[NEW] SchedulePress 4.1.0 : Now Schedule From Elementor Editor

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could directly schedule from Elementor editor? This is now possible if you use SchedulePress to manage your WordPress posts. Introducing SchedulePress 4.1.0 – it will now let you schedule WordPress posts and pages from Elementor editor.

schedule from elementor

SchedulePress Is Now Fully Elementor Compatible 🥳

Elementor is the most popular website builder available in WordPress repository with 5 million+ active users. With this website builder, you can create website pages effortlessly without coding. 

To help make WordPress content scheduling even easier for millions of Elementor users, SchedulePress works with Elementor editorr. Before the release of SchedulePress 4.1.0, users didn’t have any option to schedule WordPress posts & pages from Elementor editor. So scheduling posts was not an option for Elementor users. 

Let’s take a look at what SchedulePress 4.1.0 offers with its new Elementor compatibility.

Schedule Posts From Elementor Editor Panel:

If you want to schedule WordPress post or page that is created from Elementor editor panel, then this feature is for you! You can directly schedule posts from Elementor using SchedulePress 4.1.0. You can also set the date from the same place. 

schedule from elementor

Republish WordPress Posts From Elementor:

Suppose you are planning to republish a post on your WordPress site that you have already posted. In this case, this feature of SchedulePress 4.1.0 will come handy. Now that SchedulePress is Elementor compatible, you can set a republish date from the editor panel, and SchedulePress will take care of it automatically.

schedule from Elementor

Unpublish Posts From Elementor Editor Panel: 

If you need to unpublish a WordPress post after a certain period of time, like a campaign page, or a promotional blog, then you don’t have to unpublish posts manually. All you have to do is set the unpublish date for your posts while scheduling them from the Elementor editor panel.

schedule from elementor

Apart from these stunning new Elementor compatibility features, other mentionable updates from SchedulePress 4.1.0 are minor bug fixing and improvements.

Quick Guide: How To Schedule Posts From Elementor?

This easy-to-implement, quick guide will help you to do that. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Get SchedulePress 4.1.0 On Your WordPress Site

If it’s the first time you are getting SchedulePress for your WordPress website, then go to the ‘Plugin tab. From there install and activate SchedulePress. Make sure your plugin is updated to SchedulePress 4.1.0.

schedule from elementor

Step 2: Create A Post Or Page From Elementor Editor Panel

Now, go to ‘Page’ if you want to create a web page, and go to ‘Post’ if you want to publish any post. Now open Elementor editor panel and design your WordPress posts. Don’t forget to explore all the options for customization in Elementor.

schedule from elementor

Step 3: Schedule From Elementor Editor

After that, it’s time to schedule from Elementor editor panel. Besides the ‘Publish’ button from Elementor editor panel, you will find the ‘SchedulePress’ icon. By clicking the button, a popup will appear. From there you can easily schedule from Elementor.

schedule from elementor

Step 4:  Republish Or Unpublish WordPress Posts From Elementor

If you want to republish or unpublish any of the published posts or pages, then open that page. Now click on the ‘SchedulePress’ icon, beside the ‘Publish’ button. From the popup, set the unpublish and republish date. After making the changes, click on the ‘Update’ button.

schedule from elementor

This is how easily you can schedule from Elementor, at the same time republish and unpublish WordPress content smoothly. If you need assistance, then communicate with the dedicated support team.

Manage Your WordPress Posts In Elementor With SchedulePress 

SchedulePress is an all-in-one platform for managing and scheduling WordPress posts. The new release of SchedulePress 4.1.0 enables users of Elementor to schedule posts more interactively. Apart from scheduling from Elementor, other notable stunning features of SchedulePress are mentioned below: 

⭐ Schedule calendar with drag & drop facility to publish & unpublish posts

⭐ Share posts automatically on popular social media platforms by integrating them 

⭐ Schedule posts manually or automatically according to an individual time span

⭐ Take care of missed schedule posts & reschedule them instantly, and the list goes on.


We are excited to hear your experiences and thoughts about this new update with SchedulePress 4.1.0. Do share your opinion via comments or by joining our Facebook community. And to keep yourself updated with the latest SchedulePress news and releases, subscribe to our blog today.



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