Embed Posts From Twitter To Your Business Website

It’s obvious that you have a WordPress site as you are reading this post. Lucky for you, today we are going show you how to create an one-way transition mechanism that will take readers from your Business Website to your Twitter Account. 

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But why is Twitter Feeds so important? Because it encourages your end users to connect and share your content. It is more effective to attract and maintain your market segment compared to other promotion techniques. This is because, social shares on Twitter are an organic source of promotion executed by end users. On the other hand, advertisements and campaigns need to be highly controlled.

Essential Addons For Elementor

Okay then. So, you already have a Website for your business and a Twitter Account. And now you want to embed posts from Twitter Account on your website. 

If you have Essential Addons for Elementor, you will not be needing a separate plugin for Social Post Embedding. Essential Addons comes with 3 distinct elements for Social post embedding.

Social Elements

Social Media Feed on Website

Essential Addons have three elements in their Social Elements bundle. How do these elements help your business. These elements will help you connect your social media profiles with your business website.  

Embed Posts From Twitter To Your Business Website 2

These elements help to fetch your online posts and display them on your WordPress Website. How does it help your business?

  1. Your targeted end users can swiftly move from your Website to your social media account. With single click!
  2. Read More Button which links the feed with the actual posts.
  3. Fully customize-able layout.
  4. Great tool for Bloggers. 
  5. Display a single post or multiple ones. You can set a limit to the number of posts you want to display on the feed.
  6. Display posts inside a blog.
  7. Advanced styling options.

How to use these elements?

The elements are just like any other element on Elementor. The customization options are divided and listed under 3 broad headers- Content, Style and Advanced.

But yes, there are some parts which might appear too complex. As you are connecting your social media accounts with your website it needs clearance from the social media authority. This clearance is given only after you provide Account Name, App IDApp Secret to the Social elements.

But the easy part is, you are the one who would give approval. Yes! All you need to do is request the key. Afterwards the platform will generate the key and send it to you. It takes no more than a minute to get it done!

The last and the most easiest part of the process is to copy the keys and paste them in the required fields inside Elementor side panel. And do you know who gets to do this easy part? You!


social media feed on website

The concept of the one way Loop

As mentioned before, these elements let you create a well defined transition loop from your website to social media platforms and vice versa. But how does it benefit you? 

The posts are displayed in separate cards. Each card includes the Account Name for your business profile. In this way, you are getting the chance to initiate the very first step in establishing a brand. Furthermore, the name will have an underlying Web URL attached to it- the one to your business profile. Once your website visitors click on the card, they will be taken to your Social Media Platform.  

And once your website visitors arrive on your social media platforms, there are a handful of possibilities. Lets learn in details.

Social Share

Improves SEO Score

Your readers can skim through the content on your profile and choose to share them. 

Individuals will share your content in Social Media platforms for various reasons. Some might judge the content based on the write-up style. Some might judge the content based on the writer. And some might share just for the sake of sharing. But whatever the reason, it will help you in four ways.

Embed Posts From Twitter To Your Business Website 3
  1. As people start sharing your content, it will reach more people. 
  2. Readers might re-share your content. Your content might then go Viral.
  3. Your blogger readers might mention about your content in their posts. 
  4. Which in part increases the chance that readers will visit your website for more content.


What is the one thing you would do as a marketing executive? Try to target the right market segment and reach more people. If so, you should not hesitate to exploit the power of Social Media. Why?

Social Media has given people a virtual life. And needless to say, this virtual life has significant importance and influence over their real life. This is why global brands spent $36 Billion in social media marketing in 2017.

Survey on Target Market

But where does the Essential Addons Social elements fit in the picture? Once individuals land on your Social Media Profile, they might put a Like or Follow the page. This means they are giving consent to send them notification about your service/product. But there is another fundamental and very significant aspect. 

Through social media, brands can study their customers from a new POV, different from the traditional approaches. Brands can research the needs of their customers, analyse their interests and bring changes to the existing product or create a completely new one. 

Social Media for Business

In today’s landscape, Social Media Presence is a must for every business entity. Through Social Media, they can stay connected with their customers. 

In fact, all the large Social Media Platforms, help to receive personal message from users. What can a business achieve from this? Portray themselves as a trustworthy figure and give the customers a sense of personal touch. 

Regardless of the fan following, every business can establish their brand through social media. In fact Businesses can generate a new segment of customers from their online campaigns. 

And how does Essential Addons help? Essential Addons social elements directs traffic from your business website to your Social Media Page. And after that there are a thousand possibilities.

Do you have any insight that you would like to share with us? Please share your opinion in the comments section below. In the meantime, do you want to learn how you can ace at Twitter Marketing? If you do, then make sure to read this blog too.

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

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