Oxygen vs Elementor

Oxygen vs Elementor Page Builder [2024]: A Hands-on Page Builder Comparison

We've seen a huge shift in website building in recent years, whether it's a free or premium plugin. For a variety of reasons, page building plugins are the most popular among WordPress users. We will walk you through a detailed Oxygen vs Elementor comparison blog to find the best page building plugin for your WordPress website.  (more…)

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block ip addresses

How To Block IP Address In WordPress [2024]

When you have a WordPress website, cyber security should become your top priority. It's possible that you have already come across spam comments or automated systems that aim to make your website appear unauthentic by posting comments or engaging in other actions. You can block IP addresses to defend your website from external attacks, including those that might steal your…

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marketing podcasts

10+ Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To Improve Business Knowledge

Podcasts are popular to learn about topics that are organized in an easy-to-digest format for anyone. As a marketer, you can always tune into marketing podcasts to understand key marketing topics in granular detail. Podcasts can be an ideal option to sharpen your professional skills and development. Let’s dive into this blog and explore some of the best marketing podcast…

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WooCommerce Product Grid block

Introducing WooCommerce Product Grid Block For Gutenberg [2023]

When you are designing a WooCommerce store website with an effective product hierarchy, alignment, and consistency, a grid layout can be the best option for you. Also, it’s more than important to showcase your products in an organized and thoughtful way. That’s why Essential Blocks has brought you WooCommerce Product Grid block to help showcase your products beautifully in Gutenberg.…

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hire WordPress developers

Best Places To Hire WordPress Developers For Your Next Project

Given the huge talent pool online, finding the best platforms to hire WordPress developers who are highly skilled can be quite challenging. Dozens of resumes and applications are piling up on recruitment sites every day. So, where do you look when searching for a talented individual when you have an important project underway? Well, in this blog, we have listed…

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