Create a “Meet The Team” Page for Your Business Using Elementor (Under 5 Minutes)

You don’t want to present your Website as a faceless online entity, do you? That’s why every Business Website, regardless of the industry it belongs to, must include a Meet The Team Page.

Create a "Meet The Team" Page for Your Business Using Elementor (Under 5 Minutes) 1

Often the people working in a Company are equally important as the Company itself. And if you avoid introducing your Team members through your website, you are making a big mistake.

What Goes Into A Meet The Team Page?

So what exactly do you include in a Meet The Team Page? Firstly, you must include the name of the employees right beside their picture. Secondly, you can include the designation of that employee. Lastly, you should always include their Social Media Account links. Sounds like too much work right?

What is the solution? How about a ready-made template that includes the Header & Footer panels and some other commonly used Web-Page elements to complement the ‘Meet The Team Page’. And most importantly, a standardized Team Member card, which will have separate sections for inserting employee information such as Name, Designation, and Picture. This way we can fill up multiple of these Team Member cards with minimal effort. Elementor gives us both. It gives us Team Member Blocks as well as Team Member Cards. Let’s get started then.

Create A “Meet The Team” Page

Open your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Pages>Add New.

Meet The Team Page

Create a New Page “Meet The Team” and hit the Save button.

Meet The Team Page

At last hit the Edit with Elementor button.

Using Team Blocks

Once you are inside the Elementor Editor open the Template Library. Remember there is no separate Team Member Page Template on Elementor, however, there are Team Member Blocks. Open the Elementor Template Library and navigate to Blocks>Team.

Meet The Team Page

There is only a handful of Team Blocks to choose from. Let’s pick a Block.

Meet The Team Page

We can see that the entire Block is actually a combination of three Columns. Each column has three elements divided across three rows. The elements used in each of the three Columns are given below-

  1. Image Box.
  2. Divider.
  3. Social Icons.

Editing the Image Box

Hover your mouse over the Image section of the column and click on the Pencil Icon.

Meet The Team Page

Clicking on the Pencil Icon will open the Content Tab.

Meet The Team Page

01-Select an Image for the Team Member.

02-Specify an Image Size.

03-Type in the name of the Team Member.

04-Type in the Designation.

Now let’s move on to editing the next element-Divider.

Editing the Divider

Hover your mouse between the Image and Text elements. Once you find the Divider element hover your mouse over its edge and click on the little Pencil icon.

Meet The Team Page

01-Use the drop down to pick a Divider Style for the Divider.

02-Adjust the Weight.

03-Pick a Color.

04-Adjust the Width.

05-Adjust the gap you want on either side of the Divider.

Editing the Social Icons

You can see four Social Media accounts under each Team Member Profile. Once you click on the Social Icons element, you will see 4 Cards listed under the Content>Social Icons tab.

Meet The Team Page

Each of these Social Media cards has two customization fields.

01- Select an Icon for the Social Media.

02-Paste the Link to the Social Media Account.

Meet The Team Page

So, now that we have adjusted all three elements lets move on to the next task. One important reminder, once you are done with creating the Page hit the Publish button.

Add Meet the Team Page to your Website’s Menu

Now you have to add your “Meet the Team Page” to your Website’s Main Menu. Go back to the WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Appearnace>Customize.

Meet The Team Page

Go to Menus.

Meet The Team Page

From the Main Menu tab click on the Add Items button. This will open a new side-tab. From the side-tab select the ‘Meet the Team” page.

Meet The Team Page

Once you are done, hit the Publish button sitting at the top. And that’s it. All work has been done. Now visit your Website, you should see ‘Meet the Team” Page listed in the Main Menu of your Website.

Wrapping Up!

So if we summarize the entire process, first we picked a nice Team Block from the Elementor Template Library. Secondly, we adjusted the Block. And lastly, we came out of the Elementor Editor and added the ‘Meet the Team” page to the Website’s Main Menu. The process should not take more than 5 mins. Please let us know if you find any difficulty following the instructions is given in this blog. That should be it from this blog. Please let us what new Elementor element you want to learn. 

Bonus: Team Members Carousel (Pro)

If you are looking for something more advanced and modern looking, then you can consider the team members carousel element. It is available with the Pro version of Essential Add-ons for Elementor. It works just like the team members elements. Simply drag and drop the element on your page, add team member photos, social links, description, etc.

Create a "Meet The Team" Page for Your Business Using Elementor (Under 5 Minutes) 2

Creating a team page for your WordPress site is very easy, thanks to Elementor and Essential Add-ons plugin. You can create various types of team pages using these tools and make sure your website looks interesting enough or your visitors and also your team.

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