WordPress Blogging Trends In 2023 To Shape Your Content Strategy

Blogging is the one crucial element to ensure the web presence and get engaged with the community. If you look closely, you get to see most businesses now allocate significant time to content marketing. Not just businesses, even the individuals – who don’t blog these days? Because of the super easy and user-friendly interface, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform without any doubt. But with the growing number of bloggers, you will find similar content from different brands.

To stand out in this competitive era, you need to follow the current trends and make your content comprehensive enough so that you can add value to the reader. 2023 is here, not intending to scare you, but it’s time to add new blogging tricks to your shape your content marketing strategy.

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Create Engaging And Long Blog Post To Get More Traffic & Shares 

But why? First of all, writing a Long Blog might take double the time required to write an Average Length Blog. On the flip side, the readers might not like reading a lengthy blog, the sheer length of it might project it as a daunting task.

There is no point in trying to turn the disadvantages of lengthy blogs into its advantages, but we can weigh them side by side and come to a rational conclusion.

Given we have already pointed out the disadvantages of lengthy blogs, let’s focus on its advantages. First of all, it might generate more traffic than any other blog post on your website? How? A well-written and comprehensive blog that covers every essential part of a given topic, might be considered, by many, as the ideal guideline for that particular topic. And if its quality is good, people might also recommend this blog to their friends and peers. This will keep generating traffic over-time which might not be the case for the majority of the blogs on your website.

Also, lengthy blogs have a greater chance of becoming an Ever-Green content. What is it? There are certain topics that never get old. No matter how much disruption the industry you belong to undergo, people will always follow these topics.

WordPress Blogging Trends In 2023 To Shape Your Content Strategy 2

You might be wondering what is the appropriate length for the blog? It should be anything between 1200-1500 words. Any blog in that range has a greater chance of being indexed by Google. People will start linking back to your website, this will ultimately result in gaining authority on the internet.

Along with writing long blogs, you should also try to use Long-Tail Keywords. Long-Tail Keywords are more specific and off course a bit lengthy. But why exactly should you use long-tail keywords? Well, in recent times people have started to use Natural Language instead of using a specific one or two words when looking up anything on the internet. Also, people using different Voice Assistants casually talk into their phones. This is why long and detailed search terms are a must for capturing those users. In fact, there is minimal competition for these key-phrases, which is it a must for your next content campaign.

So, after laying down all the advantages and disadvantages of Long-Blogs, we can conclude with confidence that Longer Posts are better than Short ones and you should definitely write some Long-Posts in the coming year.

But wait. You should not rely on the merits of Long-Blogs for great results. You should also try to minimize its shortcomings. A great way to turn a long-post into an interactive one is by adding Auto-Scroll feature.

Right Use of Online Tools For Creating Visually Attractive Content

If you are writing a Personal Blog, you should streamline your work as much as possible. How do you do it? You need to identify specific components of your work and identify which parts require most of your time. Once you know which parts of blog writing requires you to devote unnecessary hours, you should devise plans on how you can reduce it.

One solution can be to deploy tools to get better at them. Like many, you might spend unnecessarily long hours building media files such as videos and images. And if you have to make these media files for every blog you write, it’s time to use online tools that save you time.

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Such tools can be online video makers such as Animatron and Spark Adobe. You can make amazing Explainer videos using these tools. Similarly, every WordPress Blog needs stunning visuals to grab attention. If you were not adding a visually stunning feature image to blogs, its time you start doing that. And don’t panic, there are online tools such as Canva and befunky that give you ready-made templates for banners, feature image and so on.

Storytelling Needs To Be At The Heart of Your Content Strategy

Creating a blog post is easy but storytelling is not! Stories help you explain difficult topics easily. Also, it helps readers learn something in a fun way. At times building a story around a topic might seem like the easiest part of the job, and at other times it might seem outright impossible. For example, how do you incorporate a story into a tutorial or walkthrough content? One way to do it might be to identify all the possible issues one might face. Start by imagining the worst case scenario and slowly work your way through to the best possible outcome. After you have identified all the possible issues, introduce a simple character, paint a simple surrounding and write the blog as if you were solving the problems faced by that imaginary character.

But don’t go without proper planning. Make sure to start off answering the easiest problems and slowly move into the more difficult ones.

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Credit- fundersandfounders.com

The Rise of Chat Bots & Conversational Interface

2018 was the rise of chatbots. Live chat supports has become compulsory and even for managing reader query or engaging more frequently with your users- chatbot is the only answer.

No matter how comprehensive your content is, readers will always have queries. And when it comes to blogs, you are giving out a big collection of information that will naturally trigger a question in your reader’s minds. And what does it mean for you, it means you get to engage with your readers on a one-on-one basis. Anyone who ignores this opportunity will be making a mistake.

WordPress Blogging Trends In 2023 To Shape Your Content Strategy 5

People are creating conversational blog content and landing pages using amazing tools like Landbot. So if you want to make your blog engaging and stand out, it’s not difficult anymore.

And The Trending Blogging Tool For WordPress

WordPress is a powerful blogging tool and has its own Editor interface. But one thing WordPress Editor lacks is, it doesn’t have enough styling options. It’s simply because WordPress Editor was not built for styling and designing as much as it was designed for creating content.

Anyone who is familiar with the recent trends of online content knows how important design and styling is. Which brings us to a more pressing issue- the direct involvement of bloggers themselves in the final designing process. The exact tone of a blog that the blogger uses must reflect in the design of the blog post. The tone must be highlighted with appropriate fonts, color, background style, and graphics. But it is not that easy because usually there are multiple people involved in the publishing of a blog.

One group does the writing and the other does the designing. You can’t expect a blogger to be an expert in CSS, HTML language. Neither can you expect a web designer to be a spontaneous writer? So, what can be done to ensure the direct involvement of the blogger in the designing process? What is the solution to this gap?

Turn Your Blog Post Into Landing Page With Elementor

You must have heard about Elementor. It’s a drag and drop page builder which is not only let the blogger create content, but also lets them design. It’s so simple to use that anyone can master the basics of it overnight.

WordPress Blogging Trends In 2023 To Shape Your Content Strategy 6

Elementor lets you change the way you have been writing blogs with WordPress. Additionally, Elementor offers you a number of elements that can facilitate you in building vibrant blog-posts. These widgets are building blocks for a web-page. You can easily drag and drop the widgets into the page builder interface and start editing. And most importantly you can enjoy seamless blogging experience without having to write a single line of code. Creating a blog post that looks like landing page is the new trend but you don’t need a designer to create your one if you have Elementor.

Blogging Trends 2023-Wrap Up!

So, how many of the tricks do you think you would try in the coming year? Here is a quick summary of the trends. Firstly, you should push out some lengthy blogs with a view to stand out as Green Content, use Long-Tail Keywords. Secondly, use different online tools for producing different visual content. Thirdly, make use of storytelling in your blogs to keep the readers for a long time. Fourthly, start using Chatbots on your website. And last but not the least, give your blog post a makeover with Elementor.

Before we finish here is another easy yet effective tip for you, do not finish your blogs without giving one or two follow up readings to your readers. Don’t just leave them there. Tell them what should be the next step they take.?

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Editorial Staff

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