Use WordPress Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts Like a Pro To Increase Productivity

Shortcuts make life simpler. Gutenberg is no different. It has a wide array of Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts, ranging from Text Formatting to Block specific commands. Just imagine the amount of time you can save if you could accomplish certain tasks with a few button presses instead of a few mouse clicks. Once you know keyboard shortcuts to the most commonly used commands, you no longer have to take your fingers off the keyboard.

Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed Up & Manage Work Faster In WordPress Using Gutenberg keyboard Shortcuts

Gutenberg has been around for a long time now. If you have been using Gutenberg, it’s time to game up your performance by learning some quick Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts. That you can use every day for increased productivity. That’s because some use it as their complete content marketing site to promote their product having a website. You have to use multiple images, videos, texts, or other visual content types and make it style. 

If you consider using Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts for that over the mouse, you can then get rid of using the mouse in most cases. It will help you to save your time, increase your work speed, and manage your work even more effectively than before. Let’s find out the Gutenberg shortcuts in detail below!

Most Common Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts 

There are some generic keyboards shortcuts that you must have to use in a continuous process to manage your WordPress site. Suppose redo and undo, copy and paste, text formatting, adding and removing Links, show or hide the settings sidebar, and more. It differs a little when you are using different operating systems like Windows or Mac. Below you will get the overall keys you need on a daily basis to maintain your site using different browsers:   Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

Gutenberg Global Keyboard Shortcuts 

After knowing the generic or most common Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts, you will now know the global Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts that are used exactly for any specific commands. You can now easily manage your WordPress Gutenberg site exclusively by knowing and using these keyboard shortcuts. You can now Let’s get the full list below for Windows & Mac users that they can take immediate help from:  Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

Gutenberg Block Editor Shortcuts

Now, if you want to speed up your WordPress editor work, you must have to know the Gutenberg block editor managing shortcuts. That will help you to smoothen and fasten your daily work as a content marketer, website owner, developer, individual, or others who owns a complete site. Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

How To Moderate WordPress Comments Using Keyboard Shortcuts? 

You can now enable WordPress in-built keyboard shortcuts to moderate comments on your website. This is also one of the essential parts that you must have to know if you want to moderate your blog comments using keyboard shortcuts. 

You have to navigate to the WordPress dashboard wp-admin Users  Your Profile  Keyword Shortcuts. You have to enable and press the update keyword button to use keyboard shortcuts to moderate WordPress comments.Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

But there is one important part is that is if you manage your site by multiple users, then it has to be enabled by each user profile. Let’s check out all the essential keys below: Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

How To Create Your Own WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts?

You can even create your own keyboard shortcuts in WordPress by taking help from AutoHotkey. You can set up your scripts and macros to input the keyboard shortcuts you want using the programmer of AutoHotkey. That’s it, after that you can smoothen your work using your preferred hotkeys to manage your WordPress site in advance.Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

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Editorial Staff

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