How To Display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout Using Elementor

Managing an Online Shop is easier than managing a traditional shop. But making a successful sales is equally hard. Although most people have an online presence right now, people still feel hesitant to make a purchase online.

But if you think, you have only the best quality product at your store at the best price, you shouldn’t be worried about making sales. However, what you can do is make Shopping Experience from your Shop stand out compared with your rivals. You are in good luck if you are using Essential Addons for Elementor, as it offers three Gallery elements that let you display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout.

But why Gallery Elements? Because the only way you can enhance the shopping experience on your Website is by reducing distraction. EA Gallery elements let you display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout that directly take your potential shoppers to the product that they are looking for, without having to engage in meaningless browsing.

How To Display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout Using Elementor 1

Display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout-Woo Product Collection

The most recent EA Gallery element is Woo Product Collection. The benefit of EA Woo Product Collection is that it lets you create a beautiful back and forth pathway from Product Category to the actual Gallery. You might have multiple Product Categories in your Online Shop. You might have a separate collection for children, a separate collection for men and a separate collection for women. A key characteristic of having multiple Categories is, none of the categories will overlap. What this means is that anyone who is looking for Children’s product will not be interested in looking into Men’s Collection.

And on your part, you should also not distract your potential clients. You should try and make the process of searching for products in your Website as straightforward as you can. And this is where EA Woo Product Collection element comes in.

How To Display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout Using Elementor 2

Using this element you can create galleries that have two layers, the first layer includes all the Product Categories. And the second layer includes the relevant Product Gallery. Once you place it on your Website, you can make the process of looking up the product as direct as your clients want it to be.

Along with sorting the gallery via Product Categories, you can also use the EA Woo Product Collections to create an attractive layout based on your WooCommerce categories, tags or attributes which will redirect to the respective Products page.

Display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout- Filterable Gallery and Dynamic Gallery

As I said earlier, the Essential Addons bundle includes two other Gallery elements- Filterable Gallery and Dynamic Filterable Gallery. 

The EA Filterable Gallery element helps you create a Gallery layout for your Products manually. Once you are done selecting the gallery items manually from the WordPress Media Library or uploading them from your computer, you can assign a certain Filter Control to them.

How To Display WooCommerce Products in a Gallery Layout Using Elementor 3

On the other hand, you can automatically fetch in contents for a Product Gallery using the EA Dynamic Gallery element. However, you will not be able to include individual Products using the EA Dynamic Filterable Gallery. You can only include Posts. You can specify the posts for your Gallery via Categories.

Wrapping Up!

So there you are, now you know about three Gallery elements for your WordPress Online Shop. The EA Filterable Gallery comes with the FREE version of Essential Addons and the other two, EA Dynamic Gallery and EA Woo Product Collection, comes with the PRO version. Let us know which one you are using by leaving a comment below.

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