WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’ – Design Summit In Bangladesh

This weekend, Bangladeshi design enthusiasts gathered together at the ‘Artisanal Convergence’- the biggest designers gathering – which took place in the Venice of the East, Barishal. Organized by the Barishal Design Community, this was the first-ever major design event in the region and brought together the country’s most talented designers for a great celebration of design, creativity, and innovation. Dive right into our blog to recap the highlights of this amazing design summit. 

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’

WPDeveloper: The Proud Platinum Sponsor Of Artisanal Convergence

Team WPDeveloper is always actively involved in giving back to various communities and passionately tries to support community events and conferences whenever possible. We believe these contributions can make a huge difference in the growth of the communities, give a platform for seasoned professionals to connect and share experiences, and help newcomers to grow. 

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’

After sponsoring the ‘Design Summit 2022’, we are proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of Artisanal Convergence – the biggest gathering of designers from Bangladesh in 2023. Helping this event be a huge success gave us immense pleasure and pride. 

Our Amazing Experience With The Enthusiastic Crowd

As the Platinum Sponsor of the event, we brought some cool swags and surprise gifts for the participants. The WPDeveloper Fortune Wheel was a center of attraction for everyone who visited our booth. Visitors tried their luck to win our branded T-shirts, Sunglasses, Notebooks, Calendars, digital products, and all. They also got the chance to meet and have a quick chat with our team.

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence’

But not just that, we also hosted a fun and exciting giveaway contest at the Artisanal Convergence. So, our sponsor booth was fully crowded by enthusiastic participants throughout the day and we were happy to answer their queries and hand over our branded gifts and swags. 

Mahbub Shovan, one of our valued team members, also took the stage to address the crowd and introduce them to team WPDeveloper. He shared what WPDeveloper believes and envisions about the design community gatherings in Bangladesh, and presented how life is at WPDeveloper. 

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’

Along with him, another valued team member Nahid Hasan Tushar, handed over the gift voucher to our lucky Giveaway Contest winner. He was absolutely thrilled to win Templately 1-year free license from us – an absolute treasure for website designers.  

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’

Special Thanks To Barishal Design Community For The Successful Conference 

The design communities in Bangladesh are rapidly growing and the Barishal Design Community is one that has been most active in recent times. With their incredible bonds among the team members, they have made it possible to launch the mega-successful design conference that hosted not only designers but top-notch marketing and web development personas as well. 

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’

A huge shout out to the lead organizer, a popular face in the Bangladesh design community, Abdullah Noman, along with the other organizers for their dedication and work in bringing the designers around the country together at Barishal. We are also proud that one of our team members, Nabil Emon, was one of the lead organizers and actively worked to make this event happen. And last but not least, a big round of applause to the volunteers who have worked hard behind the scenes to make Artisanal Convergence a huge success.

Sneak Peak Of The Biggest Designers Gathering In Bangladesh

With 500 design enthusiasts around the country Artisanal Convergence was filled with amazing sessions from notable speakers. The design gurus of Bangladesh shared their knowledge with the crowd with entertaining and enlightening sessions. These sessions helped the participants to expand their design knowledge and got encouraged to level up their design skills

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’

The attendees also had the chance to get their portfolios reviewed by expert UX and UI designers from the community. Along with that, they got to grow their network and make connections with fellow designers around the country. Moreso, they also got the chance to ask the industry experts about the do’s and don’ts of UX and UI and hone their expertise. 

The Artisanal Convergence was filled with interactive sessions and quizzes throughout the day. For the attending designers and web enthusiasts, there were opportunities to win exciting gifts for correctly answering different design-related questions. Overall, the whole day was filled with knowledge-sharing opportunities and fun with the people around the whole Bangladeshi design professionals and enthusiasts. 

Crowd’s Favorite Session: Designing For Impact

One of the most popular faces in the Bangladeshi Design Community, Mamun Srizon, the Design System Manager of Upwork, delivered an enlightening talk on the subject of ‘Designing For Impact‘ at this event. Hosted by Shoaib Mahmud the Product Designer of Toptal, this was one of the crowd’s most favorite sessions. The participants were well informed and inspired by the talented and experienced speakers about the immense potential of design to create a meaningful impact.

WPDeveloper Sponsors ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’

🏆 Apply Now & Be Part Of Our Creative Design Team

For WPDeveloper, the main goal of sponsoring design conferences is to help in the growth of the Bangladeshi design communities. And as a global brand, we want to use the resources from our own country and put Bangladesh on the global map fostering innovation and creative design. Currently, we have a few openings for creative designer openings. If you are interested, you can apply and join our amazing team.

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