How to Beta Test WordPress Core & Why You Should Do It

WordPress beta versions allow WordPress’s creators to share an impending release with developers and beta testers before it is published to the general public. WordPress may gather vital input from the individuals who use it the most this way. When you beta test WordPress core, you can find various bug issues as well as numerous compatibility fixes for free. Follow our guide on how can you easily beta test WordPress core version. 

Beta Test WordPress

Basic Fundamentals: What Is WordPress Core?

The phrase “WordPress core” refers to all of the basic files required for a WordPress website to function. WordPress core is the zip file that you get from WordPress.org.

You can accomplish the following with core WordPress files:

  • Navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Posts and pages can be added and edited.
  • Control users
  • Add tags and categories, upload media files, and delete content
  • Allow people to remark and comment on embedded videos… and much more
Beta Test WordPress

How To Download & Install WordPress Core?

You have two options for downloading and installing WordPress core.

The lengthier, more personalized method of manually downloading WordPress allows you to adjust the installation to the specific demands of your site before you begin building it.

The second option for downloading and installing WordPress is a one-click solution, which most WordPress providers offer for free. This is the simplest approach, but it may leave you with more work in the future.

To use the customized download and install option, you must first have:

  • Use of a server. There is no way to host your website without one.
  • A text editor like Atom or Coda.
  • An FTP program (FileZilla works great)

What Is WordPress Beta Version?

Before every new version of WordPress is released, developers and beta testers are given access to a beta version. This beta version allows developers and testers to test a forthcoming release and report any flaws or problems they find. WordPress beta versions often include features that are slated for release, although this is not always the case. Certain features or plugins that are included in the beta version may not make it to the final release.

Beta Test WordPress

The last major WordPress update of 2022! WordPress 6.1 includes a ton of interesting new features. It is named “Misha” after the Soviet-Norwegian jazz pianist Mikhail “Misha” Alperin.

Prepare to experience some interesting updates to the block editor, templates, and default theme, Twenty Twenty-Three, with this big new WordPress version.

Reasons Why You Should Beta Test WordPress Core

That being said, there may be features included in a new release that was not there in the beta version. Before minor and major WordPress releases, beta versions are always made accessible.

Check Compatibility With Themes & Plugins

There are several reasons why you should become a WordPress beta tester. To begin with, whenever WordPress publishes a new version, you may be concerned about how it will interact with the themes and plugins that you have installed.

Whatever theme you pick, you should stay on top of things and ensure a seamless upgrade by testing any new version of WordPress on a staging or local website. Using a staging site allows you to test how your theme, vital plugins (such as WooCommerce), and other critical features (such as online forms) will interact without worrying about breaking your live site.

Beta Test WordPress

Monitor Performance & Responsiveness On Browsers

Second, it’s a great method to test for bugs across all screen sizes, browsers, and devices. After all, not everyone on an iPhone uses Chrome. With so many people receiving their content via smaller devices and smaller displays, it’s a good idea to test these regions to see if there’s an issue, particularly with how sites load on each device.

Get Valuable Feedback From Users

Finally, WordPress needs feedback not only from developers but also from regular WordPress users. It assists WordPress developers in understanding how their software is handled by users who are not necessarily highly tech-savvy. Second, testing should be conducted by users of various native languages. After all, WordPress is available in over 160 languages, so individuals who do not understand English should be able to join.

Guide: How To Easily Beta Test WordPress Core 

WordPress may be beta-tested in a variety of ways. The first method to beta test WordPress core is to employ the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. The second alternative is to choose a hosting company that allows you to select beta versions of WordPress when installing a new site, whether live or staging.

Step 1: Install The Beta Tester Plugin From WordPress

Navigate to Plugins → Add New. In the WordPress repository, look for the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Activate the plugin. 

Beta Test WordPress

After that, go to Tools → Beta Testing to set up the plugin.

Beta Test WordPress

You can choose between point release and bleeding edge in the plugin’s core settings. Point Release is the most stable of the two options. It comprises all of the work that is now in the final phases of production for the most recent release.

Note: Those who want to know if their theme or plugins will work with the latest version of WordPress should go with the point release.

How to Beta Test WordPress Core & Why You Should Do It 1

Nightlies will be your sole choice by default. But you have to choose Beta/RC Only to beta test WordPress core. This implies that the beta version of WordPress will be updated on a daily basis with the most recent fixes and improvements. After you’ve chosen your choice, click Save Changes to beta test WordPress core.

Beta Test WordPress

After you’ve saved your preferences, it’s time to upgrade WordPress. Before starting, please ensure that you have a backup of your site’s files and database. To update, go to the WordPress admin panel and select Updates. Then, click Update to the most recent 6.1 updates version. This will install the most recent fairly stable beta version of WordPress (depending on the core settings you chose in the last section).

Step 2: Use Any Hosting Provider Available Or Any Staging Site

There is an alternate method to beta test WordPress core version. Some hosting companies, such as Pressable, allow you to select the most recent beta version of WordPress from the hosting panel. This is a quick and easy way to install the most recent version and immediately roll back to a more stable one if necessary. Pressable, for example, features a convenient drop-down menu from which you may select several variants.

Also, you can beta test WordPress core from a staging site or a local site. The process will be exactly the same as mentioned above. So you don’t have to worry about losing any of your important files. 

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