WordCamp Sylhet Recap: Team WPDeveloper Was A Proud Sponsor

The first-ever WordCamp Sylhet was a massive success, and at WPDeveloper, we are proud to have been one of the platinum sponsors for this amazing event. With more than 900 attendees, WordCamp Sylhet 2023 was a wonderful gathering of the Bangladeshi WordPress community. Find out more about this great event in our WordCamp Sylhet Recap below!

WordCamp Sylhet Recap

A Wonderful Gathering Of The Bangladeshi WordPress Community

WordCamp Sylhet, a highly anticipated event for the Bangladeshi WordPress community, proved to be a phenomenal success as it brought together over 900 attendees from all walks of life. The vibrant atmosphere was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm as participants connected, learned, and celebrated their shared passion for WordPress. The event provided a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals to engage with one another, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

The sponsor booths at WordCamp Sylhet were a major highlight, attracting eager attendees throughout the event. These booths served as vibrant hubs of activity, where participants had the chance to collect exciting swags. Also, the attendees joyfully interacted with the sponsors, asking questions, seeking advice, and gaining valuable insights. 

Moreover, the event facilitated an incredible networking experience as individuals connected with fellow WordPress enthusiasts and industry professionals. Attendees seized the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and forge new partnerships. Friendships were formed, collaborations were initiated, and a genuine sense of camaraderie permeated the atmosphere. The interactive nature of WordCamp Sylhet ensured that participants were not merely passive observers but active contributors, creating connections that extended beyond the event itself.

Insightful Sessions From 25 Experienced Speakers

The WordCamp Sylhet event featured a diverse lineup of 25 experienced speakers, each offering valuable insights and knowledge to the attendees. From industry professionals to WordPress enthusiasts, these speakers covered a wide range of topics, ensuring participants comprehensively understood the WordPress ecosystem. 

One of the amazing sessions was a panel discussion in which M Asif Rahman, founder of WPDeveloper, shared his insights and experiences on the topic “Building Your Next Big WordPress Product: What & Not” alongside Ehsan Riyadh, Istiak Rayhan, and Shahjahan Jewel. It was a great session, especially for the next generation who wants to enter the world of WordPress. 

WordCamp Sylhet Recap

Nazmul H. Rupok, CEO of WPDeveloper, also shared his expertise and valuable knowledge on “The Anatomy of High-Performing WordPress Products” which inspired people who develop products for WordPress. He discussed how to dive into the core components of creating and maintaining successful WordPress products.

WordCamp Sylhet Recap

In another very engaging session, Afshana Diya, the CMO of WPDeveloper, talked about WordPress Contributions in a panel discussion with Ahmed Kabir Chaion, Fahim Murshed, Ganga Kafle, and Sunita Rai, some of the top WordPress contributors who have left an impact on the global WordPress community. In this interactive session, they discussed the topic “WordPress Contributions: Make Global Impact From Here & Leave Your Mark”. Here, they shared their journeys and experiences of contributing to WordPress.

WordCamp Sylhet Recap

Besides these sessions, there were many more exciting topics “Creating a Culture of Customer Satisfaction: How it Leads to Word-of-Mouth Promotion” and “Themes and Plugins – Building Modern Admin Panels with Modern JS Frameworks” are two of the most notable sessions which were very exciting and engaging at the event. 

Also, one of our brilliant teammates from WPDeveloper, Priyo Mukul, talked about “Sailing with Composer Packages in Plugin Development: Keep It Compatible” and another teammate A H M Nazmul Hasan Monshi shared his knowledge on “WordPress Release Cycle | Behind the Scenes of WordPress 6.2 Dolphy” as he actively worked on WordPress latest release.

These sessions were highly engaging and garnered significant interest from the audience. Each speaker brought their expertise and unique perspectives to the forefront, captivating attendees with their knowledge and passion for WordPress. These sessions served as valuable learning opportunities, empowering attendees to deepen their understanding of WordPress development, design, marketing, and more aspects.

Fun And Games: A Huge Crowd At WPDeveloper Booth

WordCamp Sylhet Recap

Our WPDeveloper booth at WordCamp Sylhet was a buzzing hotspot of excitement and entertainment, attracting a massive crowd of attendees. With engaging activities and exclusive giveaways, we ensured that everyone had a memorable experience. One of the highlights at our booth was the popular “Scratch and Win” game, where participants eagerly tried their luck to uncover exciting prizes. Attendees collected a wide range of goodies, including trendy t-shirts, cool sunglasses, stylish notebooks, handy calendars, and catchy stickers. The game not only added an element of fun but also provided participants with tangible mementos to remember their time at WordCamp Sylhet.

We also hosted an exclusive giveaway called the “Photo Contest“. Attendees were invited to capture their favorite moments at WordCamp Sylhet and post it on their social media. We announced sponsorship to attend WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 as a prize for the winner of this contest. A huge number of attendees participated and the lucky winner was Mamum Hoque, who is a WordPress enthusiast in Bangladesh. This exclusive giveaway added an extra layer of excitement to the event. 

WordCamp Sylhet Recap

Contributing To #WCSylhet: Over 100 Contributors Participated

The contributor day at WordCamp Sylhet witnessed the impressive participation of over 100 contributors, making it a truly collaborative and productive event. The day kicked off with the introduction of the table leads, who guided the contributors throughout the day. Besides many table leads, from our WPDeveloper team, Afshana Diya led the Community table, A H M Nazmul Hasan Monshi led the Testing table, Mumtahina Faguni led the Marketing table, and Linkon Miyan took charge of the Meta table. With their guidance, participants embarked on a day filled with valuable contributions and meaningful engagement.

At each table, participants actively contributed their skills and knowledge to various projects. Many newcomers created their WordPress ORG profiles and joined the Make WordPress Slack channel, immersing themselves in the vibrant WordPress community. The collective effort and enthusiasm of the contributors resulted in significant progress and contributions to the WordPress ecosystem.

During the day, everyone had an amazing time. The Nepali community also added to the diversity and vibrancy of the event. Apart from the focused contributions, the day also allowed for relaxation and bonding moments. Participants gathered for a delicious lunch and group photos, capturing memories and celebrating their collaborative efforts. The event concluded with informal interactions, fun chats, and a sense of fulfillment for all the valuable work accomplished.

Ready For The Next Biggest WordCamp Of 2023?

WordCamp Sylhet was one of the biggest gatherings for the Bangladeshi WordPress community, but it doesn’t end here! There are tons of exciting WordCamp events taking place in 2023, and team WPDeveloper is proud to announce that we will be contributing to WordCamp Europe 2023 this June at Athens, Greece. Stay tuned for more updates by subscribing to our blog!

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