Google translate to WordPress

No Coding: Easy Guide To Add Google Translate To WordPress

Reaching a global audience is a key aspect of running a successful website. Language barriers, however, can often limit your content's accessibility. If you're a WordPress user looking to break down language barriers and make your content more inclusive, you're in luck. In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll explore a no-coding approach to easily add Google Translate to WordPress website. (more…)

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Automated Testing Of WordPress_ Guide On Tools, Approach & Workflow

Automated Testing Of WordPress: Guide On 3 Tools, Approach & Efficient Workflow

Automated testing of WordPress involves the utilization of specialized tools and scripts to automatically assess the functionality, performance, and reliability of WordPress websites or plugins without manual intervention. It works by creating test scenarios, simulating user interactions, and verifying whether the expected outcomes align with the actual results. This process ensures that WordPress websites or plugins function correctly, identifies potential…

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Contact Forms Not Sending Emails

How To Easily Solve “Server Errors Or Contact Forms Not Sending Emails”

In the way of online communication, contact forms stand as crucial gateways between businesses and their clients. However, the smooth flow of information is often disrupted by the common error known as "Server Errors”. Server errors come in various ways – 5xx HTTP status codes, SMTP errors, or just a generic "Failed to Send" or “Contact Forms Not Sending Emails”…

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WordPress Data Liberation

WordPress Data Liberation Project In 2024: Everything You Need to Know

At the core of WordPress Data Liberation focus, this project envisions a more open web, allowing users to switch between platforms effortlessly. Whether moving from social networks, transitioning between page builders and core blocks, or shifting from the classic to block editor, the aim is to make migration a one-click process, emphasizing WordPress's commitment to data freedom. (more…)

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Monster’s Award 2023

Monster’s Award 2023: WPDeveloper Wins 3 WordPress Community Awards

The conclusion of 2023 has brought extra brilliance to WPDeveloper as we gear up for 2024. Thanks to the prestigious glow of three Monster's Awards 2023, we're infused with heightened energy and motivation for the upcoming year. It's not just about turning a new page; it's about entering the future with a trio of victories that echo our commitment to…

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WordPress Command Palette

WordPress Command Palette: How To Do More With Fewer Clicks [2024]

WordPress Command Palette is the indispensable role that keyboard shortcuts play in enhancing the computer user experience. We reflect on the transformative impact of commands like copy/paste. These keystroke combinations silently empower millions, streamlining daily, if not hourly, workflows. Among other efficiency-boosting tools, the Command Palette stands out as a brand-new addition, elevating the array of time-saving keyboard shortcuts. In…

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Sustainable Web Hosting

Sustainable Web Hosting: Green Practices For WordPress Websites

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, it's no surprise that sustainability has extended its green embrace into the digital realm. Today, we're diving into the world of sustainable web hosting and its critical role in fostering a more eco-friendly internet. As WordPress continues to power countless websites across the globe, the need for responsible hosting practices has never…

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Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Attacks: How To Educate Users And Ensure WordPress Security

Social engineering attacks are not your typical technical hacks; they involve manipulating individuals into revealing sensitive information or performing actions that compromise security. As a WordPress user or administrator, understanding and defending against these threats is crucial to safeguard your website's integrity. (more…)

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