Create A Landing Page For Your First Startup Without Any Budget

If you have a new startup, we understand you might have a very tight budget. The initial days of starting up a new project are always hard. But that does not mean you have to avoid exploiting certain major ways to promote your business, such as a Landing Page for your startup. If you hold the impression that creating a Website must require a lot of money, you are wrong. You can create a Landing Page for your Startup without any budget at all.

Whether you have acquired your very first funding or are looking to pitch your idea to investors, a Website will get you that extra edge. If you are thinking about going to investors and seeking funds, you need to show them a ready-to-go plan and a Website is an important part of that. On the other hand, if you have already launched your product/service you also need a Website for somewhat the same reason, marketing.

Just think for a second, what you can do with a Website. You can create a brand identity through a website. For example, you can describe your product/service and how does it work as well as you can write introductory Blogs for your product/service. You can add a separate Documentation section in case you are selling an online product or particular service. You can also host Webinars to inform your potential customers about new feature upgrades and a lot more with a website

Create a Landing Page for your Startup

You must have heard about WordPress which have advanced page builder like Elementor which is free and lets you create a landing page with one click. Using this plugin, anyone can create top-notch websites without having to write a single line of code. We are going to use Elementor to show you how you can create a Landing Page for your startup.

Open your WordPress Dashboard and create a new page. Name it Home Page and launch it with Elementor Editor. Now in case you are wondering what do you do after that, we are going to use Elementor Templates. If you are new to Elementor, you must feel a little lost having to create a Landing Page on your own. But don’t worry. There are a lot of Elementor Templates for Startup businesses. You can either use these Templates for inspiration or as the layout upon which you will need to add your own content.

Open Elementor Editor and launch the Elementor Template Library. Use keywords such as Startup or Product to filter all the available Templates. Once you find the one you want to use, hit the insert button. Make necessary adjustments to the layout, content styling.

If you feel the need to insert a new section such as the Pricing or CTA Button, you can use pre-built Elementor Section named Elementor Blocks. You will find Elementor blocks inside the Elementor Library pop-up.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, now you can create your own Landing Page. In case you are wondering what else you can do with Elementor, do make sure to check out our blog on How to Create a Webinar Page. We also recommend you read our blog on how to create a Conference Landing Page with Elementor. 

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