How to Automatically Share Your Scheduled WordPress Posts on Facebook?

SchedulePress gives you the opportunity to automatically share scheduled posts of WordPress on your Facebook page and group. By connecting Facebook with SchedulePress, your posts will automatically be shared on your Facebook account at the scheduled time. Besides, with its ’Instant Share’ flexibility, you can share your post anytime you want on Facebook as well.

Moreover, you can now simultaneously share your posts on ’multiple Facebook accounts’ by using SchedulePress Pro as well. This feature would come in very handy if you want to grow your social media presence and give your brand some much-needed exposure. Follow the below guideline to share scheduled posts of WordPress on your Facebook profile:

Step 1- Connect Facebook with SchedulePress #

Before you begin, make sure that you already have created a Facebook Page on your Account. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts.Share scheduled Posts Facebook

After hitting on the ’Add New Profile’ button, it will ask you for adding your Facebook ‘App Id’ and ‘App Secret’ on the popup window.  If you already have a Facebook developer account, you just have to copy and paste it in this required place. Unless you have to first create your app by following the process below.
Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Step 2- Use Your Own Facebook App

To use this method, you need to make sure that you have created your own App. If you don’t have it, you can simply get started by logging into your Facebook Developer Account.

Create an App #

From the ‘Menu’, you will find a ‘Create App’ option. Go ahead and click on it.

Share scheduled Posts Facebook

You can simply set your Display Name and Contact Email. Then click on ‘Create App ID’.

Share scheduled Posts Facebook

You will then be redirected to the App Dashboard. This would look something like this:

Share scheduled Posts Facebook


Insert Valid OAuth Redirect URIs #

You have to click on the ‘Products → ‘+’ sign, and just look for ‘Facebook Login’ to add it as its products. Afterward, you have to go to the Facebook Login ‘Settings’ option to add the ‘Valid OAuth Redirect URIs’. You will get it from the ‘Redirect URI’ section that was in the ‘Add New Profile’ window of  SchedulePress.
Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Retrieve Facebook API Keys #

You will find the App ID & App Secret Keys from your Dashboard -> Settings -> Basic. Simply just copy the App ID & App Secret Key from here. Make sure to add a site URL in the ‘App Domains’ field and then click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.
Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Afterward, navigate to the App Review ➞ Permissions And Features and then you have to search the features below & click on the App Review Request to complete the integration process. 








Pages_manage_engagement`Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Now simply go ahead and paste the respective API keys you have retrieved in the  ’Add New Profile’ section.

Generate Access Token #

After you have done so, click on the ‘Generate Access Key’ button to retrieve your Access token. You will be asked to continue as a user. Allow permissions to the page you have created. Afterward, go ahead and allow the permissions for the App you have created and hit the ‘Done’ button.

After completing the previous step, you will be redirected to SchedulePress settings on your website. Then, you can simply choose the page in which you want to connect with SchedulePress and hit the ‘Save’ button.Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Step 3- Connect Your Facebook Page with SchedulePress #

Afterward, SchedulePress will be successfully connected to your Facebook page. By simply following the previous steps, you can add a new profile and connect multiple Facebook pages with SchedulePress as well.Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Step 4- Connect Your Facebook Group with SchedulePress #

First of all, to connect your Facebook Group with SchedulePress, you will need to add the ‘SchedulePress’ app in your group. To do so, go to your Facebook Group and click on the ‘More’ option. Afterward, hit the ‘Edit group settings’ option.

Share scheduled Posts Facebook

From the ‘Group Settings’ section, find the ‘Apps’ option, and add the ‘SchedulePress’ app to your Facebook group. After finishing this step, you will be all set to go.

Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Once you have finished the previous step, let’s follow the steps mentioned in ‘Step 1’. After you have successfully completed all the steps mentioned, simply just choose the group which you want to connect with SchedulePress and hit the ‘Save’ button.

Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Afterward, SchedulePress will be successfully connected to your Facebook group. You will then be able to share scheduled posts of WordPress anytime you want on your Facebook Group.

Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Step 5- Configure Social Templates #

Switch to the ‘Social Templates’ tab to make changes to your Facebook Status Template. You can enable ‘Facebook Meta Data’ and show content as either Link or Status. Besides, you can configure the Facebook Status Template Settings and place around content parameters the way you want the status to appear. 

Moreover, you can show your tags and categories as ‘Hashtags’ or choose a preferred ’Content Source’ as Excerpt or Content and set your ’Status Limit’ from here as well. Make sure to click on the ‘Save Settings’ button after you have made any changes.Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Step 6- Schedule Blog Post & Automatically Share It on Facebook

If you schedule your WordPress post, it will automatically be shared on the Facebook account. Besides, if you want, you can even instantly share your live post on Facebook as well. To do that, go to your post and navigate to ’Social Share Settings’ and choose ’Facebook’ social share platform. Simply hit the ’Share Now’ button and your post will instantly be shared on your Facebook page or group. If you want, you can even upload a custom ’Social Share Banner’ for your Facebook post as well.

Share scheduled Posts Facebook

Final Outcome #

After all of these previous steps are finished, your scheduled posts of WordPress will be automatically shared on your Facebook account when they go live. This is how it will appear on your Facebook account:Share scheduled Posts Facebook

By using SchedulePress, this is how you can instantly share scheduled posts from your WordPress site to your Facebook page, or the group has now become absolute ease.

Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our Dedicated Support Team for any further assistance.

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