Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages

Establishing Online Presence is becoming more and more easy by the day. Every business should make itself available through different online platforms. Of course, Social Media Accounts are important, but having a separate Business Website is more effective.

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 1

Do you want to create a website for your Business?

It might not take more than a couple of hours before you can launch a complete website. Yes! It has become that easy with one-click install options and readily available website templates, you can launch a website overnight and without any coding knowledge. But before you launch your website it is also important to understand how it can benefit your business.

Separate Website vs Social Media Platforms

You should not confuse the effectiveness of Social Media Accounts with Business Websites. As a rule of thumb, Social Media Platforms are a great way to attract and reach out to a new audience and go for retention. On the other hand, Business Websites are a must for staying connected with your conventional customers.

Best Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Quora are all great platforms for promoting your business. I can name dozen more such platforms. They are all successful because they combine different marketing tools to promote their products/services. You will never run out of new methods of promoting your business through different Social Media Platforms. But every platform thrives on completely different types of interaction between users, which makes it more difficult to manipulate the different variables.

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 2

Why Create a Website for your Business?

On the other hand, a business website lets you present your services in your own way. You cannot control what people say on social media, and where they mention your business name, but you can use a business website to manipulate public perception about your business.

If you are planning on creating content on social media platforms, know that there will always be some limitations. For example, Twitter only lets you use 140 characters per tweet.  Youtube is a great platform for uploading videos, but you might fail to address certain customer issues through video content.  But if you are publishing content on your website you will never need to worry about what you can publish and in which manner.

Interestingly, content published on your website can be a great tool for increasing your followers on Social Media Platforms. Your audience can share your content on Social Media, which gives them a meaningful purpose to interact with other users.

According to a survey, 90% of customers said that online testimonials influence their buying decisions. You can take help from different listing websites to let your customers rate your service online. But you can also post testimonials on your Website, which is more effective.

Lastly, don’t think that only a high-end product/service company needs a business. Each and every contemporary customer have become accustomed to using the Internet and they have grown comfortable with it. Every business needs to act smart because they can expect their customers to do the same.

Currently, Website design has become an art. You can visit the Official website of Essential Phones to get the idea. You can learn more about different parts of a website and how you can recreate them with Essential Addons for Elementor.

Show up on Google!

Probably the most important reason for having a website is, it gives you a greater chance of showing up on Google Search results.

Benefits of a Website for Small Business


Customers like to do research before buying any product. And like searching for other things, they use Google. Google is currently the most widely used Search Engine. Know that posting on social media platforms is not going to get you in search results. But having a website has a greater chance of making it to the search results.

Internal Use

Using websites help both internal and external stakeholders. Many businesses use their website to recruit new employees. They usually let potential individuals open an account on the website and upload their CVs with other information. This data is stored on an offline database. This helps the HR manager tackle recruitment urgencies more effectively.

Let’s get down to Business

Now that you know why a Business Website is important, let’s learn about the overall structure of website-the different types of Web pages.

Home Page

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 3

This is the probably the very first page your visitors will see.

There are a couple of things a Home Page must ensure- Fast Loading and Elegant Style are a good starting point. A Home Page can influence how many leave the website within 5 seconds of arrival. For this reason, Home Pages are a must.

About Page

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 4

Most probably, this is the page most of your visitors will visit first after landing on your website. You can include your contact information on this page along with details about the services you provide.

If you have a single- author website, you should name it About Me. And if you have a business blog, name it About Us. You can quote some information from the Corporate Charter on this page, like missions, visions, and your goals.

Contact Page

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 5

You can include your contact information on About Page, or use a separate webpage for doing so. You can include all your contact information on Contact Page. A Contact Page helps your stakeholders easily learn how to connect with you.

Contents of a Contact Page include contact forms, email-address, phone number, Business location maps, social media accpunts.

Privacy Policy Page

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 6

On this page, you need to describe what information you collect from your website and for what purpose they are used for. You might feel the need to use Google AdSense for your website, if this is the case, you must include a privacy policy page on your website.

Product/Service Page

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 7

If you are using an e-commerce website, you need a product page for listing your catalog. It helps your customers make their purchase decision more easily. If you use an e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce, the plugin will automatically create a listing page for you. But otherwise, you need to create one separately if needed.

FAQ Page

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 8

No matter how detailed your website is, you can always expect a moderate number of your customers emailing you with a query. But it can kill a lot of productive hours. To solve this issue you can include an FAQ page on your website. this page will contain answers to all the possible queries your customers might seek answers to.

Blog Page

Benefits of A Website for Small Business & Essential Web Pages 9

Every website must post new blogs addressing different issues. A blog page is different from other pages of a website. It lists all the blogs on a website published. think of it as a catalog of blogs. Don’t be relieved after launching a website. You should also ensure that you are posting new and relevant blog content on your website in order to drive more traffic to your website.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know what are the essential pages for every Website, let me equip you with the tools to recreate such pages. Here is a blog that will help you recreate distict parts of a WebPage using Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor. 

That should be it! Please comment if you face any trouble or need answers to any query.

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