Best WordPress Documentation Plugins To Manage Your Knowledge Base

An organized Documentation page is always helpful to understand your content properly. It creates a great impact when you are dealing with several products and services especially in the technical field. Customers can easily understand how to manage their products by following the step by step guide of online documentation. This technical content can go through videos, images, lists and other media that also reduce the need for support help. If you get to know the best documentation plugins that would maintain your Knowledge Base site in advance to ensure customer satisfaction by encouraging self-servicing to scale your helpdesk workload. Here, you will get to know what would fit for creating and maintain your Knowledge Base documentation site.

best documentation plugins for knowledge base in wordpress

Choose The Right Knowledge Base Solution

What you should consider first to choose the best documentation plugin? This seems very difficult to answer in an instance. And in this blog, you will get along with it to get the best answer for your concern. The main purpose of the documentation site relies on describing your product features, services, and customer’s random queries. You should explain it in a way that your customer can feel that you are giving them the top priority. You care about their problems and ensure their satisfaction.

For that reason, you should go with a solution that will not only organize your documentation in one place securely but maintain your repository with the automation process. You can give your customers the comfort to take instant help from the self-service that will also reduce the support tickets. So in one package, you can manage your all documentation and reduce your helpdesk pressure on the spot.

So without giving any further intro, let’s give you a brief about the latest best WordPress Documentation Plugins to quickly create and manage your documentation site to explore your user experience by getting an advanced one!


BetterDocs is the latest best WordPress documentation Plugin developed by WPDeveloper. WPDeveloper already has its huge user base of over 400,000. Including their other exclusive plugins, they develop BetterDocs to facilitate their huge user base to maintain a well-organized documentation site with ease. It will help you to build and run your Knowledge Base without any hassle. Also, it’s easily compatible with any kind of WordPress theme. You can now have this amazing plugin with an APPSumo deal of $49 to get it’s all exclusive features and functions at an affordable price.

documentation plugin WordPress

BetterDocs offers you a free version that comes with an amazing in-built documentation page with an advanced search option. You can easily customize it with shortcodes and widgets. It comes with an advanced drag & drop builder to organize your documents beautifully from the dashboard with ease. You will get the full authority to change the entire outlook of your documentation site. Besides that with an exclusive Table of Content (TOC) feature can automatically add your content headers to create a TOC layout on your every documentation that would help your visitors to know what you are mentioning at a glance. So you don’t have to bother for any manual creation. You can also track and measure customer impressions on your documentation site with Analytics. This will surely improve your performance to ensure the best customer service with the help of a well-organized Knowledge Base documentation plugins.

documentation plugin WordPress

On the other hand, if you want your customer Instant Answer support in your documentation site, this can also happen with its pro version. You will get this advanced feature with a feedback form that your site visitors can directly give their opinions on your document. You can add it for the entire site or for each content and more.

WP Help

documentation plugin WordPress

WP Help will help you out to create and manage your documentation page with ease. Admins can easily edit, update or rearrange your technical documentation site. This is effective for multisite use or services including a large number of clients. Online Documentation will then update automatically through multiple sites and improve navigation and functionality.


documentation plugin WordPress

Documentation plugin will add a layer of management to your site. It is more compatible with WooCommerse. You can customize your page or site design with shortcodes including several widgets support. You can easily create a dedicated documentation site and subsite to align with multisite networks or other creative deployments.


Documentor will let their users create, customize and decorate the Knowledge Base page or site with various styles. You can make a technical content site very quickly by this documentation plugin. It is very effective for beginners to organize their documentation page. It will by default let you embed documentation files on your website.


Best WordPress Documentation Plugins To Manage Your Knowledge Base 1

BasePress allows you to create multiple Knowledge Base for your separate products and services. You can easily maintain your documentation by dividing them into specific categories. It adapts to all types of devices and gives your Documentation site a professional look.


WP KnowledgeBase

documentation plugin WordPress

With the help of WP KnowledgeBase documentation plugin, you can easily create your online professional Knowledge Base site. You can easily edit, rearrange and customize it. It is compatible with any theme. You can drag & drop your custom ordering of articles and categories.

Knowledge Base for Documents & FAQs

documentation plugin WordPress

Knowledge Base for Documents & FAQs is a professional documentation plugin for WordPress users. You can quickly create, manage and design your technical documentation, articles or FAQs with its predefined layouts and styles. It is compatible with any type of theme. You can create multiple Knowledge Base for separate products and services and easily organize it.

Final Thoughts

Briefly, you get an overall idea about the best WordPress Documentation plugins to create and maintain your Knowledge Base. You can consider any of them to get your job done. Most importantly different types of organizations can analyze their advanced features and easily take a decision.

Now you can try out the plugins to fulfill your desire. Let us know your experience by commenting below and get engaged.

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