How To Create Amazing Pricing Menu For WordPress Site Using Elementor [No Coding Required]

The product pricing menu or plans play a vital role for both buyer and seller. Once a Pricing has been well-documented on your website you, it can properly inform your potential customers what features come with respective pricing plans. Depending on how creatively you are able to showcase your pricing list for your products or services, it actually affects your users to make buying decisions. So if you have a WordPress website, we will show you how to create a stunning pricing menu using Elementor.

pricing menu elementor

Suppose you run a software company or e-commerce site, it would be very normal that you have to display your software or product special features with a proper price plan to inform and attract your targeted customers. Where they can easily know details about the product, special deals, expiration date, or lifetime availability with the price and choose the best package to fulfill their need.

But the pricing table is not suitable for some cases like the restaurant business, where you don’t need to display a plan or package in this particular table-type format. You have to use the Price Menu template to showcase your food items and price to help your customers. They can get an overall idea about the food ingredients along with the price which one they can afford or don’t want to eat. This type of pricing-format is also suitable for Product catalogs for clothing brands and retailers of Consumer Electronics. 

Essential Addons for Elementor comes with Pricing Menu along with advanced features and functions to help you out. With this element, you can create a menu list for any business including any restaurant website, eCommerce store, or any other business.

How Essential Addons Pricing Menu Will Help You

Among other Essential Addons marketing elements, EA Pricing Menu and EA Pricing Table are helpful in creating pricing plan for your website. And if you want to know details about the Pricing Table, you can go through this blog to learn how to create a better Pricing Page for your business.

Now let’s discuss the EA Price Menu widget with the whole process, functions, and features that could be beneficial for your restaurant business! 

Create EA Price Menu 

In the EA Price Menu Content tab, you can add your item name, price, food ingredients, or desired food image.  You can also give a special discount offer just by enabling the discount toggle, and choose a unique design type to display the menu to attract the customer at a glance. 

pricing menu elementor

Style The Menu With EA Price Menu Element 

It would be definite that you will feel the necessity to style your every content of Pricing Menu to create an attractive look on the website, which will help to drag the audience’s attention instantly to have that food. Easily you can do it with the EA Price Menu Style Section

price menu Elementor

Now, you will get the final outcome of the price menu after adding all the desired content and design it in advance.  This is how easily you can create your restaurant food menu using EA Price Menu element with ease.

Wrapping Up

You can display your entire menu list by using the EA Price Menu widget. But if you need to mention more details about your food items or have to announce any special offers, that time you will feel the necessity to use the EA Call To Action element after the price menu block. EA Pricing Menu Call to Action (CTA) creates a great opportunity to motivate your audience to be your real customer or client. This generally helps you to increase your site conversion rate and lead.

price menu Elementor

So, don’t wait and try out EA Price Menu element and leave a comment below to know more!

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

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