Best Ready Elementor Template Packs: March 2021 Edition

Elementor Template

March 2021 has been a great month for our team at Templately. We have been working hard to bring you several new, beautifully designed ready Elementor template packs with which you can instantly create any kind of website.

Let’s take a look at the latest, best ready Elementor template packs released in March from Templately.

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Introducing Bazar: A Versatile Multivendor Elementor Template Pack

One of our most important highlights for the month of March is a brand new, multi-vendor template pack for Elementor. Introducing Bazar, a stunning, versatile, multivendor Elementor template pack that you can use to create eCommerce websites like eBay, Amazon or Etsy. 

Elementor Template

This Elementor template pack comes with a simple yet elegant, minimalist design and 11 ready-to-use pages. With Bazar, you can just insert the page templates into your website, add your own content to it and you will be ready to create your own multivendor website in a matter of minutes.

Movie Box: Ready Movie Studio Website Template

Best Ready Elementor Template Packs: March 2021 Edition 1

This March, we also introduced Movie Box, a bold and beautifully designed ready Elementor template pack for movie studios or film studios. Featuring dark color tones and an attractive layout, this template pack is perfect for creating a landing page for any movie, film, cinema or studio.

MarketerPro: Elementor Template For Marketers

Elementor Template

The next template on our list is MarketerPro, a stylish and modern Elementor template for creating personal websites for marketers on WordPress. If you want to showcase your skills as a marketer, or share your work and portfolio online, then the best way to do this is by creating a personal website for yourself.

With MarketerPro, you can do just that as it comes ready and predesigned. Just add your own content and information, and your personal marketer website will be ready to go.

PropDigital: Web Development Agency Template

Best Ready Elementor Template Packs: March 2021 Edition 2

At Templately, we have introduced several agency website templates for all types of services such as digital marketing agency, SEO marketing agency, content marketing agency and web development agency.

This month, Templately has released PropDigital, a brand new, stunning and fully responsive ready Elementor template pack to help you create your web development agency website without any coding. 

This Elementor template pack for web development agencies comes with several ready pages that you can insert and customize to build your website easily on WordPress.

Alex Law: Personal Website Template For Lawyers

Best Ready Elementor Template Packs: March 2021 Edition 3

For those who want to create a personal lawyer website, you can use the brand new ready Elementor template pack for lawyers from Templately.

With Alex Law, you can create a professional lawyer website to share your personal experiences, skills and much more. This is a great way to reach out to more clients, showcase your expertise and provide legal advice or legal consultation to those who need it.

Intec: Attractive Multipurpose Parallax Template

Elementor Template

This March, we have also released an attractive and modern parallax website template. Designed for architecture websites in mind, Intec is a beautiful Elementor template pack that comes with eye-catching parallax or motion effects. 

The template comes with a versatile layout, so you can easily modify the content to your liking to create any kind of dynamic, and interactive parallax website with it.

Technophile: A Portfolio Website Template For Tech Freelancers

Elementor Template

Another amazing website template pack that we released this month from Templately is Technophile, a bright and eye-catching template for tech freelancers or those working in the IT sector. This template pack can also be used by freelancer web developers, web designers or web creators, or anyone working in similar industries.

Michael: Attractive Minimalist Portfolio Website

Elementor Template

If you want to create a versatile portfolio website, and you like minimalist designs, then you can go for Michael, a simple and refined WordPress website template from Templately. 

Featuring soothing colors combined with simple typography, you can use Michael to create a portfolio website for any career or skill. It is fully responsive on all devices, and comes with an interactive layout to keep your site visitors engaged. 

Wonderland: Kindergarten Or School Template

Elementor Template

This March, Templately has released a bright and cheerful WordPress template pack for creating websites for kindergarten or pre-schools. 

Featuring a color palette of soft, pastel colors and charming illustrations, Wonderland will give your kindergarten school website a joyous, fun and upbeat aesthetic, which will be pleasing to any parents looking at your pre-school website.

Dance Studio: WordPress Website Template For Dancers

Elementor Template

For those who want to start their own dance studio or online dancing classes, or simply want to share their dance performances and choreography, Dance Studio is the perfect choice.

With this WordPress website template you can instantly create a beautiful, personal website for dancers, dance teachers or dance companies or studios without any coding.

Grab 1000+ Ready Template Packs For Elementor

Best Ready Elementor Template Packs: March 2021 Edition 4

That wraps up all the Elementor template packs released this month from Templately. Stay tuned, as we are constantly releasing new templates to help web creators like you build stunning websites on WordPress instantly.

If you want to grab access to all of these, plus 1000 more ready Elementor templates, then make sure to sign up for Templately today. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates, news and fun tutorials. 



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