The State of WordPress Web Design & UX Trend For 2023

Your website visitors have a superior appreciation for web-design than you do. Even if they can’t name one single Web-Design tool, you cannot disregard their sensitivity to good web-design. If you follow web design and UX trend for 2023, you will get to know how user experience is affecting your whole sales funnel. Good web design can make your site visitors stay longer on your website than they intended to do and turn them into your loyal customers.

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Digital Illustration

Designing anything takes a lot of time. It’s similar to a piece of painting. A painter lays down the basic ideas about what it is that he really wants to draw in the beginning few months of the project. Then he moves on to fine-tuning the objects in the painting. In the next step, he starts adding color to the painting and lastly he polishes the painting to finish it off.

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Credit: Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

This is also how a web-designer works. They start off by making a draft of what they want to design. Primarily there are two ways a designer does this, getting a hand-drawn sketch, which is 2D in nature. On the other hand, some designers use computer applications to draft a 3D version of what they want to draw in the first place.

Pleasant Colors and Font

Colors and fonts are one of the most important components of any web-design. But sadly often times they are underestimated. A vibrant color and a font family that complement each other can propel a simple design into a top-notch one. But there is a subtle trade-off between what color and font you should use and the type of content you want to create. See, content is a completely separate thing and comprises of fonts, colors, images and so on. In fact font, colors and any image you use for a certain web-page are individual components of that page.

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Credit: carbonbeauty.com

If you are thinking about creating a web-page with too much text content, which is the standard for some corporate Websites, you are better off keeping the font and color sober and standard. However, if you are intending to create a web-page for a marketing firm, or a restaurant or a new startup the scenario is completely different and you can use new fancy fonts. Also, if you want to create a web page with minimal text content, then you have to use a font family and color that helps you to deliver your messages using the least number of words. Which is a common practice in recent times? You will find plenty of websites using minimal text content but compensating for that with vibrant and complementing color and font.

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Purposeful Video Content

Who doesn’t love watching videos! In fact, using videos instead of text is a great idea. This way you can deliver your message in an interactive and fun way. Also, while you are deciding whether or not to replace a text-based section with a video, you should consider how much space it will save. Nobody likes unnecessary scrolling. If you can deliver the same message in a shorter space using video than text, you should go with the video.

Moreover, video is ideal for places like the Header for your Website. Usually, your users land on the content Which makes it so important, if you fail to capture the attention of your readers immediately after they land on your Homepage, you might incur a higher bounce rate. This is not at all desirable. You can easily make a stunning Home Page by adding colorful and informative videos. Also, you can add simple and short videos as the background for your Homepage and turn on the loop. This will help you to create a stunning effect on your Homepage and this is one UX trend what you wouldn’t want to miss.


The gradient effect is not exactly a new UX trend and it’s here to stay. You might have narrowed down the color options for a certain web-page to two. But what happens then? Which one do you pick? This problem can be easily solved by using the gradient effect that combines multiple colors.

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There are two aspects of gradient effect that have taken over the web-design arena over recent years. The first one using the different color separators. The Radial Gradient effect makes the gradient originate from the middle. Whereas the Linear Gradient will make the colors separate either from the horizontal middle point or the vertical middle point. The other use of gradient is over images and videos. This is probably the most widely seen use of gradient nowadays.

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Credit: awwwards.com- Spotify microsite 2015, duotone image with gradient maps.

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Mobile Responsiveness

With each passing day more and more users are switching to a Smartphone for completing tasks that they would do using a Desktop or Laptop. And why shouldn’t they? Today’s smartphones can accomplish tasks that were previously possible using only computers.

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Credit: Elementor

This makes Mobile Responsiveness very important for Web-Developers. Now you not only are creating design and content that will be accessed using a computer, but which will be equally accessed using a Tab or a Smartphone. Whatever page you are working on you should always make sure it looks good on a mobile device. Not only that, we will soon have a future where a web-designer will have to make sure his/her creation is equally suitable on Smartphones, Smartwatches, Tabs as well as the new devices that have fold-able displays.

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Place Chatbots

Chatbots help your site visitors to quickly and swiftly navigate through your website. And nowadays every Website has one of these chat-bots. Be it an E-Commerce site or a simple blogging site, using chatbots you can help your visitors interact with your website.

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But it’s very important that the chatbot container complements the overall design of the web page. It should not strike as something a separate part of the web-page.

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Soothing Animation

Previously you would websites using crazy animations on their homepage. This trend is still prevalent. But there is a slight variation of what kind of animation web-designers are using nowadays.

We have identified two distinct types of animations seen on websites, first the geometric animation and the second being particles animation. One thing that both these animations have in common is they don’t contain any object inside them, although they might have some objects as their background.

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Wrapping Up!

So, what did we learn from this blog? We say that Web-Designers rely on both hand-made 2D sketches as well as 3D sketches for their work. Then we saw how important Font and Color is for a Web-Page. We saw how the Gradient style is still a prominent web-design trend. In the end, we saw how purposeful video and animation can propel simple content to a higher state.

So which UX trend you are following right now? Do let us know in a comment below and we will get back to you.

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