How To Showcase Your WordPress Blog Content In A Post Grid Layout

Do you ever feel the necessity to display your WordPress Blogs or Pages in a Post Grid layout? You can solve this problem without inserting any line of coding by using Elementor and it’s ultimate library Essential Addons.

Posts Grids lets you organize your content by author names, pages, or products name showing by grid list. By using this you can easily rearrange your older posts with the latest one for your audience. Your visitor can easily view your previous or latest posts without manual searching. This is great to reach out to the desired people for whom you create the posts or your site’s content. 

This layout is one of the most popular ways to visualize the contents in the WordPress site, and EA Post Grid element comes with this blast!

posts grid elementor

Benefits of Post Grid To Display WordPress Site Contents

By using Post Grid, you can easily sort your previous and latest WordPress site content. It will help you to arrange your content in a grid form. You can also classify your content accordingly by author name or page title wise. So, your visitors can easily and quickly have a look at your latest or older posts in one panel. They don’t need to visit or search for the desired content manually. It removes the hassle for audiences who visit the site regularly or randomly. 

Therefore, It also takes less space than the traditional post showing ways on the site. It creates a pleasant view on-site for visitors. So, EA Post Grid element is present to enhance Elementor performance.

Popular Blog-Based Websites Using Post Grid 

Many popular blog based websites are using Post Grid element to show their contents on-site. Among them, TheTechJournal.com, Mashable.com, and TheVerge.com are using the Grid element widely in their blog site. Let’s see how it works for the Blog site! 

posts grid elementor

Here, The Tech Journal posts are being displayed by Post Grid element maintaining separate categories like Android or Apps, etc with a header like Recent.

See how beautifully The Verge blog site is representing their contents using Post Grid format. They are showcasing their individual types of blogs by author name.

In Mashable blog site, they also sort their contents by separate Categories with Title like What’s Rising or What’s Hot. Here they also reshuffle their blogs from the latest to older ones. All this works beautifully done by the Post Grid element.

In each category, they have shown their blogs using a grid layout. They also visualize their old content for their visitors. It gives an organized and well-managed look for the visitors. Where they can easily view their latest and older content in a structured list view and hold audience interest on site.

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How Grid Layout Help Visitors To View Posts 

If you use Essential Addons Post Grid element, you can easily organize your blog site like the above examples of popular blog-based sites. Let’s see how quickly and easily we can do that! You can organize blogs by EA Post Grid Content feature and this feature is divided into two parts Query and Layout settings. 

In Query, you can sort the blogs by categories or author names. When you write blogs, you set up different categories for separate Blogs. You can sort your article with that specific category. Even blog sites have lots of individual authors, sometimes you can feel the necessity of publishing the individual writer’s blog. You can easily do that by selecting the author’s name.

posts grid elementor

You can also reshuffle your older content by selecting a date from the Order By feature. It’s essential for blog sites to arrange their past content with the latest one. So that people can remember their older blogs with a newer one and up to date about their contribution.

posts grid elementor

In Layout Settings, you can select the number of columns to give an organized look to your blog contents. You can also enable or disable specific elements of blogs like the title, exert, or view the load more button to show all the blogs that are selected by the post per page features.

posts grid elementor

You can also style it by EA Post Grid Style feature. By using this, you can customize the entire content look by  Grid Style, Color & Typography, Hover Card Style, and the Load More Button Style. 

What More Can You Do With EA Post Grid?

Every Blog site visualizes its content with a proper Heading like the Most Popular Blogs or Latest Blogs. You can also do that by using a header element and use EA Post Grid to display your content in the grid form. At a glance, your visitors can find out what’s going on in your site. 

posts grid elementor

On the other hand, it’s a marketing strategy to showcase your least viewed content with a hot title to increase viewers of your site. Because people feel interested when they see a catchy title in a Grid layout. So, by using the EA Post Grid element you can easily do that and increase your least view content visitors. 

Wrapping Up

Post Grid is the only way to sort the blog list in the grid layout. Where visitors reach their desired content easily and quickly in one organized place with an eye-catching title. All in all, you can showcase your previous posts according to date. Like your older posts to newer one will be visible on-site by maintaining date. It’s important because every two-three months later, your recent posts are viewed most and the older blogs are badly ignored.

So, It’s important to reshuffle the older posts with the latest one to maintain the priority for all contents. Essential Addons for Elementor Post Grid element can help you out to rearrange your site content easily. If you want to showcase your E-commerce site products in Grid Layout, then our Essential Addons WooCommerce Product Grid element is available to ease your work! 

What are you waiting for? Try our EA Post Grid element and leave a comment below.

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