5 Reasons That Knowledge Base Reduce Support Work Load

Before buying any online product, customers make general queries on support to know more details. But after having it, they need proper guidance to get over any technical issues. Also, getting the same queries that kill both the time and energy of the helpdesk team to reply to it back. It’s especially most effective for Tech-savvy business. A well managed and organized Knowledge Base page will help you and your users to take an instant action to solve their problem. You just have to maintain your technical documentation page with updates to engage more users. It will eventually encourage them for self-servicing with advanced search.

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5 Reasons Knowledge Base Reduce HelpDesk Support

In Knowledge Base, you will get step by step guidelines of your arsing issues. It will consist of screenshots, video files, a brief text, and related content links. By this, your users can solve their problem immediately by following the instructions of each documentation. Here, you will learn about the 5 main reasons that you need a technical content site to reduce your support workload.

24/7 Support With Advanced Search

Whenever customers feel any major or minor issues using your products, they will try to reach you out at that time. Even you have your roster shift support team instead of that they have to deal with multiple users at a time. It creates an inconvenient situation for users and helpdesk team. So for this reason, research says 82%  of support ticket reduces if you divert your audience to your well-organized Knowledge Base. Because people get their exact solution in one place with the repository of information. Technical content power relies upon there. They get 24/7 support with the advanced search without creating any helpdesk ticket and avoid long conversation.

Effective Training Tool For Internal Employees & Customers

Knowledge Base helps customers to take faster action to solve their problems with a proper walkthrough. For instance, an organized technical content site would be helpful both for customers and internal employees. It encourages both to take instant help by self-servicing. After appointing a trainee, you need to train them up to learn details about your product and services first. A well managed technical documentation site can also help them to deal with your customers for future interaction.

Reactive to Proactive Customer Support

You must have to focus on a proactive customer support approach. All the technical issues need to solve before your customer gets to know it. Also to create a store of important information for your providing products and services. Knowledge Base connects your those active users to know more details about your product after purchasing it. Thus it works as a booster to create a strong seller-buyer relationship and build trust. Besides that, an updated documentation page can also help your potential buyer to take the ultimate decision of purchasing your products on the spot.

Minimize Long Conversation With Help Resources

After having a long conversation over the phone or support desk, you are not at all clear about product setup or an arising technical problem. It won’t enlighten you with a proper solution. But proper technical documentation can help you out with Step by step method. You can quickly get helped and solve the problem.

Rank Higher Using Documentation SEO

As you earlier know in detail that documentation site works as a powerful store of all technical information. Your customers can easily find their exact solution in one place without taking anyone’s help. But Knowledge Base also works great in search engines. For that reason, your customers don’t need to go to the website all the time to solve their problems. They can find out their solution with a direct search over search engines. So, it helps your customers effectively to take faster decisions. Eventually, it reduces support workload and encourages self-servicing for the consumer.

Get A Perfect Knowledge Base Solution Using BetterDocs

After knowing the Power of Knowledge Base, you might think of getting a perfect solution to build your Knowledge Base. Don’t feel worried! Now BetterDocs can help you out with its exclusive features and in-build amazing documentation template. It will organize and manage your documentation site with an advanced search to guide your customer to find the right solution just by typing a character on the panel.

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Instead of that, you will get a premade Table of Content (TOC) with the sticky one to make it more user-friendly for your visitors. It would be on the TOC when you add the category for your particular content. Your customers can take a look at the sidebar to check out other documents that might be related to the issue they are solving.

knowledge base BetterDocs

What if you get a great or bad response from your clients. How you are going to measure without any stats? BetterDocs align with Analytics to help you to analyze and evaluate your customer performance towards Knowledge Base. In one plugin, you are having all the best-updated features that would help you to build and manage your technical content with ease. You can check out the BetterDocs Documentation to know more about installing and usage methods.

Final Thoughts

The above discussion is making the matter very clear why you have to build a Knowledge Base. It’s an entire place that works as storage that includes all resources about your products and services. Why don’t you explore your experience to give a try with BetterDocs? And don’t get hesitate to share your opinion with us by commenting below!

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