How to Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts on Twitter?

How to Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts on Twitter? #

SchedulePress allows you to automatically share your scheduled WordPress posts on your Twitter account. By connecting Twitter with SchedulePress, you can automatically tweet your blog posts at the scheduled time. Besides, with its ‘Instant Share’ flexibility, you can share your post anytime you want on Twitter as well.

Moreover, you can now simultaneously tweet on ‘multiple Twitter accounts’ by using SchedulePress PRO as well. This feature would come in very handy if you want to grow your social media presence and give your brand some much-needed exposure. Follow the below guideline to share your WordPress posts on your Twitter account:


Step 1 – Connect Twitter with SchedulePress #

First of all, make sure that you have created an App from your Twitter Developer account.

Afterward,  go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> SchedulPress -> Settings. Then, simply open up the ‘Social Profile’ tab and switch to the ‘Twitter’ option.  Make sure that the ‘Twitter’ option is enabled. Afterward, simply click on ‘Add New Profile’ to connect your Twitter profile with SchedulePress.

Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts

After hitting on the ‘Add New Profile’ button, you will have to insert your Twitter App ID & App Secret Keys.

How to Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts on Twitter? 1

Now, go to your Twitter Developer account. Please ensure Elevated Access to your Twitter Developer Account. For checking this, go to Products > Twitter API v2 > Elevated.

Please note that you need Elevated access to your Twitter App.

How to Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts on Twitter? 2

From your Twitter App Details, navigate to ‘User authentication settings’ simply just paste the ‘Callback URL/Redirect  URLs’ from the SchedulePress Twitter Share form. From ‘App Permissions’ choose the ‘Read and write and direct message‘ option. Next from the ‘Type of App‘ section, you need to select ‘Web App, Automated App or Bot’ option.

How to Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts on Twitter? 3

Simply just go to the ‘Keys and tokens’ section from the Apps page and collect the Consumer Key and Consumer API Key of your Twitter app. Then hit the ‘Regenerate’ button from the ‘Consumer Keys’ section. After clicking on the  ‘Regenerate’ button, a pop-up will appear instantly, where you can get the ‘API Key’ and ‘API Secret Key’.

Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts

Afterward, switch back to your WordPress website & simply paste the API Keys you have collected in the Twitter Share form.  Then, hit on the ‘Connect Your Account’ and your Twitter account will be successfully connected to SchedulePress.

How to Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts on Twitter? 4

By simply following the previous steps, you can add a new profile and connect multiple Twitter accounts with SchedulePress as well.

Step 2 – Configure Social Templates

Switch to the ‘Social Templates’ tab to make changes to your Tweet Template. You can configure the Tweet Template Settings and place around content parameters the way you want the tweet to appear. You can show your tags and categories as ‘Hashtags’ from here.

Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts 

Enable ‘Show Post Thumbnail’ to display the featured image of your post as a thumbnail image in the Twitter share. You can even enable ‘Content Source’ to display your excerpt or content in the posts and set your ‘Tweet Limit’ accordingly. After making all the changes as per your preferences, hit the ‘Save’ button.

Step 3 – Schedule Blog Post & Automatically Tweet It #

If you schedule your WordPress post, it will automatically be shared on the Twitter account. Besides, if you want, you can even instantly share your live post on Twitter as well. To do that, go to your post and navigate to ‘Social Share Settings’ and choose ‘Twitter’ social share platform. Simply hit the ‘Share’ button and your post will instantly be tweeted on your Twitter account. If you want, you can even upload a custom ‘Social Share Banner’ for your tweet as well.

automatically Tweet Scheduled WordPress Posts

Step 4 – Final Outcome #

After all of these previous steps are finished, your scheduled WordPress posts will be automatically shared on your Twitter account when they go live. This is how it will appear on your Twitter account:

automatically Tweet Scheduled WordPress Posts

By using SchedulePress, this is how you can instantly tweet your WordPress posts on your multiple Twitter accounts without any effort.

Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our Dedicated Support Team for any further assistance.

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