Ultimate Resource: Top 8 Best Elementor Templates Library [Free & Premium]

Creating a beautiful and functional website can seem challenging. As a web designer, you have to focus on both creativity and functionality when creating an attractive, and fully responsive website. That’s why you might look for the best Elementor templates library resources, so you can get access to stunning website templates for Elementor.

Elementor templates library

Elementor has revolutionized the page building experience by empowering people with non-technical skills to create websites without any coding. And to make the entire website creation process faster, you can use ready Elementor template packs to build a fully functional, responsive, and attractive website with just a few clicks.

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Why Are Elementor Templates So Popular?

Even though you can always make your web pages from scratch without coding using Elementor’s drag-and-drop visual editor, you can save yourself time and effort by using ready website templates.

You won’t have to experiment too much with different layouts and styles; ready templates already come pre-designed, so all you have to do is insert them into your website, add your own personal touch to it. 

For this reason, web creators look for the best Elementor templates library from where they can get access to pre-made templates for creating their pages. You can find ready templates for almost any kind of website from these resources. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Elementor templates library where you can find stunning templates for your website.

Top 8 Elementor Templates Library To Find Ready Landing Pages

There are lots of places where you can find free and premium Elementor templates. In this section, we’ve compiled a list of the best resources to get Elementor templates to instantly create your site on WordPress.

1. Templately: Ultimate Templates Cloud For Elementor

Elementor Templates Library

With more than 1000 free and premium ready Elementor templates and unique cloud collaboration feature, Templately is one of the best Elementor templates library for website creators who want an enhanced pagebuilding experience. It is available both as a cloud-based solution as well as a WordPress plugin. 

You will find hundreds of different ready Elementor template packs for nearly any kind of website on Templately.

From a huge collection of WooCommerce templates for creating your e-Commerce website, to beautifully designed agency website templates, Templately has something for everyone.

That’s not all. Since website designing often requires team effort, Templately comes with a game-changing, powerful cloud collaboration features that lets you save your designs and share them with your team instantly. 

Because of this, Templately is more than just another Elementor templates library. It is the ultimate cloud solution for web creators who want to get the full team on board and build stunning web pages without coding.

Elementor templates library

Already, Templately has more than 30,000 happy users who are using the ready Elementor templates from Templately and its cloud-based features to take their pagebuilding experience to the next level. 

So, if you are looking for one of the best Elementor templates library, then you should definitely checkout Templately. You can sign up for a free account and see what Templately has to offer, or you can unlock all advanced features of 

2. Elementor Template Library

Elementor templates library

The website builder Elementor comes with its own official Elementor Template Library. Here, you can get access to more than 200 ready Elementor templates for building your website. 

You can easily use these ready templates for building your website by inserting them into your page. Some of these ready templates are premium templates, and will require you to have Elementor Pro installed and activated. 

3. Envato Elements Template Kits

Elementor templates library

Another very popular choice for Elementor templates library, is Themeforest. Operated by Envato, a digital marketplace for web designers, Themeforest has tons of beautifully designed, fully responsive premium templates for Elementor.

4. Katka Elementor Template Packs

Elementor templates library

Katka Elementor Template Packs is another great Elementor templates library that offers tons of ready-to-use professional page templates, popup templates, and section block templates–all made with Elementor and Elementor Pro

5. Sizzify Add-ons And Templates For Elementor

Ultimate Resource: Top 8 Best Elementor Templates Library [Free & Premium] 1

Sizzify gives you over 20 custom, ready-to-use templates. This is actually a plugin for WordPress, and is a great resource for anyone looking for free and premium Elementor templates.

6. Template Monster: A Marketplace For Elementor

Elementor templates library

Template Monster is another good Elementor templates library from where you can purchase premium Elementor templates. Their website has a separate page dedicated just for Elementor Free page templates as well as Elementor Pro page templates for virtually any kind of website.

7. Easy Theme Packs

Elementor templates library

Easy Theme Packs is another popular choice for website creators looking for ready Elementor templates library. The site features beautiful, versatile page templates made with Elementor. They only have premium Elementor templates available, so you can only access these templates if you purchase them.

8. The Landing Factory

Elementor templates library

The Landing Factory is a very popular resource with over a thousand Elementor page templates. Some of the designs they offer are free, and the rest are priced reasonably. The Landing Factory also offers 15 new templates every month to its members, and provides custom design services to business owners and digital agencies alike.

Things To Check Before Using A Template

Now that you know some of the best Elementor templates library to get free and premium templates for your WordPress website, you might feel like you are ready to get started.

But before you start inserting these templates into your website though, you need to check a few things before using any Elementor template.

Responsiveness Across Different Devices

As your site visitors will be viewing your website on different devices, you should always check to see if the Elementor template you have selected is responsive on different devices such as laptops, mobile devices, or tablets.

Elementor templates library

Cross Browser Compatibility

Your site visitors will also be using your website from many different web browsers. Some people may use Chrome, others may use FireFox instead. So make sure that the Elementor template you have selected offers cross browser compatibility.

Compatibility With Other Plugins & Platforms

The page builder Elementor comes with integrations with different plugins and platforms, so when you are choosing an Elementor template, pick one that supports compatibility with plugins that you will need.

For example, if you use email marketing platforms like MailChimp to grow your email subscribers, then make sure your Elementor template supports MailChimp too.

Bonus: Best WordPress Themes For Elementor

When you are choosing an Elementor template, you should also choose a WordPress theme that will be compatible with Elementor pagebuilder. In this section, we’ve listed a few themes that are fully compatible with Elementor, and are best suited for them.


Ultimate Resource: Top 8 Best Elementor Templates Library [Free & Premium] 2

One of the most popular theme that’s compatible with Elementor templates is the Hello theme. Developed by the Elementor team themselves, this theme comes with a very minimalistic design and offers fast performance. It is best for users who want a simple, light theme that optimizes their loading speed.


Ultimate Resource: Top 8 Best Elementor Templates Library [Free & Premium] 3

Flexia is a beautiful theme that is perfectly compatible with Elementor, and has the most flexible customization options. It is a fast, lightweight theme that loads quickly for the best user experience.

Final Verdict: Which Elementor Templates Library Should You Choose?

While there are many Elementor templates library available out there, if you are looking for the most versatile one with hundreds of templates along with where you can save and share your designs with your team on cloud, then you should choose Templately

With Templately, not only you get more than a thousand ready templates, but you can also save your designs to Templately’s own cloud storage space, known as MyCloud. This way, you can create backups of your designs on cloud and access them anywhere at any time.

Ultimate Resource: Top 8 Best Elementor Templates Library [Free & Premium] 4

After saving your template design to MyCloud, you can easily share your design with your team members and collaborate on cloud using Templately WorkSpace

All you have to do is create your WorkSpace, move items from MyCloud to your WorkSpace and then add your team members using their email address. You can find out more about how to use Templately WorkSpace by checking out the video tutorial below. 

The free version of Templately lets you get access to a single WorkSpace and save up to 100 items in your MyCloud storage. But if you want to everything Templately has to offer, then you can save $700 on Lifetime Access for Templately Pro.

With Templately Pro, you can get access to unlimited MyCloud storage items, unlimited WorkSpaces, and premium Elementor templates and new features as soon as they are released.

We hope you find this post on Elementor templates library useful. We would love to hear from you, so leave a comment below, or join our Facebook community to connect with other creators and web page designers like yourself.



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