Introducing WP Scheduled Posts 3.0 As SchedulePress: Revamped Design & Exciting New Features

Today, we are very excited to introduce WP Scheduled Posts as SchedulePress which is completely revamped and rebranded at the latest. It offers you a complete overhaul design, a user-friendly interface, and exciting new features.

Because ever since we have released WP Scheduled Posts the response we have received has been nothing short of overwhelming. As always, it has inspired us to do something remarkable and bring something incredible for all our userbase. That actually inspired us to rebrand this advanced content planning tool of WordPress as SchedulePress.


As an author, you would always search for a suitable tool to make effective content planning. Managing all your blogs in one place has always been a dream for every content marketer. SchedulePress has managed to make this into a complete reality for all WordPress users. With over 8,000 active users, it is rapidly growing to even smoothen the content scheduling process. We are expecting the new version is going to completely revolutionize how you have been dealing with your content planning.

What’s New In The Latest SchedulePress Update?

The main goal behind the SchedulePress release was to make it even simpler, more user-friendly, and flexible. Hence, the new & improved version of the plugin brings an entirely new dashboard design. Users will now have the freedom to configure all the settings from one place. Schedule Calendar mechanism and layout has been tweaked to provide the best user experience. Besides, it’s now 100% compatible with the Classic Editor. So, even if you are switching back from Gutenberg Editor, you won’t face any issue to schedule your content.

Regarding SchedulePress PRO, both auto, manual schedule features have been enhanced with a new interface so that you can easily start your content planning. The missed schedule handler is now just a click away from activation. Above all, the most notable addition to this release has to be the addition of Social Share Integration. As a result, you no longer have to rely on additional tools to automatically share your scheduled content on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest multiple social profiles & groups.

Stunning New Dashboard Interface

We have totally revamped the Dashboard structure of SchedulePress. The main approach behind our new design was to make it simple & easy to use. The new Dashboard now comes up with a tabbed design layout so you will be able to configure everything from one place. The Settings panel has introduced the toggle switch option so that you can easily play around and keep the features you want. Most importantly, you can save a lot of your precious time as you no longer have to go back and forth for configurations.


Improved Scheduled Posts List With Pagination

Do you have lots of posts scheduled? Well, don’t worry. With the new improved design, you can now check out the list of contents you have scheduled in the admin bar in an impressive layout. The pagination option has been introduced so it won’t look clattered regardless of how many blogs you have planned. As a result, you can be aware of your content planning with a simple glance.

WP Scheduled Posts

Revamped Schedule Calendar- Enhanced Visualization

With the introduction of SchedulePress new Schedule Calendar, you can check out every content you have planned in your queue at a simple glance. The new interface is going to ease the way you have been dealing with the Editorial Calendar. By using its amazing drag & drop feature, you can effortlessly move your content from one date to another and change its status.

The long-awaited collapse option has been added if you have a large number of posts scheduled for a particular day. Due to its one-click setup, the revamped Schedule Calendar is going to massively boost your productivity. Overall, it’s going to help you schedule your content months in advance and keep a consistent strategy.

WP Scheduled Posts

Manage Schedule From One Place

With the new release, you will have your hands on the much improved and user-friendly UI to manage all your schedules from one place. Because of its simplicity, even if you are a newbie, you won’t have to spend any time getting started quite easily. By just turning on the toggle, your preferred Scheduling option will be activated.

The amazing new interface lets you easily choose your preferred time slots and smooths your content planning strategy. Most impressively, you can prevent your contents from ever go missing by activating Missed Schedule handler with just one click. The interface of both Auto and Manual scheduler has been enhanced as well to improve user experience as well.


Integrations with Social Media Platforms

SchedulePress PRO offers integrations with popular social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. What it means is that you can now schedule your content and they will be automatically shared on your social platforms. All you have to do is to connect with your Facebook or Twitter account and you will be all set to go. The most intriguing thing is that you no longer need to use additional third-party plugins to share your blog posts on your social media accounts.

Oh, wait. There’s MORE! SchedulePress also gives you the flexibility to modify how your shared content will appear on your social media platforms. You will have complete control over the template and modify it any way you want. Pretty impressive, right?


Endorsement From Our Amazing Customers

We feel absolutely privileged to have an incredible community of over 8,000 users for SchedulePress. Without your constant love & support, we wouldn’t have come this far.  Still not convinced enough? Let’s have a look at what our clients are saying about us:

Wrapping Up

In case you haven’t yet started with SchedulePress, this will just be the perfect time for you to try it out. Our plan is to release even more exciting features over the coming months. So, you can definitely get your hopes up. Don’t forget to share your feedback on what you think about this new SchedulePress.

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