How To Find Your WordPress Login URL For WP Admin Dashboard

Forgetting your  WordPress login URL is a common mistake that happens, especially if you are handling website’s admin dashboard for the first time. If you have forgot the login URL for your WordPress admin dashboard, then keep on reading below to find out our trips and ticks. 

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Hassles You Will Face Without Your WordPress Website Login URL

In simple language, your WordPress login URL is the gateway to your website. You cannot enter your website dashboard without it, or you will face the problems mentioned below.

🔴 If you can’t find the login URL, then you cannot manage and maintain your site content.

🔴 You can not respond to your reviewers, commenters, or anyone who tried to communicate with you through your website.

🔴 You cannot make any changes whatsoever to your WordPress website for example adding new posts, changing the appearance, and more.

If you don’t want to face these annoying problems, then you must learn how to find your WordPress login URL quickly. Whether you are the owner of the website, have an assigned role, or are creating a website for any client, you need to know how to find your wp admin dashboard URL.

How To Find Your WordPress Login URL For WP Admin Dashboard

One-third of all websites today are being run by WordPress. So the number of WordPress-related searchers is higher. And tons of people keep searching about WordPress login URL in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. From Google Trends statistics, every day at least two people search ‘how to find WordPress website login URLs’ in Google. Let’s explore how to find the login URL.

WordPress login URL

1. How To Redirect To Website Login URLs

When you are creating a website with WordPress, they always provide a default URL for login. It’s the same for all the WordPress built websites. If your website is hosted locally or publicly and you forget the login URL, you can try ‘/admin/’‘/login/’ at the end of your website URL. Other slugs like ‘/wp-admin/’ and ‘/wp-login.php’ are also commonly used to redirect you to the login URL. Check the table below to see the full list of slugs you can use.

SlugsHow to use them with website URL









For ideas, check out this example below to understand how to find your WP admin dashboard URL by adding these slugs at the end of your website URL.

WordPress login URL

2. How To Get Your WP Admin Dashboard URL From A Subdirectory 

If your website is in any subdirectory or subfolder, then redirect your login URL and put your WordPress website login URL format will be this: website URL/subdirectory name/login/ or ‘/wp-login.php/. If your website is hosted in WordPress named subdirectory then website login URLs will be like this.

SlugsHow to use them with subdirectory website URL









3. How To Find WordPress Login URL In Subdomain 

A subdomain is basically an additional part of your website and is created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. When your website is set up in a subdomain, then the URL will be slightly different. You have to add a subdomain name before your website URL. For examples, see the table below.

SlugsHow to use them with subdomain website URL









Hopefully, you now have some ideas about what could be your WordPress login URL. If you think there’s a chance to forget about these slugs and URLs, then check out these tricks below.

Best Practices To Save Your WordPress Login URL

There are many easy ways you can save your WordPress login URL.  Here are some of the most common and best practices:

1️⃣ Bookmark Your WordPress Login URL

You can simply bookmark your WordPress login URL on your browser. This way, whenever you will need to enter your website dashboard, you can redirect to the login URL directly from your bookmarks folder. Here are some ways you can bookmark your WordPress login URL on different browsers.:

  • Chrome – Go to Bookmarks –> Bookmark This Page
  • Safari – Go to Books –> Add Bookmark
  • Firefox – Go to Bookmarks –> Bookmark This Page
  • Edge- Go to Favourites –> Add this page to your Favourites

2️⃣ Add Your WordPress Login URL In Your Website Menu Bar

You can directly add your WordPress website login URL to your website menu. Then you can find it easily and don’t have to memorize it. To do this, you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance → Menus. From the Custom Links section, add your login URL and add Link Text. Then hit the Save Menu’ button. Now you can find your WordPress login URL from your website easily.

WordPress login URL

3️⃣ Add Your WordPress Login URL In Sidebar Or Footer

You can add your login URL in your sidebar or footer areas from your WordPress dashboard to make the URL more accessible for you and your teammates. Go to Appearance → Widgets, and then select your sidebar or footer panel and include the login URL.

WordPress login URL

Other Easy Ways To Save Your Login URL

You can also save the login URL in other ways. You can activate Google Keep on your browser as an extension and save your login URL. If you want to save it offline, then you can save it in Notepad, Sticky Notes, or other similar applications.

✨ Bonus: Safe Methods To Change Your WordPress Login URL

When you have a live website, then it needs to be secured as there are risks of cyberattacks. There are two commonly used safe methods to change the login URL.

Manually Edit the CSS Files

In your theme CSS file, you can add additional functions to change the login URL. It will keep your login URL secure. You can check this guide here to get all the step-by-step instructions to do this. But if you have zero knowledge about coding, then it’s better to avoid this process as it can be quite tricky for people without coding or CSS experience.

Using Plugins To Change Login URL

There are many free plugins available on the WordPress repository to help you change your default WordPress login URL. You can do it easily from your dashboard without any coding. Let’s check out the most popular plugins to do this.

▶️ Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

WordPress login URL

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan plugin will integrate two-factor authorization on your website, fight all types of cyberattacks, build firewalls, and secure your login URL by helping to change the URL slug.

▶️ WPS Hide Login

WordPress login URL

This is another free plugin available to provide security for your website login URL. With a few steps, you can change your login URL and use slugs with different names. So that it will be harder to find the name of the login URL. You will find WPS Hide Login on WordPress.

Troubleshooting 1: What To Do If You Can’t Login To Your Site?

Apart from remembering your WordPress website login URL in multiple ways, creating custom login URLs, still, people can face trouble while logging in to their WordPress site. There are some common reasons are: providing incorrect login credentials, cleared cookies of login access, plugin or theme conflict issues, and many more. Here providing you the solution to deal with this problem: 


To solve this solution here is what you can do: keep your login credentials store in another notepad or vault, solve conflict issues via FTP, deactivate and reactivate plugins one by one to find out the issue plugin, and so on. To check out in detail follow this blog:

Tested & Proven Methods To Solve Can’t Login Problems

Troubleshooting 2: What To Do If You Get “You Have Been Locked Out” Error

It is another common error, every WordPress user faces while logging in to their website. It can be really frustrating if you are in the middle of something and suddenly refresh your browser and get “You Have Been Locked Out” error. Here is the solution to what you should do if you face this problem:


Find out if the theme or any plugins of your WordPress website is conflicting, if so deactivate that. Check out if you have a database connection error, then solve it. Also, check if someone has changed your site login credentials. If that happens then collect the new credentials immediately. Other detailed solutions are mentioned below: 

The Best Solutions To Solve “You Have Been Locked Out” Error

Manage Your WP Admin Dashboard Smoothly

Forgetting your WordPress login URL happens to all of us. The only way you gain access to your WP admin dashboard is via the login page for WordPress. In case you aren’t able to log in, you are a just site visitor on your website. By following these tips and tricks, you can find your WordPress login URL in a matter of minutes. 

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and insights with us regarding WordPress site management and more. For more tutorials, updates, news, and fun tips and tricks subscribe to our blog or join our Facebook Community to connect with other WordPress users.

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