Twenty Twenty-Four Theme: Overview, Features, Pros & Cons, And More

Twenty Twenty-Four Theme is a brand-new addition to the block theme arena for WordPress users. This theme was released by WordPress.org on November 7, 2023. In only 20 days, as of November 27, 2023, this theme has been installed on 100,000+ websites!

So what’s new with this brand new WordPress theme? If you have landed here to get a comprehensive overview, learn of the features, the pros & cons, the suitability, and more about the recently released Twenty Twenty-Four theme, you are in the right place. 

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After the end of reading this blog, you will get a comprehensive idea of the following: 

I. What does the Twenty Twenty-Four theme offer?
II. What is special about this theme? The key features of the theme.
III. Who is this theme for? Is it for you? 
IV. What are the requirements to use this theme? What is the installation process? And more. 

So, as we dive into the details with this complete guide – get your coffee, find a seat, and keep reading.

Twenty Twenty-Four Theme: A Quick Overview

Twenty Twenty-Four Theme came as a default featured theme released on the same date as the WordPress 6.4 release. This theme is designed in a way that suits users from different walks of life perfectly. 

This theme offers a variety of templates and patterns that will be helpful for business owners, bloggers, photographers, and artists to present any work seamlessly. This theme lets you use all the blocks of Gutenberg Block Editor, along with the Site Editor

It does not matter what niche you are going to make a website on, you should be able to do that by playing with the color, typography, patterns, and style variations and that is what this theme lets you do. As the Site Editor will help you customize the key components of any page, your site-building experience with this theme will definitely be great. 

Twenty Twenty-Four Theme Overview

So, if you want to get the best of WordPress 6.4 which comes with dozens of new features and tools for hassle-free website creation, you should give the Twenty Twenty-Four theme a try.

The Requirements To Use Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress Theme

There are certain prerequisites to use the Twenty Twenty-Four theme on your WordPress website. Initially, your website should run with WordPress version 6.4 or above, and PHP version 7.0 and above. 

Then, you will require the Gutenberg plugin installed on your website to access the Site Editor and default blocks. Make sure you have these requirements fulfilled to start using the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. 

How To Install The Twenty Twenty-Four Theme 

To install the Twenty Twenty-Four theme on your WordPress website, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Log in to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to Appearance >> Themes. Click on the “Add New Theme” Button.

here is how to install the twenty twenty four theme

Step 2: Type “Twenty Twenty-Four” in the “Search themes…” field on the top-right of the page. Once you find the Twenty Twenty-Four theme in the search result, click on the “Install” and “Activate” buttons respectively.

here is how to activate the twenty twenty four theme

Key Features of Twenty Twenty-Four Theme

Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme is loaded with the necessary features for building a modern website. Below are some of the features that make the theme stand apart from the crowd. 

Custom Templates 

Twenty Twenty-Four theme comes up with multiple custom page templates such as Page no Title, Page with Sidebar, and Page with Wide Image. Using these templates you can create a standard page with no title, display page content with a sidebar on the right, and present a featured image with page title and content on the left and right respectively. 

Template Parts

There are different template parts featured in the Twenty Twenty-Four theme for the footer and header section of your website. It enables you to explore the different variants for replacing a certain template part.

Block Patterns

If you use Block Patterns, you can easily save a lot of time during layout creation. If you do not know what patterns are, well, they are predesigned blocks with replaceable text and media content. While creating a page or post on your website, you can get help from the Block Patterns to accelerate your task. You can easily use these block patterns for quick FAQs, call-to-action, and more. 

Block patterns demo in Twenty Twenty-Four Theme

Site Editor 

The Site Editor is an editor that lets you customize every part of your website. Be it header, footer, body content, or whatever, you can edit any of these with it. The site editor on the WordPress website uses blocks to change every aspect of the website and lets you change the entire look of your website. 

Font And Styles 

When it comes to font, styles, and typography, the Twenty Twenty-Four theme follows the modern and minimalist design trends that you can easily recognize at the very first look. 

As default, this theme uses Cardo Font for headlines and Sans-serif System font for paragraphs. As alternative fonts, it features the Instrument Sans, Inter, and Jost. 

This theme offers a light color palette as default for a fresh appearance with a variety of alternative color palettes, including a dark one. 

Apart from leveraging these defaults, you can use the Styles tools of the Site Editor to customize the color, typography, and design of your website.

Block Variations

list block variations in twenty twenty-three theme

Twenty Twenty-Four theme offers some block variations to make them look slightly different from their default version. This theme offers variations for the following blocks: 

1. Heading
2. List
3. Details
4. Navigation
5. Category and Tag List

Alternative Patterns 

There are a variety of alternative patterns available for writer and portfolio user types for Blog Theme, Index, Archive, and Search templates. 

Alternative patterns on twenty twenty-four theme


Twenty Twenty-Four theme is well-compatible with Site Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor. When editing the theme content, you can take help from both of these to design your site to your heart’s content. 

As a user, you can use the patterns and templates it offers to speed up your website creation. In essence, this theme is flexible, adaptable, trendy, and user-friendly. 


The Twenty Twenty-Four theme for WordPress is crafted keeping responsiveness in mind. So, if you create your website using this theme, you can expect that the visitors of your website will be able to navigate through the website swiftly on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Who Should Use the Twenty Twenty-Four Theme? Is It For You?

Twenty Twenty-Four default WordPress theme is an exceptional default block theme in the sense that it is not focused on only one type of user base. Instead, this theme is designed with at least three types of user bases in mind. 

First of all, the entrepreneurs and small business owners. Next, the writers and bloggers. And finally, the artists and photographers. A variety of templates and template parts with different patterns are introduced in this theme to suit the needs of these user bases. 

So, if you are one of these user types, you should not feel hesitant to use this theme for your website(s). However, if none of these describe you well, you can still use the theme as you can access all the blocks of Gutenberg as well as the Site Editor to edit any parts of your website and customize it as per your particular needs. 

Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress Theme Review – The Pros And Cons

As every theme has pros and cons, the Twenty Twenty-Four page is no exception. Let us share with you some of the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. 


1. Different from its predecessors.
2. Optimized for small businesses, artists, and bloggers.
3. Designed to enable you to edit your complete website.
4. Has a variety of templates and 30+ patterns.
5. Well-responsive and easily customizable.
6. One theme with many variations.
7. Free to use.


1. Does not offer a complete or full-fledged website starter template package for different niches as standard themes like Kadence and Astra do.
2. A limited number of patterns and templates.

However, if you want to leverage the best of Twenty Twenty-Four theme, you should use Templately, which offers 2500+ readymade templates, pages, and packs made for different purposes and niches. You can customize those templates effortlessly using the Gutenberg block editor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Twenty Twenty-Four Theme

Who Designed The Twenty Twenty-Four Theme? 

Beatriz Fialho designed the Twenty Twenty-Four Theme. 

Is Twenty Twenty-Four Theme Responsive? 

Absolutely! The Twenty Twenty-Four theme adjusts to different devices, making sure it looks great and works well on all screen sizes.

responsiveness of Twenty Twenty-Four theme

How To Customize The Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress Theme 

Once you activate the Twenty Twenty-Four theme on your website, you can customize the theme as per your preference. To customize the theme, just navigate to Appearance >> Themes.  Once you hover on your active theme, you’ll see the “Customize” button. Click on that and you are ready to customize or edit the Navigation, Styles, Templates, Pages, and Patterns of this theme the way you like it. 

Is Twenty Twenty-Four Theme Fast? 

Yes, the Twenty Twenty-Four theme is designed for speed. It should offer a fast and efficient performance for your website.

How Can I Edit Or Customize Twenty Twenty-Four Theme? 

To edit or customize the Twenty Twenty-Four theme, go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Appearance,” and click on “Themes.” Find Twenty Twenty-Four, then select “Customize” to modify various aspects like colors, fonts, and layout. For more advanced changes, use a child theme or consider hiring a developer.

How Do I Use Twenty Twenty-Four Theme In WordPress?

To use the Twenty Twenty-Four theme in WordPress, log in to your dashboard, go to “Appearance,” and click on “Themes.” Find Twenty Twenty-Four and click “Activate.” Customize the theme by going to “Customize” under “Appearance.” Add your content through posts and pages to showcase your website with the Twenty Twenty-Four theme.

How Do I Change The Font In Twenty Twenty-Four In WordPress?

It is truly easy to change the font of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. Be it text, links, headings, buttons, or captions, you can choose different themes for any of these elements separately. Below are the steps to change the fonts of different elements in the Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme. 

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard and then navigate to Appearance >> Themes

2. To customize a theme, you need to make sure the theme is active on your website. So, activate the Twenty Twenty-Four theme if it is not activated yet. If the Twenty Twenty-Four theme is already activated on your website, skip this step. 

3. Now click on the “Customize” button from the user interface of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. 

4. Go to “Styles” and then click on “Edit styles” pen. From the “Styles” tab on the right sidebar, click on “Typography”. 

5. Now click on the elements like text, links, headings, captions, and buttons for which you would like to change the font. Now, you can choose your favorite font and then click on “Save”.

That’s all. You are done changing the font for the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. 

How Can I Shift To Twenty Twenty-Four Theme From Other Themes? 

In WordPress, switching from and to a theme is very simple. You do not need to do anything extra apart from activating the Twenty Twenty-Four theme to shift from another theme. No matter what theme you were using, when you activate the Twenty Twenty-Four theme, the previous theme automatically gets deactivated. 

How Is Twenty Twenty-Four Different From Its Predecessors? 

While previous default themes like Twenty Twenty-Three by WordPress.org  would come keeping one type of user in mind, Twenty Twenty-Four blog is different in this regard. It is made keeping any type of site with any topic in mind. Before the making of this blog, three use cases were explored: business owners, bloggers, and artists. To suit the needs of different user bases, it comes with a wide range of flexible features and home templates with about page, RSVPs, project overviews, and more. 

Is There Any Paid/Pro Version Of Twenty Twenty-Four Theme? 

No, there is no Pro or premium version of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. This theme is an absolutely free forever theme. 

What Is A Block Theme? 

A block theme is a type of WordPress theme that leverages blocks for every part of your site, from navigation menus to headers, content, and the site footer. These themes are specifically designed to use the latest WordPress features, allowing you to effortlessly edit and customize every aspect of your website. The beauty of block themes lies in their flexibility – you can modify key elements without having to change the entire theme.

here is where to find the block themes for your WordPress website

With a block theme, you have the freedom to place and edit blocks outside of your content, either through the Template Editor or Site Editor. These blocks can be integrated into templates provided by the theme or plugins, such as archive pages or 404 pages. Additionally, you can create your own custom templates to suit your unique needs.

Notably, block themes do away with traditional widgets and widget areas, replacing them entirely with blocks. This means you can position blocks wherever you would have previously used widgets.

What Is The Difference Between Classic Theme and Block Theme? 

The main difference between a classic theme and a block theme lies in how they structure and design websites in WordPress.

Classic Theme:

1. Relies on traditional structures like headers, footers, and sidebars.
2. Uses widgets to add features and content to different areas of the site.
3. Customization often involves tweaking settings in the Customizer.
4. Editing is typically done in the Classic Editor with a focus on text and media.

Block Theme:

1. Utilizes a modern approach where everything is built with blocks—individual content elements.
2. Blocks are used for headers, footers, content, and more, replacing the need for widgets.
3. Customization is done using the Template Editor or Site Editor.
4. Offers more flexibility and allows users to create custom templates for different pages.

In summary, classic themes follow a more traditional layout with widgets and Customizer settings, while block themes embrace a modular approach with blocks. 

Over To You: Are You Gonna Use The Twenty Twenty-Four Theme? 

Now that you know all the important things about the Twenty Twenty-Four theme, it’s your time to decide whether you’re going to try it or not on your WordPress website. We suggest you use this theme if you want to create a minimalistic website. As this theme offers a limited number of block templates and patterns, using Templately Template Cloud for WordPress (includes 2500+ packs, blocks, and templates for Gutenberg) along with this theme will be a game changer for you. Subscribe to our blog for content like this in your inbox and follow us on X to stay updated. 

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