What Are The Use Cases Of Simple 301 Redirects Plugin?

What Are The Use Cases Of Simple 301 Redirects Plugin? #

Simple 301 Redirects is a useful WordPress plugin that lets you redirect your website links to another destination. With this plugin, you can easily redirect site visitors from old URLs to new ones with a single click.

Below are some common use cases of Simple 301 Redirects plugin:

  • When you are changing your website address, you need to use 301 redirects to automatically send your site visitors to the correct link.
  • When you are shifting from HTTP to HTTPS, you should Simple 301 Redirects so the migration is done properly.
  • When you have broken links on your website you can use Simple 301 Redirects plugin to send visitors to the correct links.
  • If you are getting ‘404 Not Found’ errors you can use 301 redirects.
  • If you are changing your domain on WordPress you will need to use Simple 301 Redirects plugin.
  • If you want to create redirect links for affiliate marketing or other marketing purposes.

These are only a few examples of use cases of Simple 301 Redirects plugin. Feel free to contact our support team or join our Facebook community if you have more questions.


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