around with it and get your desired layout.

Showcase Event Timeline For Your Portfolio Using Elementor 4

Let’s talk about the Custom Content Settings. To display a life event of your timeline, you should, therefore, choose a relevant title. It can be anything like a milestone or achievement or even an award.

Afterward, you can put short details of the title so that people would be able to understand the worth of your achievement. Keep that in mind that adding a nice picture in the content would make your timeline more appealing and credible to your visitors.

Don’t forget to put the correct date in the “Post Date” field. Since Content Timeline is modifiable, it gives you the flexibility to change your timeline icon as well.

timeline element


From the Style section, you will have plenty of choices to customize your contents as per your choosing.

You can comfortably modify your timeline, card, typographies, buttons and many more. The thing about Style section is that the options here are so nicely put that you can configure and modify the settings without facing any difficulties whatsoever. Yes, even if you are a beginner!

Showcase Event Timeline For Your Portfolio Using Elementor 5

For Instance, you can change the Line Size, Position & Color from the Timeline Style option.

timeline element

From the “Color & Typography” option, you can easily style your title, content, color, alignments, typographies & many more. You can play around with the Styling section and make your own unique & attractive layout with ease.

timeline element

Final Outcome

After you are finished following the process, you will get a nice life event portfolio to showcase on your website. With your desirable settings and customization, you can also come with even more beautiful and creative layout using Content Timeline.

timeline element

To wrap this up, Content Timeline is just the perfect element to showcase your work event portfolio because of its simple nature of navigation and styling. We hope this article will help you out on starting out with this element and help you build an impressive portfolio.

To get the live experience of Content Timeline, you can check our Demo and feel the magic!

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you get started and start displaying your portfolio using Content Timeline? Let us know if you have any questions in the Comments Section.

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