WordPress 6.2 Release

What’s New In WordPress 6.2: Improved Site Editor, Openverse Integration, And More! [Screenshots Included]

WordPress 6.2, the first major release of 2023, is nearly ready and is going to be a complete game-changer for website builders around the world. With tons of exciting new features and improvements, the upcoming WordPress release promises to take everyone’s user experience with the platform to newer heights starting 28th March! 🥳 And on schedule with the development cycle,…

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how-to-properly-run-a-website-speed-test-5-best-tools 1

How To Run A Proper Website Speed Test + 5 Best Tools

Today, even the smallest loading time delay can turn visitors away from your website; in fact, research suggests that if your site takes longer than 400 milliseconds (or 0.4 seconds) to load, users are more likely to switch to an alternative. This is where determining your website’s speed comes to play an important role. But how do you know if…

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Exclude Disable Comments Settings 1

How To Easily Exclude Disable Comments Settings For Different User Roles?

Want to include or exclude Disable Comments settings on your WordPress website, based on different user roles? Now, get complete control over who you give access to view and comment on your site, and much more with the latest update from Disable Comments. Follow our detailed guide below to manage and disable comments on your entire network or individual sites…

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accessibility for WordPress

Accessibility For WordPress: Guide & List of Best Plugins [2023]

Inclusivity is at the very core of the open source project, WordPress. In this modern era of the latest technology and most advanced services, it is crucial to ensure that it is completely accessible to all users, everywhere, regardless of which market or industry your website belongs to. This can include taking necessary steps to make the sites accommodate for…

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Gutenberg Templates For WordPress

Top 10 Stunning READY Gutenberg Templates For WordPress [FREE]

Are you enjoying your web designing experience on WordPress' default block editor, Gutenberg? The largest website templates library, Templately, is here to make your experience smoother, faster, and more fun. It brings you some of the most stunning Gutenberg templates to help you create high-converting, attention grabbing websites within minutes, with literally no need for any codes. (more…)

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after installing WordPress

10 Most Important Things You Need To Do After Installing WordPress

Just finished installing WordPress? Congratulations! You are one step closer to kickstarting your own, brand new website to dominate your target industry. But there are a few other essential steps you need to take after installing WordPress before you can launch your site and get it noticed by visitors from around the world.  (more…)

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customer satisfaction survey

How To Design Customer Satisfaction Survey [Templates Included] 

Wondering if customers are satisfied with all the high-quality products you put out into the market? Or, want to know whether your excellent customer services are making a positive impact on user experiences? The best way to find out these important answers is to carry out a detailed, well-designed customer satisfaction survey. And with this blog, we are here to…

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