How To Check If WordPress Posts Have Comments Allowed Or Not

You can easily find out your WordPress Posts have comments allowed or not by checking simple settings on the WordPress dashboard. You can even change this settings for each WordPress post types too. We are here to help you out by with detail in this blog.

Why Enable Or Disable Comments On Your WordPress Posts?

If you are running a WordPress site, and maintain a specific page for your WordPress blogs or posts, you will feel the necessity of enabling or disabling comments from your website. A huge number of WordPress post comments come from the spammers mainly which creates risk for the overall site security. 

So to stop spam comments on the WordPress site, you will need to enable or disable comments on WordPress posts for some particular times. Website owners must have to get that full control to moderate site comments and maintain their site security in advance. 

This is why you are probably looking for the perfect solution to enable or disable comments on their WordPress posts or entire sites. Well, a solution that can then easily handle for example to allow comments for your promotional posts and disallow comments for the rest of other posts. The full maintenance will be in your hands and it can easily manage your site posts comments without any hassle and delay.  

Complete Guide: How To Check If WordPress Posts Have Comments Allowed Or Not

By default, WordPress post comments are being allowed for your site. In some cases, comments are created by hacker, and site owners are not even aware of it. This is true mostly for general users who just started using WordPress. Even for those who don’t know actually where to go and check the particular feature is turned on or not. 

So here you will find a complete guide to allow or disallow comments on WordPress following the simple steps below and get full control over your entire site post comments: 

First, navigate to the WordPress Dashboard Settings ➞ Discussion ➞ Default post settings. There you can see a section that “Allows people to submit comments on new posts” with a selection box. 

That means for your every WordPress post comments are being allowed on your site. If you want to disable comments, you can remove the checkmark and make it disable for all of your WordPress posts.

Besides, you can allow or disallow comments for each of your post types.

Get Disable Comments & Stop Spam Comments On WordPress 

Another easiest solution is the most popular FREE Disable Comments plugin, used 1.7 Million+ active users which have been acquired by WPDeveloper. This amazing plugin can help you to stop spam comments on WordPress. You can now get full control over your website XML-RPC, REST API comments to specific posts, pages, docs comments, and others. 

Even you can also use the WP-CLI command lines to maintain your WordPress post comments and more to have the full authority on your WordPress site comments maintenance.

That’s how simply you can check if WordPress posts have comments allowed or not from the dashboard and get Disable Comments to maintain the entire site comment with ease. So if you didn’t use Disable Comments yet, try this popular plugin and let us know your experience by commenting below. 

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Syeda Sanjida Afrin

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

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