WordCamp Asia 2023: The First Regional WordPress Conference In Thailand

The much awaited WordCamp Asia is finally back in-person on the calendars with much bigger surprises this time. After getting postponed twice during the global pandemic, the upcoming WordCamp Asia 2023 will be the first regional flagship event for the WordPress Asian community. And the event is scheduled to take place at the grand location of True Icon Hall, in Bangkok, Thailand, from 17th to 19th February, 2023! 🎉

WordCamp Asia 2023

The Most Anticipated WordCamp Asia Is Almost Around The Corner

With tremendous support from the entire community despite all the obstacles, the upcoming in-person WordCamp Asia 2023 is shaping up to be a promising event. Everyone who wants to be a part of WordPress or people from the WordPress global community, all are invited to participate in this huge event. This will be Asia’s first major regional event for the WordPress community. 

The last minute cancellation of the WCAsia 2020 spread disheartenment in the WordPress community. But back in that time, the global Covid 19 pandemic made it difficult to have any social event. So, much to everyone’s dismay, Matt Mullenweng had to cancel the event barely nine days before the scheduled time. 

And even though the WordPress Asian community tried to reschedule the event the following year, the severity of the pandemic meant WordCamp Asia had to be organized online. But this time, everyone is looking forward to the upcoming event to be with all the zeal, support, and emotion that it deserves. Let’s get to learn more about this event below: 

🔔WordCamp Attendees: Who Can You Expect To Meet In The Event?

For all the WordPress enthusiasts, this WordCamp Asia will be the biggest event for fun learning and networking for the Asian community. Global team leaders, developers, designers, writers, public relations personnels and all who are involved in WordPress are going to attend this event. 

WordCamp Asia 2023

Here at WPDeveloper, we consider WordCamps as a fantastic opportunity to give back to the WordPress community and meet all you talented people. Back in 2020, the team of WPDeveloper were proud sponsors and the entire team was going to attend. And we are very excited to announce that you can expect us to be present at the upcoming WCAsia conference as well. Feel free to get in touch and come say hi anytime!

🥳 Joyful Preparation For The Tentative WordCamp Venue & Time

WordCamp Asia’s tentative location and timing have already been published! At the same time, volunteers and organizers from all across Asia are working hard to make the event a success. If you want to expand your knowledge about the WordPress community, here is your chance to join this large family. 

This grand event will take place in True Icon Hall, which is situated in Bangkok, Thailand that comes with modern amenities for any world class event. Equipped with the best innovations and technology, this venue is situated in the heart of the city center. 

WordCamp Asia 2023


With all the building energy and enthusiasm, the event will be rolling from February 17th through February 19th, 2023. All of the worldwide team leaders will convene at WCAsia 2023 to give their expertise and contributions. Global leaders, organizers, volunteers, and a variety of other teams will gather in grand style for this event. 

Sneak Peak: What To Expect During The Two Day-Long Conference?

Since the wait has been long, the anticipation and excitement around WordCamp Asia 2023 are running high in the air. So here’s what you can expect from this much-awaited WordPress conference taking place in Thailand:

💻 Prepare To Participate In Contributor Day & Speaker Sessions

Staying true to the essence of WordPress conferences, WordCamp Asia 2023 is planning to kick off the event with the special ‘Contributor Day’. And following the tentative dates announced so far, it is expected to take place on 17th February’ 23

Open for everyone, it’s an excellent opportunity to get involved and contribute to the open-source platform that everyone loves so much. Contributor day at WordCamp Europe 2022 was a massive success and we hope to break its record with flying colors at WCAsia 2023,. 

You can also expect an incredible line-up of speaker sessions by some of the most influential industry experts who are ready to set the energy high in the air with their enthusiasm and expertise. We’re also hoping we get to attend Matt Mullenweg’s sessions at the upcoming WCAsia 2023. 

But that’s not all, you can expect several other side events which will surely bring the entire community together. Mark your calendars and get ready to join us here at team WPDeveloper and hundreds of other participants; find out more from right here.

🤝 Meet The Organizing Teams & Volunteers Hosting The WCAsia

WordCamp Asia organizing team will consist of about 15 Thai members and 30-35 global members who are actively involved in Asian WordPress community. The Call For Organizers’ was open for a while and the list will soon be announced. Everyone’s aiming to bring their best services to make the first ever WordCamp Asia 2023 be a massive success. You will be able to network with enthusiasts and volunteers from all over the world, ready to help you out any time you need.

And The Countdown Begins… Mark Your Calendars Now!

WordCamp Asia 2023

There are tons of more fun sessions and events that await you at WordCamp Asia 2023, so don’t miss your chance to connect with thousands of other WordPress enthusiasts from across the globe. 

Since this is going to be the first and largest gathering of WordCamp in Asia, let’s make this a memorable one. Mark your calendars now, keep your eyes on the official website and our blog for all more updates yet to come, and get ready to join us at this grand event in Bangkok, Thailand!

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