How To Manage WordPress Comments Using WP-CLI

If you want to manage your WordPress comments using WP-CLI command-line tool, make sure you have the right plugin and command to get full control over your WordPress site comments. 

Without getting the exact one, you will be in a big hassle. So don’t you worry, here in this blog, we are going to give you the perfect solution to manage WordPress comments using WP-CLI via a popular plugin. Let’s get started! 

What Is WP-CLI? Why WP-CLI Is So Popular Among WordPress Developers?

WP-CLI is the command-line of WordPress, and it’s known as the open-source set of command-line tools. It’s being introduced to get full control over your WordPress site using the command line and a complete alternative to WP Admin that will make your work smoother. 

WP-CLI command-line interface has been used for updating plugins, install WordPress even in multisite, maintain database operations, publish or schedule content, take backups, and even more. You don’t have to touch the web browser, just with the preferred command, you can do anything on your WordPress site without even logging into your dashboard. 

This is why WP-CLI is very popular among WordPress Developers. Because developers have to do thousands of works a whole day to maintain their single or multiple sites within a fixed time. As they have to assure their site efficiency to their huge user base. So for them without using a web browser or do manual tasks from WP Admin, command lines are the most effective ones to maintain their speed and automate their workflow. 

Using their preferred command line, they can do almost anything in WordPress. For example, you can use ‘wp plugin install’ or ‘wp plugin activate’ these simple commands to install & activate your plugin, there are thousands of complex work you can do without signing in to the WP Admin with ease. 

However, general users don’t have to bother to use WP-CLI commands. Most of the new users don’t know, some feel it difficult that they have to remember it, or they have to serve any single purpose on their WordPress site. Initially used to with the command lines might seem difficult, but once you have done so,  it will surely speed up and automate your regular tasks without any doubts. 

So to save your valuable time and boost up your work productivity, not only developers, anyone can get used to WP-CLI commands tools in WordPress. And can make their regular tasks faster, smoother, and automotive just with types and clicks.     

How To Manage WordPress Comments Using WP-CLI? 

You can now easily manage your WordPress comments using WP-CLI command-line interface tools via using a powerful WordPress plugin Disable Comments with over 1 million happy clients that have been recently acquired by WPDeveloper

Get this revamped free plugin Disable Comments and perform your tasks easily via using WP-CLI commands line tool interface. You can now change the plugin settings, update it, add or delete any comments from posts and pages. Let’s follow the step by step guideline to know in details about managing WordPress comments using WP-CLI via Disable Comments below:

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How To Use Disable Comments With WP-CLI Command-Line?

First, you need to install WP-CLI in your WordPress root directory by following this complete guide from WordPress

Afterward, you can install & activate the Disable Comments plugin by using the command “wp plugin install disable-comments –activate” and it will automatically activate your plugin successfully on your WordPress site.

Let’s see some use cases of Disable Comments WP-CLI command lines to disable comments everywhere on my WordPress website using this command: “wp disable-comments settings –types=all”. It will then automatically update the feature on the Disable Comments settings page.

You can check out all available WP-CLI commands to manage the settings page by using this command: “wp help disable-comments settings”.

Another use case of disabling comments on your WordPress posts, you can use this simple command “wp disable-comments settings –types=post –add” and can make sure to disable comments specifically on your posts. If you can check the WordPress dashboard, you can see the changes on the Disable Comments dashboard.

Unless, if you want to delete all WordPress comments on the WordPress site, you can also do this using the following command: “wp disable-comments delete –types=all’.

It should be noted that, if you use this WP-CLI command to remove all your WordPress site comments, you can not recover this instead of having a database backup.

Bonus Tips: How To Stop WordPress Spam Comments Made via REST API?

There are more other Disable Comments WP-CLI command lines are there you can use to maintain your WordPress site comments smoothly to stop spam comments with ease. For more details check out this in detail WP-CLI command line documentation

If you didn’t use Disable Comments yet, try this popular plugin and let us know your experience by commenting below. You can read more blogs by visiting our blog page, also feel free to join our beautiful WordPress expert community on Facebook to build up a strong connection.

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