How Geolocation Based Sales Notifications Can Help You Boost Conversion Rates

Imagine browsing through a website and coming across the following message “Someone from ‘Your Area’ has just purchased this product-x”? Well, it would immediately grab your attention and it will lead to you showing some interest. Eventually, you are more likely to buy the same product as well. That’s how influential geolocation based sales notification alerts can really be.

Now, you might be wondering how to do so, right? By using NotificationX PRO, you can easily create remarkable geolocation-based notification alerts within a few minutes and boost your conversion rate.

How Geolocation Based Sales Notifications Can Help You Boost Conversion Rates 1

Significance of Geolocation Based Notification Alerts

Over the years, FOMO Marketing approach has completely taken over the entire business. Since it creates massive urgency & scarcity among site visitors, people are turning their heads into using this amazing technique. By showing who are purchasing your products or signing up for your newsletter, you are able to attract an entirely new set of audience and increase your conversion rate as a result.

Why just stop there? By displaying the location of your users, it can massively influence to get new clients from a certain region. Because of seeing conversions from the same geographic location, people would feel the connection and would find your business a bit more trustworthy. They might feel like it’s something useful and wouldn’t want to miss out on the trend as well. Besides, your visitors would be aware that your services and products are available in their areas as well.

Hence, they are likely to show faithfulness and end up buying from you. This is how geolocation based notification alerts can add some much-needed credibility to your website and target a certain set of users based on their regions.

How to Show Geolocation Based Sales Notification Alerts with NotificationX?

With the introduction of NotificationX PRO, you can now effortlessly create stunning geolocation-based notification alerts with just a few clicks. It comes with the amazing user-interface that lets you choose a different type of notification types. As a result, by using this plugin, you can increase the engagement or conversion rate on your WordPress website with absolute ease.

Pick an Amazing Location-based Notification Template

As of right now, NotificationX gives you an amazing opportunity to add the location on 3 types of notification alerts: Sales Notification, Comments & Email Subscription. So, if you are planning to showcase any of these popups, you can simply go ahead and choose the geolocation template from the ‘Design’ section.

geolocation based notification alerts

Freedom to Modify the Notification Content

In terms of Content, you have the flexibility to pick either the city or country of your users. Thus, your site visitors would be aware of the region from where most people are participating. Depending on the notification type, you can make changes for the other sections of the content.

geolocation based notification alerts

Endless Customization Options

On the other hand, you will have complete power over how you can the notification popup to display on the site. You can dictate where you want it to come and target your audience based on that. Most impressively, you are able to simply customize the geolocation based sales notification alerts any way you want & launch it.

geolocation based notification alerts

After you have finished configuring all the settings as per your requirements, you would be able to see your geolocation based notification alerts live in action on your website.

geolocation based notification alerts

Final Thoughts

Briefly, it can be highly influential to get more users by showcasing geolocation based sales notification alerts on your website. With the help of NotificationX PRO, you are able to easily implement this on your WordPress site without any hassle and grow your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you get started with NotificationX and share your experience with us?



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